Do Home Business Owners Actually Need Attraction Marketing Strategies To Create A Steady Stream Of Hot Prospects and Hungry Buyers On The Internet Today?

Written by Donna Patterson

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Attraction Marketing  Made Simple For Home Business Owners

There has been such a buzz around Attraction Marketing these days especially in the Home Based Business Industry.

Essentially every business can use attraction marketing and it is the objective to explain it as simply as possible.

I believe sometimes the gurus have made it so complicated that many independent business owners give up and miss the incredible opportunity available to build their businesses online and rapidly build a connection with their potential quality customers and prospects.

What is Attraction  Marketing ?

The use   of information and storytelling combined with   internet marketing skills in order to attract your perfect prospects or customers so that you don’t have to chase them.

Basically you are educating people and selling at the same time yet without being aggressive, salesy or spammy. It is also about creating curiosity  so that you guide that person through a process that is ultimately created to have them purchase from you or partner with you.

How   Does This  Affect Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Or Any Home Business?

Now there are so many angles I  go with this but for simply let’s take a little trip down memory lane  of offline network marketing. If you are like me then you have :

  • Made a list of 250 people ( you might have done a 100).
  • Chased friend and co workers about joining  my business opportunity and buying my products.
  • Visited the mall, grocery,  shops and street corners to prospect.
  • Every conversation was initiated for the sole purpose of them asking me what I did so I could pounce on them .
  • Told to use the 3ft rule and prospect hem once they culd fog a mirror.
  • Begged persons to attend  hotel meeting and home parties.
  • Promoted  beauty breaks and other promotions to anyone and everyone.
  • Wasted time  with no shows.
Of course by that time I had finally gotten over the sweaty palms and heart pounding when cold calling strangers.

 Imagine this…

How would it feel to never run out of people to talk to about your products, services or opportunity?

How would it feel to actually talk to people WHO Actually Are looking and Interested in what you have to offer?

The whole idea of someone asking if is a  pyramid scheme, and all that jazz is  something of the pass.

How  would it feel to have people reaching  out to you asking to buy from you?

How would it feel to have  people asking to join your team?

Do Home Business Owners Actually Need Attraction Marketing Strategies To Create A Steady Stream Of Hot Prospects and Hungry Buyers On The Internet Today? 1
People Want To Join Your Team and Buy From You

How would it feel like,that by the time you that person on the phone  they are already sold on whatever you have to offer?

If you  are an Affiliate Marketer

Imagine just recommending a product and people asking for your link to purchase.

Just one thing…

Check out these major attraction marketing  mistakes that you could be making that is costing you dearly and getting you unfriended and banned on social media.

Watch these video…

 Get access to free online introductory course on Attraction marketing for Your  Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing.

The  Benefits Of Attraction Marketing for Home Business Owners

The timless principle is that  for a person to purchase they must Know, Like and Trust you. On the internet ,  it is a lot more challenging to establish that with someone. Another issue is that   due to many online scams, people are more skeptical in trusting people online. And quite rightfully  so.

By incorporating Attraction marketing strategies you will realize some of the following key benefits :

 Infographic showing 3 benefits of attraction marketing for network and affiliate marketers and Home Business Owners
  • Build  trust
  • Build a brand  beyond the company and products
  • Build an audience and followers on social media.
  • Various  techniques
  • A  variety of price points. Engagement can lower advertising (optional)costs
  • Easy to get started and scale
  • High yield and high leverage
  • You automate many of the processes

You create  your personal inbound  lead (prospect) generation engine.

The 5 Steps To Guarantee Your  Success In Network Marketing and  Attract An Endless Stream of  Qualified Prospects From An 8 Figure Earner.

According to the top earners in the space, attraction marketing gives you the business owner an unfair advantage when it comes to prospecting and recruiting.

…virtually obliterating fear of rejection.


Attraction Marketing strategies allow you quickly build familiarity, rapport and trust to create an audience of targeted high quality persons that is ready to buy your products and partner with you in your business.

A 8 figure earner shared these tips for successfully using attraction marketing for network marketing.

#1 Remember that the skills of network marketing include recruiting, team building, community management and leadership. These are different from internet marketing skills like social media marketing, video marketing, automation and advertising. They combine in social media prspecting.

#2 Find and follow a proven strategy. This refers to a specific steps in a specific order to achieve a particular goal.

#3 The Strategy must be Repeatable since you want to be able to teach your team so that they can go do it themselves and teach others.

Remember the real asset in Network Marketing is duplication and in Affiliate Marketing is getting consistent clicks and sales

# 4 Practice and gain experience. As you do you can then personalize the tactics and techniques until fits your personality, strengths , unique personal value and objective. What works for you.

#5 Become a force. As you train and share information, your audience will grow and people will start to recognize as a leader. At the same time you would have built a personal brand that is beyond a company or products.

You will be attracting higher quality people and recruiting a lot of people as a group.

Does Attraction Marketing Really Work?

Example 1:Whit and Cari Higham

 Whit and Cari Higham with their two boys
Whit and Cari Higham Along With Their Two Boys

They were living in Cari’s parents’ basement, unable to afford groceries, with two boys 2 babies and Whit out of work. Desparation had Cari prospecting on the Las Vegas Strip.

Yes she actually tried to recruit a stripper.

I do not think I need to tell you how that conversation about how to make money went down…right?

After two years of using attraction marketing strategies, Whit and Cari now have:

  • 26,683 total leads over several platforms
  • 16,000+ Social media followers
  • Generated 1000+ customers
  • Personally enrolled 67 people into their network marketing business
  • Sponsored four six-figure leaders into their organization
  • Use the same strategies to sell coaching and online courses.

Example 2 : Julie Burke?

 Julie Burke
Julie Burke

A stay at home mom using only Facebook, over the course of a year and a half, Julie has…

  • Built an e-mail list of 50,000+
  • Grown to over 53,000+ social media followers

And within 5 months of joining her new company, Julie…

  • Sponsored 6 six-figure and 4 seven-figure leaders into her organization
  • Passively enrolls ~25 people every month into her business
  • Cureently also a coach and course creator

There are other examples I can use. Frank kern , Russell Brunson, Mike Dillard, Misha Wilson, Tanya Aliza and so many others incorporate attraction marketing strategies in their marketing.

If you are ready to stop chasing friends and family and never run out of quality people to talk to about your business and products.

… or just want to scale your business without burning out then get instant access to this free online attraction marketing intorductory course .

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