5 CRITICAL Concepts That TODAY’S Business Owner MUST Embrace For SUCCESS Online


Building your home business online is no longer optional.

I certainly found that out the hard way.

As I began this online journey to building my home business online, I have discovered a few things that no one really tells you when you first start using social media. 


 Yet after having some sales and a few milestones, I can share with you 5 core principles you must keep in mind as you build your business, especially on the crowded dynamic, ever-changing online space.

In this blog,  these 5 principles will help you to survive and thrive in this digital age.

However, I must warn you. The truth is going to make you extremely uncomfortable.

Yet if you are on this page, you are not where you want to be. 

But if you keep reading you will get the 5 NW marketing success tips you can start implementing today to supercharge your home business.

life by design with Donna

You should definitely keep reading if any of the following sounds like you:

  • Maybe you have been stuck at the same rank for a long while and not moving.
  • Losing team members faster than you can recruit them. FRUSTRATION!
  • How about not having anyone yet in your team …or not even a customer? You keep wondering if you will ever be successful at this thing.
  • People don’t want to do what you do. No DUPLICATION! Followed by a gripping sense of failure, just telling you to QUIT already.
  • Spending WAY more money than you are making. Wasn’t this side gig supposed to make you money to live life on your terms?
  • Maybe you have been posting and sharing on social media with little results.
  • Missing family time, while you spend hours getting lost in endless, senseless, unprofitable conversations. The guilt is just crushing you.

Whatever your current situation, clearly the strategy needs to change and change RIGHT NOW.

It was a personal health crisis that drove me online since I could no longer leave my house to go prospect in malls, groceries and street corners.

Initially, I started on Facebook simply doing online what I used to do offline.

Easy right? Or so I thought…

As an introvert, this method of being so ‘SOCIAL’ … sending random friend requests and messages all day long was leaving me totally drained.

On top of that, my results were few and far in between. Spinning my wheels and feeling like a failure.

There just had to be a better way and I began to look for one.

While using this new strategy, here is the first principle I had to learn.

Being successful in your home business has nothing to do with your products, company or the compensation plan.

 I also had to learn that  tactics, tools and the  social media alogorithm will change but …

Principles never change.

welcome to online network marketing

#1 You are YOUR Business and NOT Your Network Marketing Company or Products

There is a lot of noise online. Social media is the new go to thing for building a home business. Yet if it is not done properly, it can be a total time suck and be no better than using traditional offline methods.

Build a Personal Brand

 Building a personal brand isn’t really about logos, colours and websites, although they can help build credibility, you don’t need any of that to build a powerful attractive online brand that allows you to enrol teammates and acquire customers in mass.

Almost like automated recruiting, enrollments and sales.

 You are more than your network marketing company and products.

Your personal brand is really sharing with people information that allows people to see you as a credible person who can help them to their desired transformation. Your brand should answer the following questions.

  • Who you are?
  • What do you stand for and against?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • How do you solve that problem?

lead with you

People want to connect with the real you. The face behind the company so to speak.

People online crave authentic connection, relationship and community.

As an introvert, I still struggle with this a bit. It is totally uncomfortable letting people into what I consider my personal space.

However, although it is still a learning curve for me, I have found that just by sharing relevant bits of my story has helped persons connect with me way better than just plain text (unless you are a master copywriter of course).

Telling a story allows you to control the narrative and create a powerful way to grab your prospect’s attention and emotions. It is also a great way to create an irresistible hook without being a copywriter. You can find out more about that here.


Facts Tell. Stories Sell.


 This helps you set yourself apart and become a problem solver in your new network. This is also called becoming an authority. 

 That is bigger than any company or product. 

Stories can help you set yourself apart from the hundreds of other persons promoting the same product or opportunity. Being authentically your best you.


Imagine this.

 You flood your newsfeed with the name of your company and then the company changes its name. To some people, you may seem unstable as if you are moving from company to company. 

 However,  if you are branding you and simply sharing health tips, the company name becomes irrelevant because you control the process. It also means that you are not stuck in one area.


 Click here to get your roadmap to building your personal brand and build your team on social media.


# 2   Everyone  Is NOT Your Perfect Prospect or Customer

my list is dead

Can you imagine never running out of people to talk to about your biz op and product?

 I know when you joined the company, you were told that…

  1. Everyone needs this opportunity.
  2. Everyone has skin so everyone needs this skincare product.
  3. Everyone needs to be healthy so the product will sell itself.

If you are like most network marketers, you quickly found out that is certainly not true.

And some of the worst prospects are your friends and family.

Even if they join you, they quickly quit or do nothing.

Big leaders in the space will tell you that their teams are made up of over 90% strangers- people they initially did not know.

 Another thing the top earners will tell you is that talking to the RIGHT person is key to building a hugely successful network marketing team.

The last thing you want to continue to waste your time chasing friends and family and the tire kickers.

By using the right strategy you can continually build a list of interested quality prospects to talk to about your business and products or service. The best part is that these prospects reaching out to you for more information rather than you hunting or stalking anyone.

#3 Recognize Your Home Business AS A REAL Business


treat your home  business like a business

I can tell you about your MLM business from your calendar.

 Have you ever heard that from your upline, that your calendar runs your business?  It is not exactly true, but it does have some merit.

Ask yourself...

  • Are you treating your business like a business or hobby?
  • Are you being a professional in your business? A Networking  Professional.
  • How are you showing up in your business?
  • What do you do in the time you are working on your business?

5 CRITICAL Concepts That TODAY’S Business Owner MUST Embrace For SUCCESS Online 1

It is bad enough that persons from other types of industries do not consider the home business industry a real business. It is even worse when many network marketers and affiliate marketers do not see themselves as entrepreneurs

 It is 10 times worse when you don’t respect or believe in what you are doing and it shows through your actions.

You can not expect to get a high-performance organization if you are not walking the talk.

For you to have a thriving business, you have to apply real business personas such as:

  • Faith
  • Commitment
  • Persistence and follow through

You also need to apply real business principles and accounting such as Business Education- budgeting, accounting, planning, execution and analysis. This includes profit and loss statements.

How much time and money are investing in your home business every day and what is your income or expected and realised income?

It also means like many businesses, it may take some time to become truly profitable but cash flow management should be the main focus. 

The great thing about our industry is that many income generating activities can be done without money. We can always start again. In other industries, your business ends when you run out of cash.

The networker profession is very forgiving so let us make the best of the opportunity we have, shall we. 

#4 You Have To Invest In Your Home Business- YOU

be ready to learn new skills

Would you buy food from someone who hates their own cooking?

Some business owners expect people to spend money in their business, buy their products – when the business owner does not want to spend a cent to grow their home business.

Remember the law of reciprocity. Also called sowing and reaping.

This includes using products and attending company events. It may even mean going outside your upline or company for the training you need to move forward.

Understand A Real Business  Requires Skills.

Tip: Start with your strengths

 Investing in your home business also may involve investing in mentorship.  

All the top business persons edify a mentor. Someone who showed them the ropes or guided them along the way.

Yes, you can watch hours of  Youtube videos and spend a lot of time to piece it together. You might save some money but lose your most precious resource-YOUR TIME.

Plus investing in a programme can significantly shorten the learning curve and push you into income generation a lot faster.

…and all the reasons that you started this home business in the first place.

It was only after I invested in an online marketing course specific to the home business  industry that I started to see some headway on social media.

Before that, it took a lot of hours of trial and error just to start meaningful conversations.

However just following the system, I started getting email notifications of interested prospects, potential customers and commissions.


If I had stifled my fear earlier,  I could have saved myself a lot of frustration and time. I would also have started earning money a lot more sooner.

Don’t let anyone fool you. Nothing is really free. You pay with either your money or your time.

I do want you to remember this as a business owner:


#5   Remember the Marketing Piece of Your Network Marketing Business

Most of the focus is placed on networking yet the marketing part tends to be overlooked. Scratch that. Marketing is downright forgotten in traditional methods.

Usually, networkers are simply to taught to promote and sell. We are not taught how to market our business.

  Tip: Marketing is the dating process while the sales process is the proposal.

 Marketing includes the activities that grab the attention of your ideal prospect and bring them into your network so that you can potentially sell to them or invite them to join your team later.

  There is no one right way to market yourself on social media. There are many tactics yet one main strategy has proven itself, head and shoulders above the rest. Attraction Marketing.

 In the changing world of the home business industry, more and more networkers are looking for leaders with particular skillsets.

5 CRITICAL Concepts That TODAY’S Business Owner MUST Embrace For SUCCESS Online 2

You will have to learn and test out different things to see which tactic works best for you. The free resource below will show the overall strategy and a few tactics  to build on social media wothout being blocked or banned.

Click here for The FREE 10 day Attraction Marketing Video Series.


So as you go through the entrepreneurship journey of building your home business, remember the following:

  • You are your business.
  • Everyone is not your perfect prospect.
  • Treat it like a real business.
  • You have to invest in your business.
  • Market your business using proven methods whether paid and organic (non-monetary)

The home business industry is changing, yet these 5 principles will allow you to successfully grow your team and income with the right strategy.

If you are looking for a proven way used by several top earners to attract the best prospects online, then enter your info below.