10 Strategies To Quickly Build Influence On Social Media Even If You Are New, Have No Results and No One Knows You

Written by Donna Patterson

The Art of Building Influence on Social Media

 Even if you have become a slave to your phone or computer, your social media efforts to build your home business are going to fail without this one thing…

It is the new buzz word- INFLUENCE.

 It not just about building a Personal Brand but also becoming a Social Influencer as well.

“ Being a brand and being an influencer are two different things.”

Helen Martin

While your personal brand positions you as an authority in your space and the foundation of your business YOU Inc…

Social Influence allows you to have that know like and trust factor so that people will readily :

  • Follow your recommendations.
  • Desire to join your team.
  • Buy from you over and over again.

Without influence, even if you are providing good valuable content on your social media page, when you do promote your offers, you will not get the response you want. Probably not even get a like or comment on that post. 

You definitely won’t get ready to buy fans or persons opting into your list.

 So here are a few things you can do to build a targeted and profitable network even if you are brand new to the online space.

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#1 Mimic Reality TV

 People love reality tv. It grabs and hooks their attention because it is real life.

It is relatable. 

 If you look at influencers, they simply have a camera on them while living their life. Social media strategists suggest taking a bit of that into your own social media plan.

Showing your lifestyle, family and behind the scenes sort of posts so that people see different aspects of you. Facebook stories are perfect for those types of content as you will see next.

 It is something, I am growing into since I am an introvert, a homebody at times and a very private person. Baby steps right?


 #2 Incorporate Facebook Lives and Facebook Lives Into your  Weekly Social Media Posts

10 Strategies To Quickly Build Influence On Social Media Even If You Are New, Have No Results and No One Knows You 1

  Social media platforms like Facebook are pushing videos.

Videos are one of the fastest ways to build that know, like and trust factor because people can see you and interact with you in real-time.

Facebook stories are a great place for micro-content and updates, lasting only for 24 hours.

 I know videos can be very intimidating, like anything else, video marketing is a skill and you have to practice. If you have known me for any length of time, I prefer to write than do videos but I have started doing a bit of video so people can see the face behind the content.

Your brand must be visible.

No matter which medium you choose to share your content, you need to consider the next element to get any meaningful results.

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In just 7 days of using this strategy, Carey Siebert was able to get 15 people reaching out to her, 6 enrollments and 1 sale.

#3 Blend Sales, Education, Inspiration and Entertainment For Effective Engagement and Promotion


Our market is becoming quite sophisticated and so demands a bit more substance from us as business owners and marketers.

Therefore you must provide value, solution driven content that speaks to the needs of your target audience.

Therefore you must know the ideal person for your team or product and what are their pains and desires. These concepts will guide you as to what type of information to provide to your audience.

Speak to the problems of the people you serve and direct them to a solution.

 Another thing is to add entertainment to your education. You might call it eduentertainment.

 Educating your audience before promoting to them gives much more favourable results compared to just pitching or hard promotion to a cold and unaware audience.

Sellucation is the new way to move strangers into buyers.




#4 Use  An Exposure Agent  to Quickly Build Authority

10 Strategies To Quickly Build Influence On Social Media Even If You Are New, Have No Results and No One Knows You 2


When you don’t have the big results yet, you may not feel confident in teaching others and you can overcome this by being a tour guide.

 In this way, you use someone else’s system as a vehicle to build your social presence. Remember when you got a prospect and you had a three way call with your upline?

In that case, you were the tour guide pointing the prospect to your upline and leaning on their credibility and confidence because they had the success you didn’t have yet. Your Upline would then close the prospect for you.

 Similarly, when using a  proven system, you can leverage items already done for you to provide valuable content and quickly start building credibility. 

It really takes the pressure off since you don’t have to create everything yourself.  For example content creation and team training.

Learn something, implement, get a result and turn around and share your journey.

As a tour guide, you can point other persons to training and support that can actually help achieve their desired results. You can also use the same system to train your team.

Your network marketing company can also be seen as an exposure agent, just remember to NEVER post the name of the company or the name of the product. 

To build a strong business with more control, you need to build your own brand and not your company.

You don’t own your network or affiliate marketing company, nor have a say in their business decisions. You do have control over YOU and that is your real business.


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#5 Choose Your Pace  and Stay Consistent

Consistency is a  critical component in building trust and credibility. Yet is a challenge for most business owners, because it is a balancing act and life happens. Right?

Yet you need to first choose a daily and weekly mode of operation that you can maintain. Then do your best to stick to it.

 A top earner, even suggests having a non-negotiable daily mode of operation. The bare minimum to move your business forward.

That is where automation can be a lifesaver, allowing your business to work for you even when you can’t be actively involved due to personal or professional obligations.

10 Strategies To Quickly Build Influence On Social Media Even If You Are New, Have No Results and No One Knows You 3

Apart from that, consistency can be even more difficult when you are not seeing your desired results.

Sometimes you may feel hopeless and like it is a waste of your time to continue. But as an entrepreneur, you can’t give up.

Even if it is one person, you need to continue showing up for that one individual. Eventually, it will grow to 2 and so on.

Business owners find solutions and are servant leaders.

 Hopefully, you have a proven blueprint and system to follow and you have support. These three things, blueprint, system and support can really help you to be consistent because you will be held accountable for taking actions. 

Also, you will feel motivated to take action when you see other members sharing their progress and wins.



 #6 Understand That It Takes Time


Anything good and lasting takes time and effort.  In this business, you will need to have long term vision and patience.

 In this world of instant gratification,  patience is becoming a rare trait. But I know as you put in the time and money, it is only normal to want to see some results. Even just a little thing to keep the faith going.

In the book called  3 Feet From Gold, a man, invested heavily into a gold mine. He struck gold early but it fizzled out. He kept digging and digging but no gold strike.

Eventually, he gave up, sold the mine and all the equipment. The guy he sold the mine to, got an expert to evaluate the mine,  to determine where to dig. It was then discovered that the former owner was only 3 feet from the gold strike.

 So you have to persevere and give it time. You should also get the right people around you that can keep you on the right track to maximize your efforts.

#7 Collaborate With Others In Your Niche 


Interviewing others immediately sets you as an authority. Another thing is that you also bringing value to your audience even if you are not an expert.

 It also gives you and the interviewee added exposure as you share the information with both your audiences.

In addition to that, it provides diversity in your content offering for your audience.

build your network marketing business without destroying your relationships

#8 Don’t Underestimate The  Power Of Social Proof


When you want to purchase a product, what do you usually do? Search for reviews online, not so? You start watching demos and reading testimonials to see the experience of others with the products or service.

That is why testimonials are so important and can be used to build trust when done properly.

Hint: You can share a testimonial without revealing the name of the product or company so that you can create curiosity. This can increase engagement  on your social media posts and increase conversations.

On social media, getting likes and building up the number of persons on your page is a great start to building your audience. However, in the long run, it is your interaction and relationship with that audience that counts.

So, when someone takes the time to comment, reply and ask a question to build the engagement factor which is the new focus on social media platforms.

Remember these platforms want content that will captivate their users so that they stay on longer.

These social media sites will then promote these posts to more people.  

 Building an engaged following takes time and skills and that is why the next element is crucial to building influence online.



#9 Get Curious and Keep Learning

10 Strategies To Quickly Build Influence On Social Media Even If You Are New, Have No Results and No One Knows You 4

 Never stop learning since the tactics in the digital world are always changing.  There is always something new to learn.

To Grow Your Business, Grow YOU first.

Continue to invest yourself and intellectual capital with new skills help to move your business forward. As they say, what got you here, will not get you there.

At every level, you need new knowledge and skillsets.

 Another thing you can do is look at other people you admire and follow within and even outside your industry. Observe what is working for them and consider how you add elements of those strategies to your own business.

Observe, Model. Experiment. Evaluate.

 Be curious to test different tactics to see what works best for you and your business. If something does not work, be ok with that and simply test something else. 

At least observing other top persons can help you come up with new ideas that keep you fresh and current.



#10 Be Authentically You

10 Strategies To Quickly Build Influence On Social Media Even If You Are New, Have No Results and No One Knows You 5

Even as you mimic and model strategies from other brands  always remember:

 You are your business.

 You are your brand.

 So never lose yourself. It can be so easy to believe that if you copy the exact thing someone else is doing, it will work the exact same way for you, but that simply isn’t true.

 Like who are you right? Isn’t that what you are thinking?

Yet there is only one you and that is the beginning of setting yourself apart from everyone else. You bring your own unique mix of talents, experiences, knowledge and perspectives to the table.  Even some of the failures and disappointments.

No one can truly copy that.

  Will the real you stand UP?

So even if you are the super professional corporate type, you need to find your own voice and show the real you.


Grow Your Tribe.

That is how you will grow your tribe that is connected and engaged with you that will buy your products or join your team with little to no hesitation or objection.

The above 10 strategies are designed to attract your tribe, engage with your audience and build influence so that they can trust you enough to provide their emails, reach out to you and give you their money without a second thought.

Some were my own observations with what is working for me but many were influenced by   Helen Martin, Professional Network Marketer, Coach, Trainer, Social Media Strategist and Video Marketing Expert. 

P.S. Enter your name and email below to quickly get unstuck by  using a simple startegy to start growing your team and sales  without chasing friends and family, losing family time, spamming links all over Facebook or being glued to your phone.

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10 Strategies To Quickly Build Influence On Social Media  Even If You Are New, Have No Results and No One Knows You

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