The 3 Things You Need To Effectively Build Your Home Business Online Right Now That Your Upline Never Taught You

Written by Donna Patterson

How to find the right people to grow your team and increase your customer volume in your business without leaving your home?

That is a hot topic right now with these uncertain times.

Now that the lockdown orders and social distancing protocols have made building online a necessity, you might be wondering how to build your home business online or without leaving your home.

In transitioning on the online space you have a few things to be aware of that most people don’t tell you.

In addition to those 5 core nw Marketing skills, there are 3 additional skillsets you must learn to grow your team and increase your customers online.

Watch the video below where I go into more details.

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Video Summary and Additional Resources

1.0 Building A Personal Brand

The first thing most networkers do when they come online is blast their feeds with posts about their company, opportunity and products. That doesn’t work at all for several reasons.

The following resources will help you understand more about personal branding, why not to broadcast the name of your company and products and the best approach for starting online.

Resource List for Personal Branding

1 A. 5 Personal Branding Tips for Home Business Owners

1 B. Brand You Inc

2.0 Add Marketing Skills to the Networking Skills

For too long, most networkers have been taught just to network or talk to more people and to promote the products. However, to survive and thrive in this digital world you need actual marketing skills to set you apart and increase your visibility.

The following resources will help you make that shift so you can be magnetic and attract your perfect prospects and ready to buy customers.

Resource List for Home Business Marketing

2 A Attraction Marketing forNW Marketers

2 B The Foundation Most Business Owners Ignore

3 B How to Let The Internet and Social Media Help You Find Your Hottest Prospects

Resource List For Getting Started On Social Media

4 B Social Media Recruiting Guide

5 B The Simplest 4 Steps To Building On Facebook

6B How To Tap Into The Power of LinkedIn For Your Best Business Builders

3.0 Improving Your Sales Skills

I know most persons find selling yucky. The image of sleazy car salesman immediately popped into your head but it just requires a mental shift. You need to really ask yourself about your money mindset and your beliefs around money. Also when you understand that you are providing the person with a tool. service or product for the desired transformation in exchange for money…

You don’t to feel guilt about being paid for facilitating that desired transformation. Hopefully, these resources can help you make those mindshifts around selling.

Resource List For Selling With Ease

3 A. How To Make The Shift Regarding sales

3 B. How To Make More Sales In Less TIme

3 B How To Maximize Your Sales With A Small Customer Base

This list is not exhaustive by a long shot. This is just to help you understand the keys to growing your team online, avoid the pitfalls of social media and quickly start connecting with high-quality prospects for your opportunity and products.

The 3 Things You Need To Effectively Build Your Home Business Online Right Now That Your Upline Never Taught You 1
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