The 7 Major Benefits of Content Marketing For Network and Affiliate Marketers That Directly Affect Your Income Online

Written by Donna Patterson

content marketing- 7 major benefits

So the Networker’s content in context…content marketing

What is this really about? 

You hear all the time that you need to offer valuable content. You need to give people value so they could be attracted to you. 

…and of course this is a  key part of building a stand-out brand online. It is also a cornerstone of Attraction Marketing.  Furthermore, content is also a pillar of the Reverse Invite Method that is taught to a lot of us as network marketers and affiliate marketers. 

But how does content get you more sales, signups and commissions?

It attracts your perfect people to you and those people to raise their hands who ask you for more information and say yes… I want to know more about your particular product, opportunity, program. Right? 

So whether you’re a network marketer or affiliate marketer, or coach, promoting a program, physical products or services, the principle is the same. Create engaging content online, to attract customers that are eager to hear from you, but many Business Owners simply don’t understand why.

Most Business Owners don’t understand how content turns to cash. 

They understand the importance of content and more importantly where content fits into their marketing strategy.

It  just seems like a tireless treadmill tying you up doing activities that have very little connection to real business activities, especially directly linking to income-generating activities. 

So where does this whole thing about content fit into your online business? And then, how does this content create income? 

That’s just the start of the problem.

Many business owners struggle with what type of posts to create, how to actually structure or configure this post to get maximum engagement, conversations, prospects, leads, sales, and of course when to post. 

Although content may seem like an uphill battle, it does have many rewards and will affect your bottom line as you will see as you read this post.

 I’m going to go into these things briefly here, but if you want to really dive deeper and discover how you can finally come off the content creation treadmill once and for all and easily create content that actually converts into cash. Then click here.

Content Represents Brand Identity

Your content should immediately give a sense of your brand and what you want people to experience with your brand. 

Is it formal? Is it fun? Is it inspirational?  If it’s planned and structured properly, your brand identity should be clearly aligned with your content.

So if a core part of your brand and hence your is spirituality and positivity. Then we should not be seeing certain things that are counterintuitive to that. If you are about being motivational, then we should see how you handle negativity and self-doubt. We shouldn’t be seeing you just venting about every and anything on your feed and so forth. Right?

 Yes, you want an attractive brand, but it is your content that would be showcasing that brand to people online. Remember, people are not seeing you face to face. People may not even meet you physically.

So this is all online, where your content needs to speak:

  •  Who are you?
  •  What  you stand for?
  •  What you stand against?
  •  What is the problem you solve
  • Why you
  •  What is your solution
  •  What is your mission, purpose and vision

 Content Increases Brand Visibility

71 %  of  consumers reviewed a business's blog  before buying

 Your content is almost like your business card. It’s a gateway into who you are and where you can be found.

 And that’s why having your personal real estate to hold this content is so important because that’s your online residence, but remember that before someone even reaches your website, they need to be attracted. 

 Your audience needs to be engaged. That means showing them that what you’re offering is intriguing enough to go to the next step with you.

 Creating share-worthy content can increase your visibility beyond your small network and tap into other people’s audiences. 

 So for your content to cut through the noise, it has to grab their attention and become visible to your perfect prospect, it must speak to their problems. This brings us to the next point. 

 Content Creates Relatability

69% of marketers use content to tell stories

 How well do you know your prospect or customer?

 You can use your content to build rapport and that know, like and trust factor. It also allows you to create influence with your network. Why?

 Your potential customer  or prospect needs to feel heard and   To accomplish this, several pieces need to be factored into  your content. For instance your content  needs to speak their language while conveying  to them  that you know what they are experiencing. 

Whether through your direct experiences, or  through other people that you have interacted with, either way,  your prospect must  believe that you have a really good grasp  of their unique problems.

It’s  interesting  how everyone believes that their situation is unique. You know, I know this works for this, but will it work for me?


All about that individual person asking Will it work for them, before they even listen to your solution, which we’ll talk about in the next part.

Your audience needs to know  that you are actually aware of what they’re going through, what is their secret desire, not the one that they put out in front and public, but the desire  that they don’t even dare to speak out loud. 

What are  those secret things that keep them up at night?

Your content must target  and address those things specifically. 

That’s why doing the customer. Avatar profile or customer profile or ideal customer or  avatar is so important. 

 Many Business Owners tend to underestimate its importance  but I believe this is the foundation of good marketing and  a cornerstone of a content marketing strategy.

Click here to get access to a free cheat sheet with examples so you can begin identifying your ideal prospect.

Content Pre-qualifies  Your Network

  Have you ever read someone’s post and it left with a bitter taste in your mouth or you immediately recognized that that person is not your cup of tea?  

Either their tone. subject matter or view point stopped from engaging any further with their content and their brand. 

Similarly, your content will resonate with some persons while it will repel others.

 Obviously as business owners we want to repel the tire kickers and time wasters  and instead attract our perfect prospects who we want to work with and would benefit the most from our offer.

Remember, your content should  be a very clear representation of your brand identity and therefore, who, or rather what you stand for, or what you stand against.  Yet content done wrong can repel our ideal people.

Content Builds Credibility

61% of

 Content can create authority, where you are seen as a leader in your space. In contrast, you may not want to be the leader.

 In  my new program The Marketing To Money Roadmap we talk about attractive character, and there are about  five main characters that you see online.

 You don’t necessarily have to be the expert, but you definitely need to be seen as one who knows the solution, or atleast, can point them in that direction. 

 In essence, you are  significant to the transformation. 

You need to be  seen as a key part of the transformation process from getting them from point A, where their problems are across the bridge to their desired outcome.

 You’re the bridge that takes them to that point of desired  pleasure, away from the pain.

 It is  this message more than anything else that must be echoed through your content.  

 So basically you teach the what but you sell the how, and show them that  if they really want massive results they should  choose your solution, 

So in the first part we’ve talked about identity becoming visible through your content. We  talked about relatability, building instant rapport and mutual understanding. The Bond.

Then we talked about becoming an authority figure that becomes trusted consultant- that trusted advisor, 

So now they’re looking to you as a source or resource to solve their problems. 

But then you need to take them to the next part of the journey. 

That leads us directly into the next function of your content… convert your prospect into a customer or client or business partner.

Content Increases Conversion

The 7 Major Benefits of Content Marketing For Network and Affiliate Marketers That Directly Affect Your Income Online 1

Completing that signup, closing the client. closing the contract or sale,  is what we ultimately want right? 

There is content that specifically increases the probability of the sale.

Now, there are different levels of this content  and type of content that specifically is about sales. 

For instance the  skill  to write persuasive content  on  a sales page is called copywriting. But if you’re selling through  email marketing, that  is still content that you’re using to drive those sales. 

Alternatively, you could be sending information to a prospect who has seen your presentation, and therefore, you want to  totally remove the objections. 

Although different tactics and techniques, all of it  is content and can be structured to drive sales. 

In this way, good content marketing  does much of the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s suppose you do  sales calls through zoom calls or the phone.

By the time the person goes  through this pipeline  then that selling conversation really should be quite simple where that person is really already sold. They may just need some small clarification from you.

Most importantly,  you are totally not under pressure because now you’re in a position of control. 

You choose to work with this person or not and not the other way around.

You  are the one asking,” Is this a fit for me?”

No more being  desperate for a customer, you’re desperate for a client, and picking up persons who are just going to be a cold grip around your soul.

Instead, you’re going to have a pleasant experience.  This is true selling without selling.

This is what’s possible when you know your WHO and can connect with your ideal people.

Click here to get access to a free cheat sheet with examples so you can begin identifying your ideal prospect.

Content Impacts CashFlow

So you close the sale, then there is content for customer support onboarding them, where you’re showing them how to use or even get the best out of their purchase.

 Maybe you want to show them how to maximize your services, your product or simplify the launch process. 

Having great customer support and an overall customer experience  can set you apart  from the competition.  

You can create  content for the after sales process.

The language that is used may be slightly different because you’re now talking to someone who has a relationship with you. 

At this point to increase the value of each customer,  you should be  cross selling,  upselling them and promoting other related offers.


So as you can see even within the pipeline of prospecting,  inviting, presenting, the closing, the launching or onboarding, we see that content plays a vital role throughout the entire process.

Taking a stranger from cold to sold and then to loyal fan. 

Content can be that bridge that easily brings familiarity, and  authority, so  you can build that know like and trust factor encouraging them to move to the other parts of this pipeline with you, including  with closing as sale or signup, or client or service contract. 

Even after that, there is content that  is specifically meant to serve your customer. 

Now, all of these things can be delivered using  different types of content and techniques, but it’s still content.

So I hope that you understand how influential content is and can be a solid  long term marketing strategy and   advertising strategy

Did you know  that most businesses  that use an effective content marketing strategy, get more leads and sales than businesses that don’t?

Imagine this,  even when they do use paid advertising the cost  per sale  is a lot less than companies that don’t use content marketing strategies. 

I recommend that you use both free (organic) and paid advertising, but you want to use passive advertising through content, where you will always be getting leads and sales passively or without actually spending money. 

The added benefit is that of course content is a long-term game and will continue to generate leads and sales. Advertising is short-lived and required to be updated quickly to continue lead generation.

P.S. If you have not done so already, Click here to download my ideal customer profile sheet with examples so you can begin identifying your ideal prospect.

ideal buyer guide

The 7 Major Benefits  of  Content Marketing For  Network and Affiliate Marketers That Directly Affect Your Income OnlineThe 7 Major Benefits  of  Content Marketing For  Network and Affiliate Marketers That Directly Affect Your Income Online

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