The 6 Must-Have Ingredients For Female Business Owners To Create A Balanced, Healthy, Purpose- Driven Lifestyle Business

Written by Donna Patterson

 I know many are searching for the exact formula for a fun, freedom filled, purpose-driven, healthy business lifestyle that  generates income  yet will not cause burn out.

I know you no longer want to sacrifice your health or family time.

I also know that you don’t want to approach your business with dread and have to blackmail yourself to do those daily  activities.

What happened to the love and excitement you once had, right?  Well in this blog I talk about 6 key ingredients  for a healthy business lifestyle and how you can start incorporating them into your daily life.

 Self Forgiveness

 Many of us, as business owners, definitely recognize that building a business…this whole entrepreneurship journey is not a walk in the park.

 It has highs and lows like a roller coaster, there’s emotional torture almost at scientists. It’s like a baby.

 And sometimes, you know, we have a lot of self sabotaging thoughts based on things that happened in the past;

We’re not where we want to be, 

we’re not where we believe we should be.

 We’re not progressing as fast as quickly as we think we should

 We get comparitis that you know what I started before that one and she or he is more successful than me. 

Life happens. Or, we simply made some very bad choices like I made some very bad investments in programs, and courses that did serve me. How about falling for those done for you type advertisements, looking for the easy way out.

Then there is  getting distracted by shiny object syndrome, you know, hoping that this magic bullet will make it easier. This will make me more successful. This will make it faster. 

And you know what, these actions fail to move the needle and give us the success we desire. You see, we need to accept the journey, and forgive ourselves for the mistakes that we’ve made, based on the bad decisions we’ve made. 

Thus understanding that those  errors were simply based on the knowledge and the experience that we had at that point in time.

 So therefore this is really two in one having self forgiveness, but having patience with yourself as well. And that you’re learning and it’s a journey, one different from everyone else’s.

 We just need to accept that journey with all its twists, turns and bumps. We’re going to make mistakes, and so we can’t fear failure. 

We just need to understand and learn from it.

 Failure is a part of the journey we have gone through. We have to overcome it. We survive it, knowing we can be a source of knowledge for others, to avoid that same mistake. 

I always believe that the things that we go through are not just for yourself but it is to help someone else, avoid those same traps.

 Unfortunately sometimes we hold  ourselves back so much because of those failures. 

 It really keeps us from taking even  the smallest  risk.

 A sense of failure  even distorts our perception of risk and how to analyze risk in  our home  business. That is a stuck-trap.

 A lot of the Guru’s that we look up to, as the experts,  simply have tried and failed, and many different things, more  times than we have.

Yet they get over it  and moved forward to be the successful person that they have become today. 

So don’t allow yourself to stay in the pits in the dark dreary dungeon of failure syndrome, forgive yourself and others. 

Learn from your failures and move on.

Self Assessment

The 6 Must-Have Ingredients For Female Business Owners To Create A Balanced, Healthy, Purpose- Driven Lifestyle Business 1


 We need to constantly reassess ourselves and our business as we try new things. We  must track the results, and assess it from a place of examination, and evaluation, rather than a place of judgment. 

So we need to look at what the numbers say, rather than what we are feeling.

 When we go into emotions, we can’t look at it clearly the way we should. 

Therefore we don’t take the necessary steps that we should. Why?

… because we don’t feel like this is working, but on what basis are we using to conclude that, when we know our feelings are fleeting. They are ever changing  and  sometimes, based on misconception.

 So we need to come from a place of evaluation, identifying those key metrics or  key performance indicators that we can look at, for instance  the number of leads, the number of prospects, the number of phone calls, the number of appointments, number of sales, the amount of money gained per sale and so on. 

You want to know how those things are to really examine if your strategy that you’re currently working on, or executed is actually working. And what are the areas you need to tweak. 

This approach also applies to your personal life such as health goals, spiritual goals and relationship goals.

Also, if this is something new, or requires a new skill, a new piece of knowledge you need to give yourself some time to improve your skills.

As in the case  of  video marketing , it is not natural for a lot of people.

 A talking head type video where your face is in the front of the video takes a lot of courage.

 It also has specific tactics, and of course you need to have a particular type of personality  to really have an engaging video presence. There’s also techniques to keep somebody watching the end of your video. 

Assess and be ready to change.

Self Care

self care is not selfish

 Now, there are so many areas of self-care for  Business Owners that I could go into, but I’m going to focus on physical and mental health. 

As I said before, entrepreneurship can be an emotional roller coaster. Making it necessary to do things that will heal and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

At times despite what you are doing, and you are not getting the results you want, like for example you may be making connections but you’re not making sales.

Or… cutting out your junk food and still not losing weight.

 It  can dampen your spirit and cause depression. It affects your mental and emotional  health and therefore what you say to yourself, is so important.

  • What you feed your mind is so important.
  • Who you surround yourself with  is so important
  • The words that you’re listening to are so important. 
  • That’s why people believe in affirmations. 

Yes affirmations  are what you say to yourself,  but understand affirmations alone, will not carry you forward.

 Understand the relationship between your physical health, and your mental health.

 It’s interesting that your mental health can affect your physical health but the reverse is also true.

It’s absolutely amazing how God made our bodies so that depression can actually manifest as a physical pain, anxiety, all those worries and  stress can manifest as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other diseases.

How well can you solve problems when you are battling the flu?

Your  physical health affects the amount of oxygen that goes into your brain which affects how  well you’re able to focus and how long you are able to concentrate on tasks.

 Another important  point  is that even your brain needs a break, so you need to know when it’s time to rest. When it’s time to do something that has nothing to do with business, even there’s a need for  silence. 

Absolute silence.  Just just  a moment of peace.

 Additionally, your body actually needs enjoyment …feel happy. It needs a recharge.

 And that’s why I still believe in the rich life sort of concept where you need to have balance between the four key areas of life of the human experience, which is spiritual, in alignment with God and your purpose, having a really good handle on your physical health, understanding the importance of having your wealth. organized, and of course, your relationships, your social health as well.

 I mean many people joke about there’s no such thing as balance but balance is something that you create. 

Even the planet that you see, adjusts in accordance to its conditions to create its own balance within that moment. And so it’s not something that’s concrete, it’s something that dynamic.

I can tell you without it many of us don’t function very well.  When you don’t have those 4 pillars sorted out where there is an Overdependence on one area without balancing out the rest is a recipe for disaster and we’ve seen that.

 If you’re working very hard.on building your finances. yut you forget God, your family and you totally negate your health.You’re going to burn out, and usually have serious illness or even die.

 However, if you have wealth, your family, you’re spiritually in alignment because you may be doing all the things that you believe a good Christian should do. But you forget your own health. The same thing will happen. 

Similarly, if you’re focused on wealth and service to others but you forget your own family. That’s bad business. So you understand that all the four areas of those four pillars are so important to have stability, functionality, fun, and a fulfilled life. 

Self Commitment

The 6 Must-Have Ingredients For Female Business Owners To Create A Balanced, Healthy, Purpose- Driven Lifestyle Business 2

Now this is something I struggle with sometimes because we tend to always put other people’s needs above ours, especially as women. 

It is  this natural self sacrificial attitude  that puts us in a lot of problems as well as it   may allow us  to be  a great wife and mother. 

It prevents us from really being empowered to truly be the woman,  wife and mother that we really need to become and to allow our voice to be heard in the community and society and effect change.

 so  many women  are in silence, allowing certain conditions to continue, that should not, but that’s another story for another day.

 But in terms of your life and  business, even self care, takes commitment. Let me tell you, sometimes if  I forget to write down that I need to have a foot soak this week or  I have to do a facial.  It doesn’t get done.

I’m thankful for the products that I use that are perfectly suited to busting the budget. And of course it requires as little as 10 mins. if you really want to know about that, then click here.

Wwe keep ourselves on the bottom of the list until we disappear off the list, entirely, we disappear off the list entirely.

Does this sound like you?

You have to put yourself first  on occasion because you cannot serve people from an empty cup.

 Some of us are running on fumes then we’re wondering why things are not happening, why we feel stuck,

 We also need to  have  self commitment to our business, that we do it, things we need to do on a daily basis to move our business forward. 

But we must equally  commit to  ourselves, that we ensure that we protect  this  asset, ‘us”. 

We are the business.

 We, the main assets after God, must also be in optimum form for handling life and business.

 We also want to make a commitment to do everything we can to negotiate time with our families. You know, we are not in isolation on an island by ourselves, especially if you’re in a relationship.

 Please sit down with your partner and say, you know, this is the time. I need  for my business, and this is the time available, how can we meet this work. 

Proper communication can solve so many problems in relationships. Right?

Knowing what each other is thinking,  sharing ideas  to come together to get it done. 

However, you need to follow through with whatever decisions would have been made and keep your end of the bargain. 

Self Mastery

The 6 Must-Have Ingredients For Female Business Owners To Create A Balanced, Healthy, Purpose- Driven Lifestyle Business 3

In this section I am  talking about self mastery self discipline or  self control.

 Oh my goodness, if you have techniques on this, I would definitely love to  read them in the comments section

. A lot of people talk about weight loss, I have found that it’s better to avoid my temptations, rather than try to do self control and self will. 

On the other hand, in some cases, you really do need to understand self mastery and do need to understand yourself. 

Everybody’s different. 

For example, I am not necessarily a morning person. My energy starts to rise a little bit by 10 am, and then I’m really ready to talk to people, maybe around after lunch.  I am more of an evening person, even in terms of physical activity.

 I will more likely be lying around during the sunlight but anytime that sun goes down my energy totally rises and I am ready to go.

 So I try to schedule more of my strenuous stuff in the evening, and also because I’m introverted, I try to do more conversations in the evening when I’m more willing to do it rather than in the morning where I really don’t want to speak to anybody. 

 The mornings are my time of bible study and worship.

You need to know yourself.

Don’t make apologies for it, just understand it,, and schedule your activities around that as much as you can. When you can’t. Look for techniques to compensate for those particular  characteristics or personality traits.

 Another thing is flow for, especially if you’re a woman, and still going through your cycles.

For example during the time of flow is not the best time to be forced to do  demanding business items like a new launch.  During that time when your body is really saying, I just need to rest.

 Even in the tools of self mastery is understanding that there needs to be a day where you kind of just let off some steam. 

Even when somebody is going through hard training, they do have a treat da. It avoids  your body feeling deprived and shock This  craving can lead to inflammation and hence pain including joint pain.

 Self mastery also has to do with forming good healthy habits. 

It’s been shown from many other studies that it is better to replace the habit, rather than simply drop a habit creating a void.

For instance, replacing the fatty food or junk snack with a healthier version or alternative. 

Some habits are definitely are not conducive to the life that you want so you need to evaluate that and change accordingly

Small changes have  massive impact

Self Love and Self Value

The 6 Must-Have Ingredients For Female Business Owners To Create A Balanced, Healthy, Purpose- Driven Lifestyle Business 4

 I think that’s the crux of the matter, that if we truly love ourselves, not in a case of vanity or the case of narcissistic love. 

We are  not better than anybody else but just that we are wonderfully, and faithfully made in the image of the Most High, and he saw a purpose for us.

 He saw value in us that he created each one of us to be here. And so, that is the perspective, where I’m coming from in terms of self love. 

We have value, intrinsic value added,even as a woman.

 We hear so many negative messages about you’re not enough, you’re less than,, you’re not enough, perhaps, yet with God, you are enough. 

You have  been given every tool inside you, to become what you’re supposed to be. 

I implore  you to  love you, because it’s only when you love you can you appreciate you and appreciate God. 

This isn’t about self worship, but understanding that if I appreciate me, then  my service to Him is to do what He has asked me to do regarding my body,life and purpose. I won’t do the things that I know are unhealthy for my body.

 I would  try my level best to take care of this body that he has given me the best way I can not allow  others or myself to abuse it.

 Because that would not be doing justice to the gifts that God has given me including  the   gift  given all of us-t the Gift of free will, and  opportunity.

 He said, “Your gift will make room for you.” 

So we need to stop allowing other people, their opinions their negative  beliefs to keep us from becoming God’s version of us. 

And you know what,  in spite of all we’ve done, God is still rooting for us to improve, to transform, to  go across the finish line. 

So even when others don’t love us, or  they don’t like us, we have to accept ourselves.

 Just knowing God made us give us value,  keeps us grounded and centered on the love of the Most High. 

In summary, self forgiveness,  self assessment, self appreciation, self acceptance, self care, self commitment, self mastery and self love lead to overall self development development.

These are the ingredients that you need to have in your life as you go through life  and  the entrepreneurship journey to keep progressing without burnout. 

Here’s to you. 

Be a healthy Business Owner

Be good to yourself

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