5 New Features To Leverage on LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales

Written by Donna Patterson


What’s Trending on LinkedIn for 2021

Like I stated in this previous blog that  LinkedIn is Untapped Gold Mine for Network Markers & Affiliate Marketers. 

Indeed, LinkedIn is known as a professional social networking site. Also, LinkedIn loves CONTENT.

However, as with any other social media platform, things are always changing. So in this blog,  you will learn 5 new and underused  LinkedIn features will “push” LinkedIn to attract your ideal prospects and customers. Plus 2 bonus tips to maximize your LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn Statistics

 If you are still undecided regarding LinkedIn,  here are some interesting stats for LinkedIn.  (See more info here:  Mind-Blowing LinkedIn Statistics and Facts (2021) (kinsta.com))

  1.  LinkedIn now has over 760 Million users in 200 countries.
  2. 44% of LinkedIn users make more than $75,000 a year, which approximately double the average income of $36,000 in the US.
  3. 57% of LinkedIn users are male/43% female
  4. 38% of LinkedIn users are millennials
  5. Hubspot reports that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn Features To Start Using To Connect With More Prospects

#1 LinkedIn Stories ( Mobile app only)

Stories can only be created and seen  on the mobile LinkedIn app.

Sharing Stories is an easy way to share your experiences and insights, and to build meaningful relationships with your professional community.

Just like with Facebook and Instagram, stories are only visible for 24 hours. Stories can be images or videos.   They are  wonderful for the following: 

  • Behind the scenes
  • Special announcements like a new freebie, sale or a giveaway
  • Teasers for video or other types of content

For more information on stories check this out – https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/119760/linkedin-stories-overview

 Stories on LinkedIn

Update on LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories Out… Clubhouse Theme In?

September 30th, 2021, saw the end of stories on LinkedIn. Apparently, because users didn’t want disappearing videos. It just goes to show you the importance of knowing and listening to your target audience. Also, it demonstrates that no one should fear being different from the popular thing of the day.

That doesn’t mean not trying new things. LinkedIn is currently beta testing an audio feature similar to Clubhouse. I personally am looking forward to that.

TechCrunch in their article stated that LinkedIn will begin beta testing soon. Below is a mockup of what the feature might look like, which LinkedIn shared with TechCrunch.

 LinkedIn's Clubhouse look alike
Source: TechCrunch

#1 Featured Posts

This section is below your headline and above your dashboard. It gives another opportunity  to draw attention to your most important and relevant content.

It is my favorite  place to promote my lead magnets. You can add a  popular blog article,  post, or video. These links can link to internal items on LinkedIn or an external website.

To add content to your features section,

  1. Go to your post. 
  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. 
  1. Click on the top option – “Feature on Top of Profile”.

# 2  LinkedIn Polls

So many business owners struggle with creating content for network marketing. Even more than that they find it difficult to post content that connects and engages with their audience on social media. One great way to find out what your audience will find valuable is to ask them questions. LinkedIn makes this easy with polls.

This is a new feature that was rolled out in 2020.  You can create a simple one question, multiple-choice poll.  You can also choose the poll duration of 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks.

Creating a poll on LinkedIn is very simple.

  1. To create a poll, go to the home page.  Click on “Start a post”. 
  1.  At the bottom of the post, box click on the “Create a poll” button. Your question can be up to 140 characters.  And each multiple-choice answer option can be up to 30 characters.
Create  a poll on LinkedIn

#3 Voice Messaging on LinkedIn

 LinkedIn is certainly trying to give users to become more social by providing the option of voice messaging. Moreover, you can now have a video chat straight from the LinkedIn messenger. This combo can  be a powerful tool to connect with your potential prospects.

You can only send voice messages from the phone app, but they can be listened to on mobile, laptop, or desktop.

To use this option, from the LinkedIn app on your phone

  1. Find a connection
  1. Click on message
  1. Click the microphone icon in the lower right corner of the message box to start recording.

 Another audio feature  very  few people know about  is Audio Name Announcement.

Some people have names that can be quite tricky to pronounce.  From the LinkedIn app on your phone, you can record your name.  When someone is viewing your profile from any device, they can hear the recording of your name. 

#4 Linkedin Events

You can let your audience know about a webinar, a live training, a seminar, or even a launch you might be doing by creating a  LinkedIn event.

 How to Create An Event on LinkedIn

Go to the home page, scroll down on the left side bar, and click on the + sign to create your event.

5 New Features To Leverage on LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales 3

You can make events public or private.

5 New Features To Leverage on LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales 4
5 New Features To Leverage on LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales 5

Just creating the event does NOT promote it.  You’ll need to invite connections to your event and/or post your event on your timeline and in groups.

5 New Features To Leverage on LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales 6

#5 Content Creator Mode

According to LinkedIn, Creator mode is a profile setting on your dashboard that can help you expand your reach and influence on LinkedIn. It also grants access to additional tools and features such as LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Newsletters that help you create content and grow your audience.

You can display up to 5 topics as hashtags so persons can know what you will be posting about. One key benefit of the Creator mode is that your content will be highlighted in your profile. Just note that the connections button will be changed to following.

LinkedIn Newsletters operates similarly to an online magazine subscription service. LinkedIn users can subscribe to your newsletter whether they are connected to you or not. For example, I subscribed to a Newsletter on Copywriting for Sales Professionals written by Mr. White (I can’t remember his full name right now) .

He gives great tips and also promotes his webinars and courses using his Newsletter. We are not connected on LinkedIn and would most likely not have interacted but because LinkedIn promoted his Newsletter, I am now part of his readership.

To turn on creator mode:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click View profile.
  3. Click on Creator mode: Off under Your Dashboard.
  4. Click Next on the preview pop-up window.
  5. Add topics (hashtags) to indicate the topics you post about the most.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Follow the prompts to turn on creator mode.
Mockup of the series of mobile screens you see when turning on LinkedIn’s creator mode
Image Source :Dooley Social Studio

 Bonus  Tips

Bonus Tip #1 :How To Use Hashtags To Increase Visibility Of Your  Profile and Content

LinkedIn  reintroduced hashtags into the platform in 2018. The question is how to use them effectively.

 It is generally believed that hashtags help train the LinkedIn algorithm on who best to target with your content and whose content shows up in your feed.

  Some social marketers recommend using five to eight relevant hashtags on every post and in every article.  These hashtags should be one to three words that will help your ideal prospect find your content and help the algorithm serve your content to the appropriate audience.

 For  network marketing related content  some  examples of hashtags you can use include:

  • #networkmarketingtips
  • #onlinenetworkmarketing
  • #networkmarketingsuccess
  • #mlmtips
  • #homebusiness
  • #homebasedbusiness
  • #networkmarketing

For  health related  content :

  • #healthyliving
  • #healthandwellness
  • #selfcare
  • #wellness 

If your post or article is about a specific topic then you can create a few more specific hashtags for that post.

You also want to follow relevant hashtags on LinkedIn.

You can also follow hashtags for a variety of Network Marketing companies and terms related to network marketing and affiliate marketing To follow a hashtag, go to the search bar on LinkedIn.  Enter the hashtag you want to follow such as   #onlinemarketingtraining and click the follow button.

Bonus Tip#2: More Reaction Options

In 2020 LinkedIn introduced new reaction options.  There are now six options including Like, Celebrate, Support, Love, Insightful, Curious.

Just like other social media platforms LinkedIn wants you to engage with other people’s content. 

Take a few minutes every day, and ideally just before you post something, to “warm up” the algorithm by using these reaction options and commenting on other people’s posts. 

 reactions on LinkedIn

According to  Linkedin expert  Gloria MacDonald, suggests the following actions:

  1.  Target a ratio of 15:1 – for every post you create, engage with 15 posts from other people.
  2.  To train the LinkedIn algorithm to serve your posts to your ideal prospect, only engage with content from people who are in your target audience.

 What’s Trending On LinkedIn?

 The following is an excerpt from the LinkedIn Expert  Gloria MacDonald

 5 Trends to Look for on LinkedIn. 

1. Online Training And Certification

With the dramatic increase in working from home in 2020, LinkedIn is moving toward virtual education and online training.

Experts predict that LinkedIn will start to compete with some of the biggest certification and online training organizations.

2. Virtual Meeting Platform

Experts predict that LinkedIn will merge with one of the big online meeting companies, perhaps even Zoom.  (Don’t forget, Microsoft owns LinkedIn.)

The ability to prospect and meet on the same platform would provide amazing efficiency.

3. Increase In Prospecting

If you’re not already using LinkedIn to find your ideal prospects, don’t get left behind. 

Because of the large numbers of people who have had their jobs and businesses affected by COVID-19, LinkedIn is poised for a significant rise in prospecting as more people begin to use it.

The expectation is that consumers will begin to use it to start and grow new businesses.

As a network marketer or affiliate marketer, be prepared!

Learn now how to most effectively use LinkedIn with the 60 Minute Power Recruiting Program 

4.  More Personalized Introductions

Keep your eyes open for the ability to introduce yourself with video “cover letters”.

The best thing to do to get ready for this feature is to have a strong Personal Brand with a clear message and a clear story.

5.  The #1 Source Of Candidates

One crystal baller predicts that, within five years, “companies won’t seek applications online; they will just source directly from LinkedIn”.  Artificial Intelligence combined with the algorithm’s unique searching capabilities will hone in on the perfect candidates for their open positions. 

Imagine what this can do for your prospecting!

 Gloria MacDonald is a leading expert on using LinkedIn for the network marketing and affiliate marketing space. Imagine attracting your perfect prospects and customers without Ads in just 30 mins a day.  Using her tips, I was personally able to grow my prospect list to over 100 persons in just under 2 months.

If you truly want to know the secrets to effectively leveraging LinkedIn, then grab this free LinkedIn Recruiting Guide which also shares effective LinkedIn MLM scripts to easily connect with your ideal prospects.

As always, I wish you much success.

Linkedin network marketing hacks
5 New  Features To Leverage on  LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales5 New  Features To Leverage on  LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales5 New  Features To Leverage on  LinkedIn For MORE Prospects, Recruit MORE Teammates & Make MORE Sales

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