The Easy Guide To Building Your MLM or Home Business on Facebook With 4 Simple Key Steps You Can Start Using Immediately

Written by Donna Patterson

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So How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Online?

If you are reading this, then  you are looking for a better way to build your  home business because you :

  1. Have run out of people to talk to  about your business.
  2. Tired of  chasing friends and family.
  3. Tired of pounding the pavement at the mall, groceries and street corners with no luck.
  4. Had too many home parties and hotel meetings where you potentials never showed up.
  5. Wasted  time with no shows.
  6. Family commitments or health issue prevented you from effectively building your network marketing business using traditional offline methods.
  7. You are slowly going broke trying to build  your income-producing home business.
  8. You are spending so much time on your business your family has begun to put the pressure on. Problems with the the spouse?
  9. Due to your work schedule and commitments, you are looking for a more effective way to build your business.

When you are new to the online space, it can get overwhelming.

If you are like me, googling how to be successful in network marketing online, then you have seen so much conflicting information out there.

And no real path.

Where to start ?

 a woman with her hands covering her face in frustration and despair because she does not have anyone to talk to about her business opportunity  or products.

So you are here. In this video, I am going to share with you how easy it is to get started prospecting and closing sales using Facebook.

You don’t need a website or technical skills.  It is an easier transition from offline methods on to the online space. Perfect for the beginner.

It is easily taught, short learning curve and duplicatable once you follow the guidelines I share in the video below.

Watch this video.

The Easy Guide To Building Your MLM or Home Business on Facebook With 4 Simple Key Steps You Can Start Using Immediately 1


To build a successful network marketing business, the core principles will never change. You must remember that it takes heart and is a relationship business.

We collect friends and use things; not the other way around.  Always be serving people and helping them solve problems. This is the true secret to network marketing success.

Step 1: Identify  the people you relate to such as working women, stay at home moms,  offshore workers

NB. This is not meant to be exclusive but is help you get started building your network and hence your list.

You can use the search bar on Facebook and even focus on your local area. Joining relevant  Facebooks Groups like beauty, Makeup, Weightloss, Moms and so on can be a real treasure for finding persons most likely be interested.

Step 2: Connect with people with no expectations. Yes, actually meet  ( connect with people).

When that family member or friend who never pays you back, approaches you to ask for money, don’t you already feel their motive.

This may shock you, but that ‘motive’ can be felt even through text or video conversations. So connect with the right energy or without any expectation other than to see if there is a need.

Step 3: Refer them to a third party like a video, site or even your upline that presents the offer or product.

Make sure to determine that there is in fact a need and actual interest in solving the issue. If you miss this step, you can just be wasting your precious time.

Take yourself out of the way. I talk about why in the video above.

Step 4. You follow up with the person,  responding to their questions and close them just as you would offline.

NB. If they are not ready to buy or be a partner right now,  keep checking in with periodically to see where they are in their journey. Remember the average person needs  5 to 12 touch points in order to make a buying decision.

You Share the WHAT and  You SELL the HOW.

 Avoid These 5 Major  Mistakes that  Most Network Marketers Make Online

  1. Don’t think you can hide behind a screen and never talk to people and build a successful MLM. Social media prospecting more specifically the type spoken about here, Facebook prospecting still requires you to be social and interact with people.
  2. Don’t send unsolicited messages and links to persons who have not requested them. That is called spamming. This can result in you being kicked out of groups, blocked by friends.
  3. Never send links in the first message and don’t go straight for the sale.
  4. Don’t continually post pictures of your MLM company or products. This is Why.
  5. Forget you are talking to a real human being. So the FORM approach is still relevant.

So what are the daily tasks and income producing activities when building your network marketing business using social media?

Here is a simple guide to social media prospecting that if done properly can be done in less than 2 hrs a day on Facebook.

 You will also see how this busy mom was able to recruit over 270 persons and build a team of 8300 using this method on Facebook.

You definitely want to get this social media recruiting guide if you want a simple process that can give you fast results and sell products  ( social selling without being salesy) easily to achieve your monthly business volume and rank advance.

If you got value, make sure to share it with someone that can benefit. Also, do you have 1 top tip for finding teammates online?

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