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About Me 1

How did I get here?

That is how I started my online journey and my online community  I call  The Rich Life Academy!

I empower and educate budding entrepreneurs to manoeuvre their journey without the LOST syndrome, FRUSTRATION and OVERWHELM.

Helping persons to choose the right vehicle and guiding them on the skills they need to move their business forward whether online or offline. This includes overcoming the fear of selling, crafting personalized marketing strategies and designing systems for leverage and scaling – in profit mode of course.

I am passionate about helping Home-based Business Owners and High-Level Professionals in the areas of health, business and mindset using proven strategies so that you can design a life of freedom, purpose and peace.

I am especially dedicated to people who want that work/business/health balance. The blogs are divided into Health and Marketing so that you can get the specific help you need when you need it.

It is all about effectively using the 4 pillars of success to design a life that is fulfilling, healthy, sustainable even while remaining spiritually grounded (Christian Bible based). I call this The Rich Life.

We are such dynamic human beings and how these pillars fit for each of us are different. However, there is no doubt that without the 4 elements – finance, family, health and spirituality – we cannot fully thrive in our human experience. I also believe that without all-round wellness, you cannot have peace, joy, true success, and lasting fulfilment.

If you are still on the fence about even starting your own business, I hope I can fan that spark of entrepreneurship and help you make the ultimate decision towards the life you want rather than keep the existence you hate.

If you are in business and want to incorporate online strategies then definitely check out the articles and let’s connect to see which strategy may be best to accomplish your goals.

There is so much available on the other side of fear – just reach out and begin designing your life.

Ultimately, I hope that you leave with skills, an idea or simply renewed inspiration to design the life you want to live on your own terms.

Reach, Rise, and Rock it!

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What Others Say…

Donna Patterson is  a woman who knows how to take your business to the  next level. Her expertise and skills are remarkable. You will be blessed by her knowledge and wisdom.

Tyhisha Paden / NWM and Coach

I first met Donna at a Summit where people invested in themselves to better serve others. This says alot about her passion to help others, which you feel when you speak with her. With her experience, skills, and knowledge in business, people, and health, Donna will guide you in the direction that is best for you and your purpose.

Jane Miller / Business Owner & Health Fanatic

Donna Patterson is my go  to person for advice  on  my  health issues. I have spent so much money and tried so many things that did not work for me. Thanks to her , I am truly living life enjoying  my family and  especially my grand kids.

Catherine Duke / Customer

I call Donna my special doctor. She was referred to me by my niece, Kathy- Ann who also got help from Donna. I had several issues with my joints, constant pain in my legs, and other things. I even had to stop working. I was home on a bed just watching others live their lives. I went to many Doctors who could not help me. I spoke to Donna once and used her recommendations. Words can’t express how I feel to be moving and living again. Walking and doing different things for myself without any problems. I no longer need assistance. I have even started working again and dancing with my new beau. I am so grateful to Donna . It is so not about the money because she asks you budget and gives way more that what you pay.

Jocelyn Bullock / Customer