How To Automate Your Home Business, Quickly Get More Sales and Teammates While Reclaiming Your Time.

Written by Donna Patterson

how to automate your network marketing business

This blog is going to focus on how you can automate your network marketing and affiliate marketing business. In fact, these tips can be used for any type of home business.

Before we get to that, I want to say this…

The main reason many of us started our network marketing business is  for time-money freedom so that we no longer have to worry about:

  • Paying the bills.
  • Having enough for retirement.
  • Taking care of our families.
  • Living life on someone else’s terms and strings.

However, many of the core activities of network or affiliate marketing can be time consuming. It can feel all uphill without the results to match the effort especially when only relying on traditional methods.

Not mention building part-time while working a full-time job.

Well with just a few tweaks, you can maximize your efforts to rapidly increase your customer sales and teammates while working less. More time for the important stuff. Not so?

 Why Automate your  MLM/Network Marketing Business?

I think this true story can explain in a nutshell…

 It was a Sunday morning. I decided to sleep in. I knew that I should get up but it was just one of those days. Like everyone else, I have my daily activities or daily mode of operations, but I had come off my second night shift on the job. This meant that I would have been going for over 24 hrs with less than 4 hours of sleep.

If you have ever worked a job with graveyard shifts, I don’t need to tell you how your body just completely protests against any movement at times.

 Anyway, sometime after, I checked the time on my phone and noticed that I got the message that I just got a new lead. ( someone who has shown interest in my offer)

 mlm lead

And it works the same for any product, service or opportunity.

 automate mlm leads online

 It was not always like that.

 I used to spend many hours offline prospecting on street corners, groceries and malls. Then there were home meetings, opportunity meetings, sale promotions and beauty breakouts.

 Add cold calling.

Add training new teammates.

 Due to an illness, I could not ‘pound the pavement’ so I started looking for a way to build my network marketing business online.

Then like many people I was on Facebook for hours trying to find people to talk to who were actually interested in my business and products. 

  • Hours, searching the search graphs.
  • Hours posting in groups.
  • Hours making small talk until the perfect moment to bring up my product or opportunity.
  • Spamming links and annoying strangers who just weren’t interested in my business opportunity or products. 

Thankfully I found a way to effectively use social media building my list of prospects and increasing my sales in less than 2 hours a day. 

Click here to learn how to level up your social media strategy for more sales and teammates in less than 1 hour a day.

However, ask yourself the following questions…

  1. What happens when life happens and you don’t have time to get on social media?
 Facebook, instagram and whats app down

2. What happens when social media platforms like What’s App, Facebook and Instagram go down?

3. What happens when you take a vacation?

4. What happens to your business if you or a loved one is ill and you have to take the time off to deal with that situation?

You can take your social media prospecting one step further. How?

 By creating a system where you automate your business or at least certain parts. This will truly help you have a business you can love without taking more time from your family or other obligations. Not to mention a strong passive income.

Let’s look at some simple ways where you can start adding automation to your home business and take back your time.

1. Schedule Your Social Media  Posts

 social media
Courtesy Rawpixel

Have a theme of the week and objective.

Flesh out your content around that theme. 

After you create your content, then simply schedule it using the platform of your choice like Facebook and Pinterest. However, LinkedIn does not offer this feature at the time of writing this article.

 Also although it is best to focus your energy and master one platform,  for increased visibility, it is best to distribute your content across different platforms. You schedule your social medial posts with sites like Buffer and Post Planner.

Remember to mix  posts that are for entertainment, inspiration, education and promotion.

2. Automate Prospecting  and Sales in Your MLM/Affiliate Marketing Business

The most hated  actions in network marketing usually are:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Cold calling
  3. Selling

 However, you need to prospect, if you want a team and business asset that allows you to truly have residual income.

 build your network and prospect


Engage with

Promote to

Your Network

You must also remember that sales allow you to have cash flow in your business to invest in tools and courses. So that you can grow further and faster.

Expanding your network and building your list daily is so absolutely crucial to having a successful business. 

Yet the number 1 problem network marketers have is that we quickly burn through our warm market and run out of people to talk to. Then we get desperate and waste time chasing tire kickers.

Now there is an easier way to prospect and build your list of high quality prospects on autopilot. 

This means having prospecting and list building systems in place, so you’re no longer seeing everyone with the prospect written on their foreheads. This also means not harassing friends and family, strangers on the street, or people at parties.

Now you’re no longer in “prospecting mode” every time you’re surrounded by people.

Fery Ceballos

You can automate the prospecting aspect of your business and create systems to move interested persons to customer or business builder.

Click here to find out about this rejection free method to Prospect and Connect with customers on Social Media without spamming links and annoying your friends and family.

Examples of automating the prospecting aspect of your business can include:

  • Using the convenience of messenger.
  • Enrolling en masse using presentations.

Which leads us into the next tip.

3. Automate the  Product/ Business Presentation For Faster Sales and Sign Ups

 woman presenting cosmetic products
Courtesy Tiracharz

 Doing a presentation one to one has its advantages.

  1. You can tailor it to the needs of the person.
  2. It can be more compelling when done in person.
  3. You can deal with objections immediately.

But it can certainly be time consuming and decrease the number of persons you can have in your pipeline. Having a recorded video presentation can certainly speed up the process.

I went from 1 presentation a day to having to 5 presentations in 1 day. 

This resulted in recruiting 1- 2 teammates per month about 4 persons in less than 10 days.

 This is just one example of creating a conversion system. A process to move a  person from a prospect to a customer or business builder.

Examples of these types of automated or semi-automated conversion systems are sales funnels and webinar funnels.

A sales funnel is simply  a sales process that is done using  a website. While leveraging a facebook group would be considered semi-automated.  

Imagine this.

 After someone raises their hand and expresses interest in  your product or opportunity, they either give you their contact information or  follow your instruction to the next step which can be one of the following:

  • A website link to your video presentation.
  • Access to your  Facebook group.
  • A response sent to messenger inbox.
  • An Optin form to register for your webinar.

Either of those mentioned above can allow you to show the business opportunity or product info without you having to every task manually.

Yes, it can all be done on autopilot.

Just to show how powerful this can be…

A team member of Matt Hall, recruited over 130 persons on a single webinar.


I am sure you might have never considered doing this next …

4. Automate the Qualification Process For High Quality Prospects

 Have you ever had a no show? I mean that used to really bug me. I was already tired from a full day at the stressful job and had to get my quota for the week in.

You know the drill, the prospect failed to show up and does not even call. Refuses to answer the phone.

That I could skip any day.

apply to work with me

You choose and not the prospect.

 Now before I even waste time to book a meeting, there is a way for persons to qualify themselves.

An easy way to do this is by using an application form where you ask specific questions to determine if you want to do business with this person.

Case in point.

 Whit and Cari Higham were making just $80 in their network marketing business,  and prospecting everyone with a pulse including strippers on the Las Vegas Strip. Now they are multiple 6 figure earners.

Using Attraction Marketing and this Reverse Invite Method, they generate over 100 MLM prospects and having persons asking them about their business opportunity.

The application form allows them to sort through and get to the serious prospects that are worth their time and follow up with those persons.

 Isn’t that preferable to begging and chasing friends, family and time wasters?

The one thing most top network marketers regret is wasting time with the wrong people. The qualification process cuts that down from the get-go. There is another way to guard your time from tyre kickers. More on that later.

Just one thing though…

What good is it having a prospect on the list if you don’t do this next step?

 5. Automate the Follow up Process

follow up

The money is in the list and fortune is the follow up for your network or affiliate marketing business.

I don’t know about you but felt tI used to feel like I was chasing the prospect because they never showed up or always cancelled the followup meeting.

…. Or worse, I forgot to follow up or reschedule a meeting.

Now it is much easier to that using email. I give more details about using email in your network and affiliate marketing business in this post.

Just to give you the power of email marketing as part of your follow up process.

Brandy Shaver is a 6 figure network marketer that has recruited other  6 figure and 7 figure network marketers into her business. She built an audience and an email list of people who know, like and trust her.

Just recently, Brandy sent an email to her list announcing that she was accepting new teammates. She attached an application form with over 46 applicants in about 4 days.

Yes, it is possible.

You don’t have to stop there.

6. Automate Launching and Education For True Massive Duplication

How To Automate Your Home Business, Quickly Get More Sales and Teammates While Reclaiming Your Time. 1

When you bring in a new person, you still have to train the new business partner. That is the key to duplication.

The launching process and education journey are usually the same for new persons. You can easily create an education system for team members so that you don’t waste time answering the same questions over and over again.  

You can have it in a way that the new person is sent daily action steps and when a certain action is taken, only then will be allowed to book a call with you.

Additionally, you will want to identify your action takers early so you can focus your attention on those individuals. 

Essentially,  you can automate the training systems and track everyone’s progress for the purposes of duplication and team leadership.

This also provides an easy system to duplicate when new teammates join and they don’t have to be the expert.

 Automating the training system also allows you to build this training as you go.

Training people along the different stages of the process in their business such as income, team size or rank advancement.


Here’s what you can have

1.  A marketing strategy that brands you as the guide, and shows your target audience that YOU can “show them the way”.

2.  An automated list building and prospecting system where highly targeted persons eagerly reach out to you asking for more information on your products or business opportunity.

3. A presentation system designed to turn interested persons into hot buyers. It does the selling for you, rapidly increasing your customers even if you suck at sales. 

4. A qualification system to weed out the tire kickers so that you talk to the most qualified interested prospects after they are already sold on your offer.

5. An automatic follow up system that communicates with hundreds or thousands of people all at once, and it does it without you being glued to the computer or phone all the time.

6.  A training system that gives a step by step blueprint for new teammates to follow and reduce their overwhelm, focus on getting them results.

There is no one size fit all here.

There are many ways to create an effective system that is uniquely designed for your business.

The exact strategy should be based on what works best for you and your business.

It’s a whole lot much easier when you invest in a training or course that teaches you specifically how to attract limitless qualified prospects on autopilot, and actually, sponsor them into your network marketing business or increase your affiliate commissions.

The decision is yours.

Instead of spending countless years struggling to generate a few dollars with your network marketing business…

✔️Tap into the best online strategies and skyrocket your business.

✔️Increase your commissions.

✔️Rank advance faster.

✔️Qualify for bigger bonuses.

✔️Walk across the stage.

✔️Get the time-money freedom that you want.

If you are tired of watching others succeed and are ready to make the changes for your own success then enter your info below.

How To Automate Your Home Business, Quickly Get More Sales and Teammates While Reclaiming Your Time.
How To Automate Your Home Business, Quickly Get More Sales and Teammates While Reclaiming Your Time.

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