3 Top Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Detox For You

Written by Donna Patterson

3 tips for choosing the best detox for you

How do I choose the best detox for me? That is what this blog is going to help you answer.

In the last blog, I went through various factors that can affect your choice of detox cleanse in some detail. If you are new to cleansing, then read this blog post explaining what is a detox and the benefits of a detox or cleanse.

As Business Owners, the stress of running a business alone puts your biological systems under immense pressure. Imagine the added strain, when you add poor sleep, poor eating habits on the run and pollutants. Your body needs a rest and a restorative boost like anything else to maintain high performance.

Yet with so much information out there, it can get confusing as to which detox cleanse or detox support is the best for you.

In this video, I wanted to help you simplify the process of choosing the best detox for you that is not only effective yet also safe for a natural total body cleanse. Watch the video below to find out the details.

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Video Summary

Purpose of Detox Cleanse

The purpose should decided first when choosing a detox.

Are you doing a full body or just targeting one organ like the kidney because of urinary problems or the colon because of constipation or bloating? This will influence the type of detox as well as the ingredients.

Current Health Issues and Limitations

The ingredients or type of detox although rare may cause some problems with persons with certain diseases. For example, if you have stomach ulcers, you may not be able to fast.

Lifestyle and Activity Level During The Detox Cleanse

As the body adjusts to changes in food intake and goes through the cleansing process, you may feel fatigued or even experience headaches and flu like symptoms. These feelings may last a day or two but you should schedule any strenuous activity during a deep cleanse particularly in the first 3 to 5 days.

Another thing is if you are building your business while working a job and trying to balance with family obligations, then you must consider the amount of time you have available to consistently prepare things or buy the specific items for your detox cleanse.

Also, if the cleanse must remain refrigerated, then it may not allow you the convenience of taking it throughout your day unless you work full time from home.

My #1 Recommendation For Detox Support

For me, I prefer detox support or detox supplement pills because, they are

  • Convenient
  • No special grocery list or prep work.
  • No special diet required
  • No extreme food restrictions ( although staying away from high fat, junk food is recommended)
  • No laxative effect.
  • It doesn’t slow you down .

This it is safe, effective, convenient option for a total natural body detox that can also support the liver.

If you want to check out my recommendation for detox support as a possible option for you, then take this simple quiz and see whether is a fit for you.

3 Top Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Detox For You

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