How To Turn Strangers In Passionate Business Builders Without Destroying Your Relationships

Written by Donna Patterson

recruit outside of friends and family

“Look [  COMPANY NAME] guy coming.”

That is what happened to one of my crosslines. He felt embarrassed and just like another desperate company rep. Similarly, a fellow network marketer shared a story where her best friend ran away from her in public.

That hurt. 

That really hurt her.

 It is bad enough that each ‘NO’ chips away at your self confidence and belief.

 There is also a horrible, gut crushing sense of failure where each ‘NO’ or ‘lost teammate’ challenges your faith whether you can ever be successful in this business.

 But after all that, to lose your friends or have marital or other family problems…

 Is it any wonder that MLM   has such a bad reputation and a high failure rate.

Just to be clear…97 % of all businesses across different industries fail . Not just Network Marketing

 Yet, at times, it does seem as if Network Marketing is much harder than other business models. Where there are such huge family and personal sacrifices for a very long time before fully realising the dream of residual income.

 Thankfully, I encountered some information that really helped me in my journey. I am sharing this information with you because I strongly believe that it will help you as well.

 In this blog post I will  show you:

  •  How you can build your network marketing business while saving your relationships.
  • How to become a master recruiter.
  • The # 1 way to recruit business builders from total strangers with virtually no rejectiononline funnels.

I will be using excerpts from articles from a top network marketer and trainer. The links are provided for you to check out the original blog posts for yourself.

build your network marketing business  without destroying your relationships

How To Ditch your list and  find the hottest Prospect for your business

Here is the cold hard truth…

Your family and friends are NOT your perfect prospects. Even if they initially join to support you, they will not be around long enough to do anything in the business.

 You truly don’t need them to be successful in your affiliate or network marketing business. You will find that in most large thriving teams, over 90% are strangers.

 This one shift can save your relationships and keep you from the no friends left zone.

You can breathe a sigh of relief now.

 You don’t have to see everyone with a pulse as a prospect with a $ sign on their forehead.

You can have an authentic conversation without feeling like a slimeball for having a secret agenda.

Manipulating the conversation so that they ask, “ What do you do?”

 No more tension at the dinner table and you can actually enjoy the party without focusing on getting a signup or a sale.

So be open to expanding your network beyond your coworkers, church members, friends and family.

 Build a network of people interested in business ownership and entrepreneurship.

 It also means embracing new strategies and approaches like incorporating social media. 

Now I don’t  mean sharing your links without  being asked. Or sending  that copy and paste ” hey girl” messages to absolute strangers or persons you have not spoken to in over 10 years. That is called SPAMMING. It can get you into Facebook jail.

avoid Facebook jail

 If you are on social media, for instance, you are looking to start prospecting on Facebook, do this instead…

Build a friends list and audience of targeted people most likely already interested in doing this type of business or purchasing your products. This is the core of attraction marketing.

Trying to convince Person A to lose weight versus speaking to Person B who has decided that they need to lose weight and is ready to take action to make that change. Person C follows Jenny Greg and Weight Watcher and has bout their products. 

Which person would be easier to talk to about your weight loss product?

Of course, Person C followed by Person B!

There is no need to convince Person B who has buying intent. Person C who has already bought weightloss products in the past would be an even better target than Person B. Because a buyer is a buyer. Person C is most likely to actually buy the weight loss product.

 It is best to take a similar approach when building a list of prospects for recruiting.

Although many of us know that recruiting is the lifeblood of our affiliate or network marketing business, we shy away from it for many different reasons. In the next section,   Super Affiliate marketer and 6 figure network marketer, Brandy Shaver shares The 7 Steps to  Becoming a Recruiting Machine.

The Mind of a Master Recruiter In Network Marketing

Whether you’re building your network marketing team or promoting an affiliate marketing opportunity, recruiting makes all the difference in your earning power. 

 However, most business owners recruit incorrectly and make the process harder than it needs to be.

According to Brandy Shaver, top recruiter, here’s how to recruit network marketers like a world-class recruiter… 

 # 1 Strive For Recruiting Mastery

 I know this may sound cliche but it all starts in the mind and what you believe. Believe in your business. Believe in your products and that you are doing the right thing.

The only way to become a master, world-class recruiter is to just BE one.

   #2 Develop A Recruiter’s Mindset

 When a head recruiter goes hunting, they understand that not everyone is a fit. They are just looking for the best with no apologies.

Your business will not be a fit for everybody.

Have you ever prospects feel that they are doing you a favour. I remember once when a former teammate said that I needed him to make money.

Like Whaaa? Totally untrue.

You are the one with the prize and doing them a favour.

#3 Collect Friends and Build Influence

expand your network daily

 Sometimes we forget that we are more than our business and products. We are HUMANS. Hence connect with people on a personal level and build authentic relationships. And not for the sole purpose of recruiting either.

You’re not an opportunist – don’t use people.

The Best Recruiters in the world collect friends. If there’s interest in your business, the opportunity will present itself.

Become a professional.

#4 Develop  The Proper Profitable Daily Habits

 Building a business and working full time can get stressful and overwhelming. Add family stuff and well…

The only thing you can manage is yourself in the time you have available to you.That’s why you want to develop strong daily habits.

 In the allocated time you do have to work on your business, you have to make it count. Hence you must ask yourself:

  1. What are the main activities of my business?
  2. How much time can I allot for each activity?
  3. What is the main activity that will move my business forward today?

Focus on income generating activities which include expanding your network or recruiting or products sales or follow up.

#5 Always Be Prepared To DO Business

Make sure you have whatever you need right where you can get at it: links, documents, and so on.

Just be prepared for an opportunity to show up for you to enrol somebody or showcase your products. 

6.  Maintain Your Enthusiasm

  • Get excited about what you’re doing.
  • Get excited about serving others.
  • Get excited about enrolling people in whatever it is you’re doing, regardless of whether it’s affiliate or networking marketing.

 Now I know that no one can be positive 100% of the time. In fact, it can be extremely difficult to see any positives when you are in a slump and not seeing the results that you want.

Yes go through the feeling but do not take permanent residence there. 

Remember that excitement is contagious and it all starts with your mindset and mood.

#7 Think Bigger

It is really not about you. It is about the impact you can make in the lives of others.

 Talk to people every day and fill your pipeline.

Find a need.  Fill that need.

The value you provide to your network will attract highly-qualified recruits to your brand.

As long as you are…

Intentional and deliberate about your recruiting.

If you connected with 10 people a day, you will have spoken to 300 people by the end of the month.

Do you think there might be some people among those 300 that you could add to your affiliate company, or sell a product to, or even enroll on your team?

 As you build your business, you want more of your time back and the next part can be a real game changer for any network marketer willing to embrace new online strategies.

So far we have been talking about active prospecting, which is similar to whether online or offline. 

Consider this…

What happens when you can’t prospect that day or a few days because you have to deal with family obligations an emergency or health issue?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a system in place that practically prospects and qualifies people for you?

Have a system that keeps building for you even when you take time off?

How much of your time would that free up for more important things?

Yes it is possible.

Click here to find out how to create your endless list of highly prospects.[/thrive_2step]

The following is a modified excerpt of an article by Ferny Ceballos, CMO  at Elite Marketing Pro introduces how you can implement strategies that save you time and give you true leverage with the use of online MLM funnels.

A sales funnel is a process that transforms people from strangers to customers to advocates

MLM Marketing Funnel

An online funnel starts by offering your visitor something of value in exchange for their contact information.

At this point, you know they’re interested in what you have because they’ve given you their information.

That makes them a lead.

Providing value to that lead warms them up.

And once they’re warmed up, they become a prospect.

You’ll share value until you propose an offer.

And once they accept your offer, they become a customer.

This process can take as little as a few minutes or as long as hours, days, weeks, or even months.

Here is the real power of funnels. They allow your prospects to move through the process at their own pace.

 the power of a MLM funnel

In network marketing, using the principles of attraction marketing, the funnel process works like this…

It starts with a visitor.

The visitor becomes a lead when they submit their information – on a website, a web form of some kind, or some type of capture mechanism – because they’re interested in learning about something, but they’re not necessarily ready to buy.

At this point, hold your horses; don’t get excited.

They’re not ready to join you…yet.

You give them some value, they get warmed up.

They become a prospect only when they raise their hand and say…

“Hey, I’m actually pretty serious about doing this, I want to learn some more.”

Social media, if you’re using it properly, also behaves like a funnel

Visitor, lead, prospect.

…or follower, lead, prospect.

You share some information – you direct them to a video or they hop on a webinar, or they are added to your Facebook group to get more specific information.

Now they’re ready to become a team member.

 Congrats, welcome to the team using attraction marketing

But that’s not where it ends.

Many network marketers think just recruiting is enough.

That’s inaccurate. Recruiting is never enough when marketing on the internet.

What should happen is a process to enrol that team member, so that they are educated enough, and given so much value, they think…

“Wow, this is really cool. These people really care about me. Not only that, they’re giving me a process and a system so I can become effective at building my business.”

Your funnel now turns that new team member into a fellow business-builder.

Now they’re actively doing something to build their business.

Now they’re generating prospects and customers on their own.

But that’s still not where the funnel ends, either.

Your funnel can then turn that builder into a LEADER, as you continue to provide value and teach them how to build.

So now, you educate them about how they can be effective at helping others accomplish what they’ve just accomplished.

Now they’re also helping OTHERS lead people from the visitor phase to the builder phase.

And that’s key, because only when you’re capable of leading other people and walking them through the process from visitor to builders and all the steps in between, do YOU become a leader.

Invest in YOU. Invest in people. 

And you can build your funnel conventionally, by posting on social media, directing visitors to your website, and following the visitor, lead, prospect, customer funnel…ultimately ending when they become a recurring customer and advocate.


You can use your funnel to create team members, builders, and leaders.

So whether you’re building up your retail base or building your team, using websites or the latest social media techniques you can use online funnels to build your home business without rejection.

End of excerpt. You can read the entire original blog post here


 Clearly, you can see that you do not have to bug your immediate friends and family to have a successful business. The prospecting process can be much easier by focusing on the ideal prospect for your business or service.

In addition to that, you can certainly take the pressure off yourself by using MLM recruiting funnels and MLM sales funnels along with attraction marketing strategies.

These proven strategies offer you a huge advantage such as:

  •  Easily and rapidly expand your network.
  • Continually build your prospect list almost on autopilot.
  •  Have systems in place that work even if you don’t go out prospecting or spend the entire day or your phone. ( I am sure your family will love that.)
  • Create simple duplicatable processes that new teammates will not mind doing.

 These various pieces together can save your relationships because you no longer have to bother uninterested persons. You can be a real human instead of a compulsive chatterbox about your company and products.

Attraction Marketing and your MLM funnels can give you a strong sustainable lifestyle business that you’ve always wanted.

It is possible.

Click here if you are serious about moving your business forward I  highly recommend Ferny’s FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

In that video course, you will discover exactly how to build your home business effectively on social media, using the latest online strategies, to have highly targeted, quality prospects come to you on a daily basis.

…already interested in what you have to offer so no convincing or hard selling. The systems do most of the hard work for you.

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