The Simple 6 Step Process To Creating The Perfect Message That Cuts Through The Noise And Grabs The Attention of Your Ideal Prospect or Customer.

Written by Donna Patterson

6 things to do to keep your message on target. create a targeted message

Are you getting crickets when you post on Social media?

Not having many conversations with interested prospects or potential buyers?
Are you posting yet feeling like it’s a total waste of your time?

You are not alone and it can turn around. Just keep reading.

There is a lot of noise and the single most important currency on the web today is  ATTENTION.

Everyone is competing for the attention of your prospects. So the question is…

The Simple 6 Step Process To Creating The Perfect Message That Cuts Through The Noise And Grabs The Attention of Your Ideal Prospect or Customer. 1

How can you compete even if you don’t have copywriting skills or huge results?

You can accomplish this is through being unique in your messaging and using stories.

I remember while attending an event, one of the speakers emphasized the importance of implementing the right business systems so your business continues even you are not present.

Wouldn’t you love that?

This top earner shared how her business continued to earn money even while dealing with the pain of losing  two loved ones in quick succession.

She spoke about the shock, the deep sadness, the unanswered question of could I have done more and the sense of being all alone.

I totally identified with her although she never said: attention all…. Or are you struggling? She never used those words.

She simply told her story and I could really identify with her because I had a similar experience when I lost my father and then my mother three years later. Finance and everything went to pieces.

No one cane take your personal experience away from you. It will always be unique.

Whit Higham

Wouldn’t other persons with similar experiences, immediately identify with her story?

Yes, they would.

However, how  do you structure your  message to grab attention and guide them to taking a single action.

What  I am about to share with you will work for a social media post, blog, video, podcast or even an Ad. It does not matter the format, the structure remains the same.

Identify  Who is Your Audience or Target Market

In this step you have  some prep work to do.

Firstly, you must  choose the particular problem  you are going to address for a particular group of people.

 Talk only to your target market

We usually call this our target  market. A segment that are more likely to want  what we have to offer.

It is easier to write when thinking in terms of one person representing your target market. This is called  your avatar or ideal prospect or buyer persona.

You can download my cheat sheet which helps you identify your ideal buyer or prospect and  create a clear customer/ prospect profile so that you can easily have your info bank to draw from when creating your post.

The key to successfully recruit using social media is to connect with people who might already be interested in what you offer, based on their pains and desires, using a language they understand.

Cari Higham

Which brings me to the next step.

Identify the  Pain or Struggle

Next step is  identifying the  problems that you target market faces. This exercise allows to practically read the mind of your ideal prospect or buyer.

For example, for network marketers, they have the following list of struggles:

  • Cold market prospecting
  • Having no one  to talk to about your business or products
  • Attracting low quality prospects
  • Wasting time with tire kickers and no shows
  • Spending alot of time away from spouse and family ( children in daycare)
  • Running out money ( business becoming a financial burden instead of a help)
  • Never seem to have enough time
  • Facing the stigma that comes in being in network marketing
  • Lack of support from friends and family
  • Being avoided by colleagues ( joining the NO Friends Left Club)
  • Uncertain what to say to prospects or potential customers
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of selling
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Can’t close the sale or sign up
  • Failing to following up and following through
  • Lacking a clear, simple, duplicatable system
  • Not focusing on money making activities
  • Struggle to overcome common objections
  • Unsupportive  upline
  • Stagnant downline
  • Finding ambitious business partners
  • Being pulled in many directions (adds to the confusion)
  • Low retention of team members/ high attrition
  • Tired from being around people all the time

Did I miss anything?

Decide What is Your  Message to Your Target Market

You must  give a bold  promise although implied and not explicitly expressed. This  is conveyed in the headline or the main idea of the post.

The Simple 6 Step Process To Creating The Perfect Message That Cuts Through The Noise And Grabs The Attention of Your Ideal Prospect or Customer. 2

How to (benefit) without (pain) is always a safe approach to creating your headlines or main point in your message.

If you were talking about weightloss,

How to kick start  your metabolism without  giving up your favourite foods.

How to lose  10 lbs in 10 days without killing yourself  at the gym or starving.

For example, using network marketers

How  to sell without  selling and feeling  salesy, icky or spammy.

How to prospect without  prospecting

How to recruit  without chasing friends and family with virtually no rejection.

How to rank advance  without doing home parties

How to  recruit in mass  on autopilot

How  to never run out of  quality people to talk to about your business or product.

Beyond that, as you develop the  content you need to use words your target market can understand.  

You need to use their jargon. Immediately as  your ideal persons sees those words they know that you are speaking to them.  Again using network marketers, here are key words and phrases we understand.

  • Business volume
  • Autoship
  • Month end rush
  • Business owner
  • Home based business
  • Downline
  • Upline
  • Crossline
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation/comp plan
  • Pounding the pavement
  • Stalking public places like the mall or grocery
  • Home meeting and home parties
  • Three-foot rule
  • Rank advance
  • Cross stage
  • Top earner
  • Three-way call
  • One-on-one
  • Anyone who can fog a  mirror
  • Prospects

I hope you can now see that by identifying your ideal target market and then ideal person, you can easily pinpoint the struggles and pain.

This allows you to instantly call out to your prospects.

Agitate the Pain

You got to twist the knife. People are driven mainly by two  strong emotions. They are either moving away from pain or moving   towards pleasure. It is unfortunate that most people are driven more by  pain more than pleasure. I will explain that more in a bit, but first let’s clear up this misconception out there.

This is not about manipulating your potential customers or prospects. Rather, it is forcing them into reality.

This is for them to really take stock, consider and understand the consequence of inaction or taking the wrong actions in their business.

For example.

I was sick, practically immobilized and facing the real possibility of losing my job. That’s when I desperately started searching for a way to build my network marketing business online. Had I not found this new way, where would I be? Possibly out of work without any source of income.

Had I not found this new way, where would I be? Possibly out of work without any source of income.

How many more hours do you want to spend away from your family? Do you want to continue wasting time with people who don’t show up or even have the courtesy to inform you with a simple call or text?

If you don’t seriously consider changing strategies for prospecting and recruiting, can you ever hope to rank, advance, increase your checks, retire your spouse and travel the world?

If you are not successful in your network marketing business, what would that mean for you?

Speak to The Desires of Your Target Market or Network or Audience

What do your ideal prospect secretly wish for?

Next, let’s list the desires and benefits network marketers desire…

  • More prospects
  • Team Duplication
  • Money
  • Residual income
  • Working from home
  • More time-money freedom
  • Support
  • A big team
  • Rank advancement
  • Walk across the stage
  • Recognition
  • Bigger Bonuses
  • More customers
  • New recruits
  • Consistent income

Provide The Solution

What is the transformation that you are offering.

The Simple 6 Step Process To Creating The Perfect Message That Cuts Through The Noise And Grabs The Attention of Your Ideal Prospect or Customer. 3

Tell the WHAT

Sell the HOW

In my  case, I am offering network marketers  the opportunity to learn the skills to better leverage the  internet to build a home based business from home.

If your are in weightloss, it can be the  regained confidence of that new mom, and more energy  after dropping the baby fat.

Always remember this…

Tell them the next  step with a clear call to action

A simple action whether it is :

  1. Message you
  2. Book a call
  3. Book an appointment
  4. Opt into your list

The process can be as simple as you posting on social media and asking persons to comment more info and you will connect with them.

In my case where I use my blog as my content hub, I simply say click her to learn more.

Here is a simple post example using a true story.

  girl waiting for no shows at the coffee house

I can now build my home based business from home. Finally!

I had a meeting scheduled with a prospect after an exhausting day at work.  I called earlier and confirmed. Following everything to the script. I went to the coffee house at the mall and waited.

Waited… and waited.

Calls to the prospect’s phone went unanswered. This was becoming a  familiar scene.

I  called the downline only to be told that the prospect was with him playing football.

I was like a simple call or text would have been too hard.  

Has this ever happened to you?

How many hours have you wasted with tire kickers and no shows?

Hours you could spent with family or just  doing something more profitable.

 Go through the numbers. Just talk to more people. Have you ever heard that?

Yet I still pounded the pavement until an illness made that virtually impossible.

Thankfully today, I found a better way after stubbling upon a YouTube video with Ferny Ceballos.

Now I am learning skills that allow me to attract prospects and qualify them without wasting my time. I continuously build a list of people to talk to about my business and products without worrying about rejection.

And the best part is  I can do all this from my home or just my phone.

Sweet right? So can you.

I now share this discovery with other network marketers and affiliate marketers, that they can have the option of building a business they can love without ever running out of people to talk to or spending lots of time away from home.

If you   are not getting the commission checks you want ?

…Or tired watch other people walk across the stage  as remain the same rank for the umpteenth month

Then you need to consider another method and fast before your time and money runs out.

Yep, I know about that part  too.

Yet If those things immediately became  possible, what would that mean for you?

What  would that mean for the person  depending on you?

If  you are open to making that change, then  start here.


Now, this is the first draft.

Yes, this is a true story by the way, in case you are wondering.

However, I do hope you see the progression of the story

First a  familiar scenario building belly to belly.

The clear target being network marketers.

The implied promise of learning a better way to build their  business without ever having spend hours away from home on the wrong people. Also always having people to talk to.

Solution a  free introductory course featuring Mr Ferny Ceballos sharing exactly how he build his first 6 figure in his home business leveraging online strategies.

These 6 steps allow you to create a targeted message that truly speaks to your audience in a way that builds connection and instant rapport.

This approach works for any market , business or niche.

Ferny Ceballos has also taught this to thousands of others with similar and even greater results as he and his team continue to improve the process.

A message from Mr Ferny Ceballos

Click here to get instant access to our flagship product: Attraction Marketing Formula, a complete, no B.S. roadmap to quickly build your automated Internet recruiting machine!

You’ll learn about all the specific tools and techniques you can use to connect with prospects on social media, so you’ll never have to chase anyone, pester friends or family, or face rejection ever again.

These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where people will reach out to you (instead of you having to reach out to them).

The bottom line is that, in today’s age, you don’t ever need to cold prospect to build a successful business!

I am telling you that no matter where you are at in your business, you can learn these same skills and finally have the business that you know is possible with instant access by clicking right here.

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