Here are 7 Critical Lessons This Famous Insect Taught Me About Being A Successful Business Owner

Written by Donna Patterson

keys to a successful business

I would rather fight with the mosquitoes than deal with the cold!

You might be wondering what do mosquitoes have to do with having a successful business.

That is what this blog will be sharing with you. So keep reading.

That was what I said to a fellow marketer online. He lived in England. Believe it or not, I had a similar conversation with a Doctor from the US.  I met both on LinkedIn.

In separate conversations, the gentlemen were teasing me by saying that at least in the cold, they did not have to worry about mosquitoes. I have been to England and the US.  The cold does not mesh well with this island girl.

 This thought did pop into my head.

About mosquitoes no less. Here me out then let me know what you think in the comments section.

Business Owners Have To Be Hungry

 Mosquitoes are always  Hungry

 I  hardly seem to see mosquitoes resting. They just seem to be always looking for blood. It is like they are never satisfied. 

 You got to be hungry.

Les Brown

A lady who does  Fb Ads and offline prospecting in her neighbourhood and events to build her network marketing business. She said the   same thing, “You got to be hungry.”

  She is very successful in her business. Yet she is constantly investing in courses and learning new skills. She is also incorporating new strategies even as she is still using traditional network marketing methods.

She and many top earners are not saying, I am good right here.

… nor are they laid back about their business.

Here are 7 Critical Lessons This Famous Insect Taught Me About Being A Successful Business Owner 1

Actively Pursue Success

with passion.

They are still pushing beyond the boundaries.

 If you want to succeed in business, you must actively pursue success.

Successful Business Owners Are Persistent

Mosquitoes are Very Persistent

 Mosquitoes always hungry for blood and you know what else?

They don’t settle for less than what they want.

 Indeed, mosquitoes are persistent little devils.

Over 90% of business owners fail because many do nothing with the opportunity.

 The other common reason for the high failure rate among businesses is because Business Owners simply quit too soon.

At the first sign of a challenge or things don’t go as planned and many persons run back to what they consider safety.  

 It is just too hard right. It”s just not for me.

Here are 7 Critical Lessons This Famous Insect Taught Me About Being A Successful Business Owner 2

Keep Going!

I tried everything… But have you truly tried everything?

Anything worth having will not simply be handed to you.

 The best business owners are resourceful.

They solve problems and find solutions. Then they sell the solutions.

 You will have to pay the price for quitting or succeeding. You just have to decide which price are you willing to pay.

And when.

Another thing is that life happens and hits many business owners out of the park. So we end up in this vicious start-stop cycle where we never create real momentum in our business.

This leads to frustration and self doubts.

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Mosquitoes may be diverted temporarily but they never lose focus of the goal.

If you can conceive it, then you can accomplish it.

Keep pushing forward.

Successful Business Owners Move With A Team

Mosquitoes usually work as a team.

 Mosquitoes hardly ever come alone. And even if you get rid of one, another set comes. They are determined to get you.

They understand the bigger picture. They see the vision.

In this way, they are similar to ants.

As Business owners, we have this Super of Superheros complex.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“I can do everything.”

“If it is to be it is up to me. “

That is an old way of thinking. Successful businesses have teams.

Success in business is a team sport.

Too many people spend too much time on things they can’t do well instead of honing in on that one great skill.

That would better coincide with your nature, wouldn’t it?

Here are 7 Critical Lessons This Famous Insect Taught Me About Being A Successful Business Owner 3

A mentor is also part of your team.

 A team brings a group of people together with a diversity of skills that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You get a lot done in a faster time and save yourself a bunch of trouble.

For instance, I  am ok with a few tech stuff but I accidentally almost deleted my entire website. Could you imagine the headache of trying to recover or recreate the website?

That is why I have Andrew Martinez of Powerful Digital Solutions to do all that stuff and more. He has saved my butt from my own mistakes too many times to count.

I have learnt to just let him handle certain things. The hard way. He is also a marketer as well so I can bounce my ideas off him. 

It frees up my time to concentrate on content creation and other aspects of my business.

Delegation can allow better use of your most finite resource…time.

As the saying goes…

 If you want to  go slow do it alone,  if you want go fast , you need a team.

Successful Business Owners Are Always Trying New Strategies

 Mosquitoes Try Different Approaches Until Success 

 Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes might start near your head?

When that does not work, they go after the arms and when that does not work, they go for the thighs and it goes on like that until they get you or you get them.

 The clever mosquitoes don’t keep doing something if it does not work.

As Business Owners you do need to avoid the shiny object syndrome, where you jump from thing to thing, training to training or opportunity to opportunity because you did not get the instant success you expected.

Success likes speed but it does not happen overnight.

  You have to give things a reasonable time for true evaluation. After which you adjust your strategy based on the data or numbers.  Keep doing that until you find out what works and then double down on that.

 Observe and Adapt quickly

 However,   many business owners are unwilling to change strategies even after several glaring signs that what they are doing currently is no longer working.

Here are 7 Critical Lessons This Famous Insect Taught Me About Being A Successful Business Owner 4

In this age, any business that fails to adapt will die.

 Can you name a few businesses that are no longer around?

 For example how many retail stores have shut their doors as more and more people prefer the convenience of online shopping?

Just to give some context.

In the past, you would have taken a picture with your polaroid and pay to have it developed. Today you can take quality photos with your phone.

So what happened to the photography guys.

Yes, some did go out of business but others developed new businesses such as teaching photography, offering higher end photography services,  edits and other streams of income.

As business owners, you have to always be ahead of the game. Watching the trends. Analyzing and adjusting constantly to get the best for your business.

Successful Bussiness Owners Know When To Take Time Out

 Mosquitoes Know When To Take A Break and Double back.

 After facing your traps, slaps and sprays, there is a period of silence.  However, long it lasts, eventually, you will either hear the familiar buzz or see it land on you or fly near you.

 Even mosquitoes know when to pause for a cause.

I can’t tell you how many times I  may be writing or doing some other business activity, and the harder I push the more difficult a  simple thing becomes. Imagine walking up a steep hill with a heavy load on your back.  

 a healthy time out

When I take a break, everything goes smoothly after I return.

So what was the problem all that time, right?

I was just getting in my own way and allowing frustration to make me impatient and block my creativity and problem solving skills. Everything became a problem in that stressful mind set.

Taking a break, brings calm, a new perspective and a renewed creative flow allowing you to better handle the situation.

So know when to take a break. You will be much more productive.

I know you hear a lot about the hustle and you may think that you cannot afford the time off but  I am sure you have heard of burn out, overwhelm and even tension headaches.

Yes, this can even affect your health. It eventually can bring everything to a halt ( even the business) if not properly managed.

So  take regular breaks.

 I got better results when I started doing less. You can find out more here.

Successful Business Owners Go Big

Mosquitoes are Not Afraid To Go After Big  Goals.

 A   lot of us Business Owners think small. We only see right now.

We are not really able to see further than our immediate circumstances and hence the potential opportunities available.

More than that,  we limit ourselves to what we believe is doable and aim so low because we fear failure and disappointment. Not to mention being laughed at and scorned by family and friends.

 The problem is that people aim too low and  hit it.

Les Brown

So we avoid projects or goals that take us out of our comfort zones.

The mosquitoes don’t seem to have that particular handicap.

They bravely and unashamedly go after the big kahunas. They go after the big guy. The top of the food chain.

Here are 7 Critical Lessons This Famous Insect Taught Me About Being A Successful Business Owner 5

Dream Big

 We are too busy in our heads saying:

  • Nah I would never be able to …
  • That’s not for people like me…
  •   I don’t have those big results yet
  • Suppose I fail…
  • Suppose I succeed…
  •  I am not like …
  • If only  I…

 Meanwhile, mosquitoes are busily going after what they want.

 Start reaching and start doing.

Successful Business Owners Act Inspite of Fear

 Mosquitoes Are Not Afraid To Be Bold.

They don’t always do a sneak attack. 

At times they are loud and proud. Letting you know they are there and coming for your blood.

That annoyingly loud consistent singing in your ear. You bat your hands but they will come back.

As business owners, we have to be willing to put ourselves out there to be known in the marketplace.  

People cannot buy a product or service or join your team if your ideal customer does not even know that you exist.

We have to be seen and heard.

Not only that, we need to be distinguishable and memorable apart from the noise online.

Remember that there are tons of similar products and services available to customers.

As they call it a Buyer’s market where customers are in control of a lot of the buying process. They have a lot of options and information at their fingertips.

 The only asset you have is your unique selling proposition.

 unique selling proposition

A fancy way of saying what is your solution to a specific problem and what makes yours unique.

The only asset you have complete control of is your personal brand.

 There is only one you. Your personality, knowledge, experience, perspectives and l skills are a combination that cannot be duplicated.

So if you are trying to promote your business using your company product image and logo, you are missing the boat.

Just be honest. Has that been working for you on social media?

 Mosquitoes do appear to have some basic system of getting your blood. They are not completely winging it. Even lions or other animals have a way to catch their prey.

Similarly, there is a way to build your team and move products without your news feed looking like an infomercial.

 You don’t have to repel people with your constant hard selling.

 You don’t need to spam or chase anyone.

You can get customers and recruit in a way that is way more effective, saves time, avoid tire kicker and leaves your dignity intact.

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