Content Marketing For Business Owners- The Networker’s Edition

Written by Donna Patterson

content marketing for network marketers and affiliate marketers

Content powers our digital world.

Content is how we communicate online.

Historically, marketing has been focused on putting your brand in front of your prospects and potential customers to ensure they know of your existence.

However, offline, we were marketing ourselves, our company, and our products through networking- network marketing and then later in a slightly modified form called affiliate marketing.

In the past,  word of mouth was the main form of marketing a product or service. Outside of that, a company would have to spend a pretty penny on paid advertising. That is how network marketing and affiliate marketing were born where people got paid to share the products and opportunities with their networks.

With this new paradigm shift, we as Business owners must now do this thing in the online space.

Essentially we market ourselves online using content hence content marketing.

It is our business card, billboard and so much more as I explained in the 7 major benefits of content marketing.

 Why Should Business Owners Bother with Content Marketing?

Content marketing is invaluable to Business Owners especially the solopreneur who can’t compete with large influencers or with the deep pockets and immense resource reservoirs of large corporations.

With everyone now coming online and thus increased competition, declining reach on social platforms, increasing advertising costs and increased marketing intelligence of consumers

Visibility and attention are precious commodities online. These can be realized through content marketing strategies.

Furthermore, content marketing, allows Business Owners to market their business without being annoying, overly promotional, or exclusively dependent on paid advertising.

Let’s say that it is true selling without selling without feeling weird or salesy.

Additionally, most network marketing companies forbid paid advertising to maintain a level playing field among distributors.

Even more than that, most social media platforms are not friendly to network and affiliate marketing so these opportunities and related products cannot be openly promoted using many of these social channels like Facebook and Tik Tok.

Content marketing provides a type of workaround in order to use these platforms without being flagged or banned…once you use the right content strategy of course.

What is Meant by Content Marketing for Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers

Content marketing is the way of generating online content to raise awareness of you and your business and products or services.

You can help anybody or get sales and signups or clicks if people don’t know you exist or what you offer.

Content does that and so much more.

It isn’t just a direct promotion of your brand. Content marketing is about adding value to your readers, for example, by solving their problems, teaching them something useful, or simply providing entertainment.

Content Marketing is the process of planning, creating and publishing content to attract, engage and build  a relationship with your prospects and convert them into customers and loyal fans.

There are many forms of content marketing. The most popular types of content are blog posts, case studies, and videos. However, the scope of content marketing is much broader and can include everything from games and apps to courses and reports.

Everything is content.

What are The Benefits of Content Marketing?

There are many reasons why Business Owners need to start creating content with intention. Here are just a few:

  • Content marketing raises brand awareness and visibility by sharing content on social media,   blog posts on search engines or contributions on forums and groups.
  • You can start content marketing on a limited budget. It is a very cost effective way to generate leads and sales  compared to paid advertising. Costs can increase depending on the type of content you want to produce and whether you need to hire outside support.
  • Content marketing helps with establishing credibility and trust with your audience. For example, creating an analysis report on industry trends can help you establish your position as an authority in the industry.
  • Through  your conversion style  content  you can  help prospects and potential clients and customers make buying  decisions.
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What are The Best Content Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Network and Affiliate Marketers?

Content marketing for Business Owners has some best practices to maximize the potential benefits of the marketing online.

Create a Content Marketing Plan

 This is a clear and repeatable process for planning, creating, publishing, and creating content in line with defined goals. It is best practice to create a content calendar to schedule topics ahead of time.

Marketing strategy best practices also include having a clear brand mission,  style, content format, and voice that is uniquely yours. Remember you are the business and hence the brand.

Whether you’re focused  on  content for your website  or  social media driven  content  there are a few essential steps you need to take:

  •  Explore the target audience
  •  Create an objective or goal
  • Plan your content
  • Develop engaging content
  • Promote your content
  • Measure your results
  • Modify the content

Identify Your Target Audience

You will need to determine your target audience or multiple audiences so you can create content that can speak directly to your ideal prospects. This may require market research on your current customers or the customers you want to serve.

If you have an existing customer base, you can do a  survey to collect “know your audience” data.   

Download my ideal customer avatar worksheet to help you clearly  identify your ideal prospects and how to tap into their hidden desires so you can have them card in hard and ready to buy.This is  a crucial step  before creating content.

You need to know who you are talking to and what they are looking for.

 Define a Goal

Most Business Owners simply post without intention or strategy, just hoping something works.

This makes it even more challenging to get rewards and reproduce positive results in the future. I would highly recommend that you develop clear objectives or set goals using SMART goal methods (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely).

Do the necessary research to identify what would it take (content wise to achieve that goal.

For example, if you wanted to increase traffic from  Google search then SEO Content is quite important. You would have to identify the critical keywords you want to target when creating your content.

You would then want to determine the number and length of blog posts required.  Along with the time to create each post.

Finally, you would need to set the time to measure, report, adjust your content, and then monitor the ranking of specific keywords and traffic growth.

 Create High-Quality Content

Always create content that your ideal prospect will find interesting, engaging, and valuable.

It is based on the needs of your prospect and not simply what you think will generate MLM leads, clients and sales or affiliate commissions.

Remember that people like to buy don’t want to be sold to. Meaning they want to feel like they made the decision to buy from you or join your team rather than feel pressured to do so.

Promote Your Content

Have a plan to Distribute your content.

The finished blog post or video or image will be for nothing if no one sees it.

Be creative with promotions and leverage your existing followers and networks to disseminate information. There are also services that allow you to tap into the networks of other persons to extend the reach of your content.

Measure The Results

Ok now the content is on the web or in the social feed, it is not over yet.

You have to track relevant metrics such as conversations, prospects or leads, conversation rates, traffic, and so on to see if your content marketing strategy is working or not.

This will allow you to keep improving and help you reach your goals.

Types Of Content Marketing For Business Owners

There is so much confusing information out there, that makes the entire process of creating content unnecessarily complicated.

 Like for instance, how many types of content marketing are there?

 Some claim that there are 5, or more types of content!

To help you understand and plan your content marketing campaign,  I have simplified it and grouped it into three main content types.

Three types of content


Unique visual content is the best way to get attention and convey your message quickly. Bold and clean visuals are essential to keep your content impactful.

It’s easy to ruin a text-rich visual-resist this temptation! Visual posts are intended to be more focused and condensed.  

Think micro-content.

If you have a lot to say, consider refreshing your content in a written format, such as a blog post or an ebook.

Visual content types:

  • Image
  • Infographic
  • collage


This type of content is essential for customer engagement and can often be a valuable educational tool.

You can promote your products and offers to your customers using content that help them understand what your business brings to the table.

Text content types:

  • Blog post
  • Case Study
  • eBook
  •  Text Post on  social media
  • White paper


Audio and audiovisual content utilizes sound and or sound and a visual component. These formats are the natural selection for telling stories and showing aspects of the person behind the business.

 This is believed to be the most popular type of content marketing online today. Share behind-the-scenes views, sit down and talk to customers, talk about why you’re passionate about your business.

Audiovisual content types:

  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Webinar
  • Online events

Content Examples


When you think of good content marketing examples, Hubspot is always on the top. In addition to creating a free tool as a growth hacking strategy, Hubspot used content marketing via:

  • Adding content updates such as ebooks to their blog posts
  • Creating videos for Facebook and using LinkedIn to send traffic to those videos
  • Creation of an educational and content sharing hub, (which receives 321,000 visitors each month) and offers an excellent opportunity to promote its certification and partnership programs
  • Write in-depth blog posts about the issues that interest their visitors

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign

Did you ever hear of this campaign? If not, you probably lived under a rock. Coke’s “Share A Cook” campaign has allowed everyone to personalize their favorite drinks. They took the 150 most famous names in Australia and added them to the side of the bottle. As a result, people got hooked on it.

McDonald’s question time

McDonald’s Canada has decided to take up the challenge of answering customer questions: all of them. Do you ever wonder what’s really in the beef patty? The McDonald’s will tell you. This content marketing strategy is changing viewer perception.

McDonald’s came out from behind the brand and shared the facts, and people loved their transparency. By answering the questions of about 10,000 customers, they built a strong relationship. This creates credibility and trust. You can even overturn the worst reputation into a good one by using this strategy.

Share as Image

Share as Image helps you build your brand with premium visual content. This allows you to create high-quality images that you can share, and Buffer recommends them as one of the best content marketing tools for a good reason. In addition, the blogs leverage internal experience to produce high-quality content.

In conclusion, content marketing allows Network and Affiliate Marketers as other Business Owners to become visible, get seen, and attract their ideal prospects and get sales and commissions.

Ready to overcome the content overwhelm?

Get started HERE.

Content Marketing For Business Owners- The Networker's Edition 1

Content Marketing For Business Owners- The Networker\'s Edition

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