The 8 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges Most Business Owners Face Online Today

Written by Donna Patterson

common content challenges

Content is King!

We have all heard this phrase said by Bill Gates about what dominates the Internet in 1996. However, nearly 25 years later, why is content still so important?

That’s because the story continues to captivate the audience and evoke action. People love to spend precious time reading, watching videos, and movies. Business Owners and Companies use these formats to create engaging content to attract the target market’s attention and generate income. This is mainly known as content marketing.

Content marketing may not be the fastest way to increase revenue. Yet high-quality content influences a prospect’s purchasing decisions more than most people think.  Content types and formats such as blogs, social media posts, emails, images, infographics, and videos can be used to present and promote your unique offers in a way that’s non-salesy. Moreover,  content can increase your online visibility while positioning you as an authority in your niche.

Moreover,  an effective content marketing strategy offers huge business building and great branding opportunities.  It allows you to get seen, and get sales. As a result, the most successful marketers now spend more than 40% of their budget on their content strategy.

Unfortunately,  like most Business Owners you probably waste a lot of time and money because you don’t create content that attracts and influences your potential customers who are most likely to buy your products or service. This points to the very common challenges that cause most Business Owners to struggle with their content marketing.

If content has been a huge barrier for you, don’t feel bad because it’s not your fault. You simply were not taught a few essential principles to make content creation a breeze. Keep reading and I show you can easily solve this problem and create conversion style content with ease.

# 1 You think that you can’t create great content

content creation

You don’t how to start the whole content thing.”I can’t create content …” You should no longer hold on to this myth because content is all around you and has nothing to do with your writing skills.

 Many people don’t know what is content. In reality, valuable content is simply answering questions that your potential prospects want to know. . Someone first visits the website or sees the social media content to learn more about your business and how you can help them.

So whether you’re writing about a product, service, event, promotion, or sharing your industry experience, you already have the answer. What we need now is a proper content marketing strategy to turn those answers into great content for your audience and you can learn this quickly in this content marketing course.

#2 You don’t know the actual content you need

posting paralysis

You don’t know what to say.  You have no idea what to post. In this case, you have the capacity and experience to create high-quality content and market it effectively. Still, you don’t know what content the buyer needs to make a buying decision. Do you find yourself staring at the screen just to come up with content ideas to drive action?

Only a few Business Owners have a clear content marketing strategy. I think this is common for Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Business Owners who may not understand how content and marketing work together. Especially those new to the online space have had to make a huge transition from offline to online.

In this situation, the latest digital marketing strategies and business plans that help include:

  • Content Audit. It includes content reviews of all existing content in various formats and can be used or reused to build website traffic, increase post engagement, generate leads, and increase sales opportunities to potential buyers.
  • Competitive Content Analysis to evaluate content created and published by competitors. This lets you recognize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats while strengthening your competitors’ advantage.
  • Content Opportunity Analysis identifies the most effective and popular keywords, topics and questions relevant to your product or service. Moreover, the phrases that shoppers use to inform themselves about these solutions. This analysis also includes identifying the most popular content and marketing influencers currently  in your market. It also indicates what information your audience needs that one else is serving them.

# 3 You struggle with creating content consistently

The 8 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges Most Business Owners Face Online Today 1

Why generating content consistently is essential?

For you to be visible online and to be seen as a reliable resource, you need to generate content consistently.  The right content with a targeted message to your target market. Unfortunately, 60% of content marketers, have trouble producing content regularly.

Producing high-quality content is essential!

One of the main reasons content is created irregularly is the absence of a simple and effective documented content marketing strategy. Having a clear content strategy and content creation flow helps you prioritize your content and ensure you post for profit.

 Not all Business Owners understand the value and relevance of content in today’s marketing and hence it’s not a priority for some Business Owners particularly those who use paid ads. However, they soon realize the importance of content marketing when their ad account gets shut down. Ads are simply content paid to be promoted on a social platform.

A good content strategy combines both organic and paid promotion as part of the content marketing strategy.

 Content Marketing Made Simple For Business Owners lays out why content is king and how you can use content to generate leads and sales especially if you are on a tight budget.

As part of your content marketing strategy, create a content calendar for at least the next 30 days and start tracking the response of your audience. This provides a benchmark for the amount of content and type of content you need to create to attract and engage your potential prospect. 

#4 Your content gets crickets or no engagement

The 8 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges Most Business Owners Face Online Today 2

How to create diverse content that resonates?

One more ongoing challenge that Business Owners face daily is related to content quality. That is, no engagement when you finally press publish. Many times, it is because the content has not captured the interest of your audience.  Content must be valuable to your prospect. It should focus on the worries, wants, wishes, and wins of your ideal prospect.

  Another point to note is how content looks is just as important as how it reads. 

Most digital content, such as images, short videos, and illustrations, is underutilized. Content needs to first grab the attention of your audience before they will decide to consume your content.

There is a need to produce content in suitable formats.

As they say in marketing, don’t be boring and this includes your content. If your goal is to engage your target audience in any format, you need to focus on providing value-added content with a wealth of insights and solutions.

Once you’ve invested money and time in generating a flagship piece of content, predominantly make sure that maximize it. Ensure that it is presented in a variety of formats so your audience can be exposed to your message repeated but in a way that does not seem overly repetitive.

Using this approach, you can repurpose your content across several formats, for example, infographics, podcasts, blogs, and social media posts, to maximize the life and value of your content across a wide range of channels.

# 5 You don’t produce  unique content that is in your own voice and style

The 8 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges Most Business Owners Face Online Today 3

Content is one of the most effective means of promoting your brand or business, but think quality over quantity. I already mentioned that your audience wants content that is valuable to them. It is interesting, entertaining or informational. This means you must avoid simply presenting the same content that sounds like everyone else.

Your content needs to represent you and your business.  Essentially,  your content must be created in your own voice, style and perspective.  Being your authentic self is a powerful content strategy and takes a lot of pressure off you to be something you’re not.

By researching the content of the top competitors using tools  Google and Buzzsumo you can see what are the hot topics in your niche and what opportunities are available to cover topics ignored by your competitors.

You can also check the quality of content already available and strategize how to improve it so your content can really stand out.  Ideally, your content should at least match or exceed the current content pool.

The world has gone digital and so content is being created and published daily. So your content must be original and bold in order to grab attention and gain visibility. Your audience wants to hear your perspective, experience, and opinions. It certainly isn’t enough to generate generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ content.

To ensure you are generating high-achieving content for your audience, find a unique angle and then develop it fully — going deep and wide on topics that answer your audience’s questions.  Add personal stories that will allow your audience to identify with you. That is how you build relationships and trust through your content.

# 6 You believe that content is only about sales and don’t understand marketing

content pillars

Content is only valuable to you if it convinces people to buy!

Not everything you create for your marketing leads people to buy, and writing with a sales mindset is a surefire way to undermine your content marketing strategy. The real value of content is that it allows your audience to get to you and your business. Your audience will buy from people they know, like, and trust.  Your content funnel is only part of your overall marketing strategy.

Marketing leads people to the sale. Marketing is the dating phase while the sales promotion is the proposal and the sales transaction is the marriage contract.

After all, people want to receive content that interests them and allows them to overcome challenges, reach goals, and learn new things. Yes, they want to know how you can solve their problems. They want to see how your product works but don’t what to feel pressured to buy.

People love to buy but hate to be sold to.

Your content simply gives them the information they need to make a buying decision. Your content leads them through, the marketing, sales promotion and sales transaction if and when your prospect is ready.

Of course, there are tactics to encourage them to buy sooner rather than later but that is another topic altogether.

 #7 You are not aware of the different personalities within your audience

Understanding different buyer personas as part of your strategy

Your prospects and potential buyers are not all the same but a complex ecosystem of individuals who prefer to consume content differently.

 Knowing your ideal avatar allows you to focus on gender, age, and interests, but these still don’t give you the full picture.

To truly connect with individual types of buyers, consider building more characters than just one. Try to create different types of content to reflect this diversity. Typically, marketers tend to focus on 4 main types. They are given different names but defined similarly. For example,  the A-type, the analytical, the community person ( harmonizer) and the star seeker. I talk more about it in this video. Note the names may be a bit different.

One of the best ways to understand a customer’s needs is to ask the customer. This is something that 58% of B2B marketers never do.  By creating content with these different personalities in mind, you will be serving and engaging your audience while increasing the probability of a sale.

#8 You are focusing on the wrong  social channels for your business

The 8 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges Most Business Owners Face Online Today 4

Choosing the right channels

Another common content marketing challenge is choosing the right channel.

With so many marketing channels and platforms available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of them.

Don’t be on all platforms, instead focus on one or two main social channels that best connects with your prospects.

It’s essential to identify the best channel to reach your target character over time. Otherwise, you’ll be “fishing in the wrong pond,” and your target audience will not even see your carefully crafted content. This is another reason for low engagement on your content.

Right content, wrong place.

The channel you choose to master also may dictate what content type you create. For example audio for  Spotify and videos for YouTube. Many buyers seek help from Google during the research phase,  and so you should be easily found.

However you cannot neglect social media, reputable industry publications, and other paid digital ads online to promote your content. Especially now where organic reach is ever decreasing as platforms want business owners to use paid ads. That doesn’t mean you should not use organic strategies but be aware that they do take more time.

Overcoming these content marketing challenges is not easy without a proper understanding of content and marketing. Yet that effort to conquer your content crisis will prove very beneficial in the future in positioning you as a  trusted resource for your prospects. 


Working through these different aspects of content challenges will allow you to provide a memorable experience for your audience with high-quality content, enabled by clever word selection, punchy writing, and intentional marketing.

Content creation challenges can be reduced with a bit of planning and forethought. For example, create content when you feel inspired and do it in a batch so you always have content available.  This approach works well when you already know your audience and hot topics.

Content creators must also be willing need to educate themselves on other things such as  SEO, website building/design, and social media marketing.

If you are ready to discover how to easily create content that converts lookers into leads then check out this content marketing course. Content Marketing Made Simple solidifies the foundation most people ignore when it comes to content. This short course takes you through an easy process of content idea to content creation and more to help you develop an effective content marketing for your business.

How to create unique content

The 8 Biggest Content  Marketing Challenges  Most Business Owners Face Online TodayThe 8 Biggest Content  Marketing Challenges  Most Business Owners Face Online TodayThe 8 Biggest Content  Marketing Challenges  Most Business Owners Face Online Today

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