8 Proven Ways To Build A list of Targeted Prospects And Ready Buyers Using Facebook

Written by Donna Patterson

How to find prospects for your network marketing or home business using Facebook?

That is we are going discuss in this blog conversation today.

With 26% of the connected world being on Facebook,  it would be hard the ignore the undeniable opportunity to  reach people looking for your product, service or opportunity  on the internet.

The social giant Facebook  is one major social media platform to get some of the best MLM leads for  your home-based business especially when just starting out and looking for  ‘free’ MLM leads or prospects for your home business.

An MLM lead simply refers to a potential  prospect or customer, who indicates an interest in your products , services or  business opportunity.

Let’s Face it , there is a lot of noise and competition for people’s attention on Facebook.

If you have spent any time  trying to recruit or sell your product or service, then you will definitely want to keep reading  as I share with you the 8 proven ways to get prospects and customers for your network marketing business or  any type of Home Business. Let’s dive in shall we?

#1 Post  With Intention

Yes  you might be saying, “But I post all the time.” My response would be what are your posting?

If you are like most of us, when we first come online  including Facebook

  1. We simply blast our personal profile with our company products and materials turning our news feed into a commercial channel.
  1. We send unsolicited links to  complete strangers hoping they will click on our link and buy our products or join our team.
  1. We then totally burn though our friends and family,  usually alienating them as we continuously hound them about our products or opportunity.

Have you ever been blocked by a someone on Facebook? If  so , now you know why.

 To use Facebook for your network or affiliate marketing success, you need to  post while keeping the following concepts in mind

  1. Facebook is a social  network where persons come to  see what friends and family members are doing. They are also there for escape and entertainment. So   I suggest the following posting guidelines:
  •  60% engagement, entertainment and lifestyle
  • 30% education and curiosity marketing
  • 10% direct marketing  or power post

Please note that at NO time do you mention the company name or product name. The entire point is to create authority, curiosity and then conversations in messenger.  From there you can take persons through your established exposure process. You will have to test to see what works best for you and your home business.

  2.    Images must be able to grab attention to stop the scrollers. Choose personal, bright and interesting pics. Family pics do great on  Facebook. Behind the scenes are also good content pieces.

3. For best results , it should be combined with an active  prospecting strategy. However, with your posting plan you can certainly start building the  Know, Like and Trust factor. You will also start building awareness around what you have to offer.

4. Even, before you start posting ,  just taking the time to complete this step can allow you to create   prospect- friendly or customer – friendly posts that stimulate interest, increase conversations and drive more sales  without being overly aggressive, salesy or seem desperate.

#2 Use Video

Right  now, video marketing is one of the the fastest way to build your tribe and the Know, Like  and trust factor is through video particularly live video. Facebook gives about 22% more reach on Facebook Lives than other types of posts. Now personally, I use recorded videos because it betters suits my schedule and allows  me to batch content and save tons of time..

Courtesy Rawpixel.com

However  when using  Facebook Lives

  •  Add structure to your lives as  intro, middle and close
  • Prepare  your content with useful info and tips related  to benefits of your product, service or opportunity
  • Have  a Catchy Headlines. Bonus Tip: use magazines for inspiration.
  • Add a call to action  to have people connect with  you for more information at the end of your live.
  • You can repurpose your Facebook Live by creating a watch party.

Also  Facebook Lives works bests when you  have a set time like a regular talk show so you can condition people  on when to expect you and hop on your live broadcast . Another way to maximize your Facebook Lives is discussed a bit later down so keep reading.

If you  are scared to  do a Facebook Live like me, you can still do videos as I said. However, you  can do videos without you being on camera. Yes it can be product focused or educational.

 To learn the  main ways how to  use videos to rapidly increase teammates and  customers check out this awesome training. Even if you are  afraid to do videos, as I said there are simple ways to get the   attention of your ideal prospects without being in front of the camera.

#3 Public Facebook Groups

Now this is pretty straight forward especially if you took the time to complete your ideal customer/prospect profile since this will allow you to focus  your time on the groups your prospects are more likely to be found..

For example, if your ideal persons are young working mothers 25 to 35 yrs who want to lose the belly fat, then you will likely want to target moms or parenting groups along with weight loss groups.

 You can use this  organic strategy with your Personal profile. However, just remember if you are not  focused, it can be a time suck with little results. A real constant grind.

Now please don’t go into the group  all gung ho and blasting links every time you post. That would most likely get  you thrown out of the Facebook group and placed in Facebook jail where you will not be able to post or comment etc  for a specific period of time.

So what should you do to get the most out of groups ?

This is what you want to do instead.

  1. Join at least  about 2 groups per day.
  1. Post helpful information and answer questions as best as you can.
  1. Connect with persons from the group in messenger and see if there is a need or interest  for your product with qualifying questions.
  1. When in doubt about how to talk to leads or prospects, always fall back to FORM. ( family, origin/organization, recreation and money/message)
  1. Make sure to like and comment on their  posts so that you will remain in their news feed.
  1. Remember to have genuine conversations  with no attachment to the outcome.
  1. After 30 days , evaluate which groups are providing the most prospects if any and focus on those groups.

#4 Secret Facebook Groups

Healthy people carrying different icons related to healthy lifestyle
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This was made popular by  7 figure earners John and Nadia Meltons as part of their ATM strategy. From a  Facebook live or post then messenger conversation, you can use a Facebook Group to be   your exposure agent. The person stays on Facebook rather than leaving the platform to view  your presentation webinar or video on an external website.

  • You simply  add interested person to a  secret Facebook Group after getting their permission of course. Bonus  Tip:Use different groups for product and recruiting.
  • Tag them in the announcement ( Pin post) showing  company product or opportunity video.
  • Message them at the pre scheduled time to follow up
  • If new, you can person add to 2  3 way messenger chat with you upline  and allow them to close the prospect or customer during  follow up.
  • Add testimonials and Facebook lives to create engagement and social proof.

I started this strategy but  I can tell you it would be best to start with a team as it takes a lot of energy and time  to keep the group members entertained and engaged. As an introvert, before I was able to manage my energy, that simply wore me out.

However,  the ATM strategy works very well, due to its simplicity and ease of duplication. The new person can leverage the team and upline so that the pressure is off their shoulders. The new person can focus on getting results quickly.

Another twist is to use  challenges like a 5 day detox challenge for instance.  Persons are added to the group and given tips for the 5 days   during and after which, you promote your products for better results. You can run these challenges every month.

#5 Facebook Advertising

I know  many persons have lost lots of money to the  greedy jaws of Facebook Ads including me. It is a skillset that when learnt  is very profitable. The data and the ability for laser targeting that the Facebook Ads platform offers is a  hard one to beat or find elsewhere. It is also really simple to set up. You just have to learn to set it up profitably.

It requires a lot of testing which means initially paying for data to know what does not work.  You also need a self liquidating offer which is a cheap purchase on the front end of your sales funnel which we talk about more a bit later. This offer allows you to fund your advertising otherwise you may soon exhaust your funds. This is why most people give up on advertising because they run out of money  before being able to make a positive return on advertising dollars.

8 Proven Ways To Build A list of Targeted Prospects And Ready Buyers Using Facebook 1

Check out this free 10-day introductory course if you are ready to look at Facebook Ads for building your business quickly on autopilot so you can have a leveraged business that is not taking over your life then. You can learn how to get MLM leads or prospects on demand.

#6 Facebook Messenger and Messenger Bots

The  one of new hottest kid on the block. It allows you to build and equivalent to  an email list but without ever leaving Facebook.

As you know Facebook wants to keep on their platform as long as possible.

Why? The longer you are their, the higher probability to show you ads. I realize many people forget that Facebook is a  for profit company with shareholders. They need to make money which they do through selling ad space.

There are many   messenger bot providers but the two most simples to get started  for free with tons of tutorials and support are Manychat and MobileMonkey, the robots that  become the interface with customers etc.

Messenger bots allows us to have a two way conversation with our prospects and potential customers so they feel more a part of and to some extent in charge of the process. They need to opt in to  receive messages in their inbox and they have the option to opt out or unsubscribe at any time.

Can you guess how many people are on messenger each day?

We live in a world where people  prefer to text than talk on the phone.

Imagine sending a message to persons in messenger  en masse at the touch of a button and have persons reply to you initiating tons of conversations that you follow up with.

Now  although messenger bots or chat bots boost higher engagement rates and  click through rates than email, all the data so far still show email generates more revenue.

Another point to note that the money is in the list and you own your email list once you always back it up. Even if one email autoresponder  shuts you down you simply up load it to another autoresponder. I like Aweber for beginners because it is just simple and easy to use.

Aweber also has  free training on email marketing and list building strategies along with with an amazing customer service. I had a question and the response was helpful,  step by step and quick. You can get a 30 day free trial with Aweber here.

 #7 Sales Funnels

Now you have  connected with interested persons or better yet , have  persons reaching out to you after incorporating Attraction Marketing, where are you sending them.

8 Proven Ways To Build A list of Targeted Prospects And Ready Buyers Using Facebook 2
Courtesy Coursenvy

A sales funnel is simply  a clear structured process of taking your potential customer or prospect from the initial  contact to presentation to following up and closing. The great thing is that you have options of high touch or  automation or a hybrid. Automating parts of the prospecting and sales process gives your more leverage , speed and   ensure you spend time with only the qualified persons. This in itself improves your closure rate as people are educated through the process and sell themselves on whatever you are offering. With an efficient process in place  with a high conversion rate, you will actually need less leads.

A sales funnel is not new nor does it have to complicated. It can be as simple as taking someone who commented on a from a Facebook live or Ad to a Facebook group with a follow up process in messenger or …

A facebook Ad to an optin page  to follow up through an email sequence.  In a future post we will discuss 4 main ways  network marketers , affiliate marketers and home business owners can   build their business quickly using email marketing.

These are the  main things to keep in mind about sales funnels:

  1. Repeatable
  1. Well structured with the customer journey in mind.
  1. Reduce friction in the process.
  1. Be as efficient as possible.
  1. It does the selling for you.
  1. Aligned with a list building  or prospect generation strategy to keep the pipeline full.

If  you do opt  for more modern  time saving automated sales funnel, then  you will need a funnel builder like ClickFunnels, or leadpages to be able to build that out. Also consider Thrive Themes. If you are not sure and you need help building a funnel or site for your home business then checkout   Powerful Digital Solutions.

#8 Be Social & Engaged

Facebook is about engagement. The more engagement you  have on your posts and videos, the more reach you will get . Facebook Lives and watch parties allow live interaction and at present is given the most reach on Facebook.

Remember  the law of reciprocity, if you want engagement , then you must also be engaged, liking and commenting on other people’s posts.

Also respond to persons  liking and commenting on your posts  in messenger to continue to the conversation. In fact many have found that their organic reach increased simply from being more active on Facebbok.

However, it is not about just numbers, it si about being intentional and engaging with targeted persons who may be potential prospects.


Give value, tips, hacks  and secrets which people find  useful which have people reaching out  to you and then you can direct them to your products or opportunity. The benefits of Attraction Marketing.

As you saw just on  Facebook there are many ways to generate free MLM leads or list of  targeted prospects as well as paid methods. The free ways as you may call it takes time yet it is a great way to get started and get results quickly while learning the more paid ways to  generate leads. The latter like Facebook Ad, messenger bots and automated sales funnel do have a learning curve and will take time before the snowball effect takes place. However it does allow for more  rapid building with less time commitment while allowing you to scale.

Free or organic methods are not scalable. All the methods work but in my opinion the addition of internet marketing concepts to traditional  core network marketing principles is the way forward for long term network marketing success online without burning out.

If you are looking for more information on that you how you can quickly add teammates and customers using simple social media strategies and how you can later scale your business without bugging friends and family then start here.

8 Proven Ways To Build A list of Targeted Prospects And Ready Buyers Using Facebook 3

Ready to jumpstart your sales and prospecting?

Do you have  any tips of your own? I would love to  read them below. Also remember to share this  out to your circle.

8  Proven Ways To  Build A list of  Targeted Prospects And Ready Buyers Using Facebook

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