7 Critical Things You Need To Grow A Successful Home Business In This Year

Written by Donna Patterson

7 tips for winning in your home business this new year

This blog will focus on how to set yourself up to win in your homes business this year. But first, let me ask you this question…

Is it going be the same old or are you going to actually have a successful business this year?

At some point, you really have to get sick and tired of watching other people earn more commissions, rank advance and building a hugely successful business while…

You just seem stuck and frozen. That is a very frustrating and depressing place to be. It gets even worse, when people ask you, “How is the business going?” of “Are you making any money yet with that thing?”

…with their snobbish looks.

It just can’t be like that this year.

That was my thought back in 2018 when I made the decision to start betting on me and investing in myself.

No, it has not been all rose petals and I am still not where I want to be but I am certainly in a much better place than where I used to be.

  • From a list of zero to expanding my network and list of prospects weekly.
  • From zero to actually making commissions online without cold market prospecting, chasing friends and family or sometimes even without a conversation.
  • Being asked to coach on online strategies, marketing and content creation.

And other opportunities.

I certainly didn’t expect any of that when I bought a $47 course called the Attraction Marketing Formula. However, it has taken me on a journey that has only just begun.

So how can you succeed in in your home business this year?

#1 You need to make a decision to win this year.

#2 You need to commit to that decision to win in your business this year.

#3 You need a strategy to win this year.

# 4 You need to learn new skills to be able to use the strategy effectively.

#5 You need to execute on your strategy consistently.

#6 You need to test new tactics and track your progress.

#7 You need to get new habits to support your decision to win this year in your home business.

 new year, new habits

One new habit that is definitely a must for the new year is how we as business owners set goals and evaluate where we are in our business.

It is only when you know where you are and your destination, can you form a plan to get you where you want to go in the best way possible. in less time, money and frustrations.

If you fail to plan, plan to fail.

In this video, I go through some tips for proper goal setting and evaluation. Check it out.

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