5 Practical Ways to Achieve More Work/ Biz /Life Balance For Home Business Owners

Written by Donna Patterson

work/life balance

Are you feeling burned out? Overwhelmed? Have you lost your joy? Do you wake up tired each morning?

Do you dread putting your clothes to go through another draining day?

With so much to do and not having the energy or motivation to do things, implementing a few work/ life/business balance may just be the starting point for your major shift.

Know this…

You are not alone. I used to convince myself of all the reasons why I had to get up and go to a job place where I experienced the worst type of workplace bullying you can image.

It left me physically and emotionally drained at the end of the day. That was a daily ritual. Just going through the motions.

Now I make a conscious effort to make healthy choices which includes my reactions and relationships. I have learnt to create balance and space in my life to make myself a priority.  I also keep the important things in focus.

Did you know that on average 90,500  people search for work-life balance on  Google every month?

5 Practical Ways to Achieve More Work/ Biz /Life Balance For Home Business Owners 1

The philosophy behind work-life balance is that the different areas of your life require appropriate time such that you are not constantly stressed, but live a happy, healthy fulfilled life.

Most experts believe that  we mainly have 4 pillars of human life:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Health
  3. Social
  4. Financial

 When we focus only on  1 area or rather any one area that is ignored can affect all the others.

How many times have we heard that we must sacrifice now for a better life later? For some, later never comes.

Yes as we build our business we do need to sacrifice but it cannot be a long stint. For example, 30 days of working for 10 hr days is not the same as for 90 or 180 days for 10 hr days.

Then add poor sleeping and eating habits. No time for family and no time for self-care and meditation and prayer. That road is going to have huge pot hoes opening up. Even if you do get the success you desire, you are not able to fully enjoy it because of poor health or ruined relationships.

 Balance is never perfect. No part of your day will be equal but you can set up a system with allotted times and best practices so that you don’t crash and burn out.

 Here are five tips to help get more out of the day without sacrificing the import things

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5 practical tips to bring more peace, balance and joy while you build your business are as follows:

  1. Block out time for important things like your business, family and personal time.
  2. Keep the family informed and negotiate with them for time to work on your business. Involve them in the process.
  3. Commit to improving your skills so that you increase success in less time.
  4. Use social media to prospect from home rather than always leaving home just to prospect.
  5. Leverage systems that can continue to build your business without you always being physically or directly involved in every business activity.

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