10 Huge Trends Every Business Owner Needs To Prepare For During and After The Lockdown If You Want To Survive

Written by Donna Patterson

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Who would have thought that a virus, a flu virus  would have such a massive impact on the whole world?

A flu virus  powerful enough to bring everything to a complete stop?

Churches and schools closed.

Bars and Restaurants closed.

Planes grounded and country borders closed.

Businesses and government offices closed.

The Coronavirus brought everything to a stand still with major  consequences on human life, world economies, individual financial security and  just everyday living. One particular area with the greatest impact is the introduction of  the concept called ‘Social Distancing”.

Experts believe that  Covid-19 is   extremely contagious and can be spread through just speaking and other forms of human physical contact.

Before I go any further, I hope you take every precaution  to keep you and your family safe through these times.

 However,  I also know that  business owners are concerned about how to maneuver  during this time and how the home business industry will look after the Coronavirus, particularly those who primarily operated offline.

So what does the Coronavirus mean for you as a home business owner?

# 1 The Push To Shift To Online  Banking, Shopping and Commerce

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For the last few years there has been a  gradual transition to online shopping and ecommerce. Then there was also an evolution from online marketplaces and websites to apps. You can now do  financial transactions and purchases using your mobile phone.

Businesses that have not  implemented online or digital marketing strategies have been very hard hit during these times.

Even companies  that facilitated phone orders have been forced to suspend that and  promote online purchasing due to staff shortage. That means right now if you are not considered essential, your business is not able to operate  fully offline.

That fact alone has tremendous pitfalls for every business owner.

# 2 The Increased Demand For  Health Products

 As  the Coronavirus goes through its course, there has been a significant  demand in health and cleaning products from mlm companies. So much so that many companies have had to place buying  limits on certain supplements.

After the danger passes, the demand will decrease slightly but there has been an increased awareness for the need to  support health and healthy living.

Health and beauty are already profitable niches, and are expected to become even bigger in the years to come as more people recognise the need for  self care. 

If you are considering getting into  or changing network marketing or affiliate marketing companies just remember, consumable commodities  provide more stable income. These are products that customers can purchase every month. Thus providing a more stable income.

#3 The Increase in Searches  For Work From Home Opportunities On Google

People have been sent home and are freaking out about  losing their jobs.

 The harsh truth is that many persons have lost their jobs or are living on reduced incomes. The latest numbers suggest that 16 million Americans have applied for unemployment insurance.

 Hence it is no surprise that the number of  searches for work from home opportunities has risen sharply.

google trends for work from home

 However,it is most unfortunate that it took such  severe circumstances for persons to see the need for multiple streams of income. We as business owners have  a responsibility to offer hope and guidance to help persons through this time. Thereby giving persons an alternative future through our business opportunity.

 I must say though. This is a time to empathize and serve our network, It is  not the time to pounce on the misfortune of others. 

 The Home Business industry is set to boom in the next few years as more people are replaced through technological advancements. Network marketing and affiliate marketing  will be seen more favorably as the economy shrinks with few people able to live on one salary. 

 In the  past few years the issue of pensions have been a hot topic with many countries claiming that very soon that they will be unable to pay pensions. This has led to countries   raising the age of retirement until many persons can’t retire comfortablly or retire at all.

No golden age.

Now that companies realize that they don’t need these huge offices and work forces to  remain viable and many small businesses are suffering under the lock down, more people will  look for other avenues to replace and/or supplement their income.

We as business owners must position ourselves powerfully to  prepare for that influx.

#4 Cold market Prospecting in Public Places No Longer Possible

 The lockdown and social distancing protocols have  made traditional offline prospecting impossible. If this was your ONLY method of building a list, then your mlm business ground to a halt overnight. Unless you start transitioning to an online platform.  To remain relevant, you will have to start using Social Media to connect with potential prospects and customers.

 Social Media is always changing but some principles will never change and if you are just starting,   download this Social Media Recruiting Guide so that you can quickly start connecting and closing prospects and customers using Social Media the right way.

#5 No Gathering for Hotel  or Home Meetings Allowed

10 Huge Trends Every Business Owner Needs To Prepare For During and After The Lockdown If You Want To Survive 1

 Again due to the lockdown and social distancing, you can’t hold  home and hotel meetings. You can’t hold home parties or beauty breaks. So how will you present your opportunity or products now?

That means you have to implement online alternatives to these processes  so that you can continue growing your business even while stuck at home.

 This means   being open to learning  different skills that will  enable you to build a business in this new landscape.

#6 The Increased  Need To Leverage the Internet To Build Your Business

 To build your list, prospect, invite, present, follow up and close must be  done to grow your business. Even in the online space, those processes will never change. What will change is how you execute them.

 Using Social media and the internet  provides many strategies and tactics to build your business.  But employing digital marketing strategies effectively can allow you to build faster compared to traditional prospecting.  The best part is that it won’t take you away from home hours at a time and it does not mean that you need to be glued to your phone all day long.

In fact  when you use strategies like Attraction Marketing, you  can start automating parts of the process so that you only spend time on the important  things.

Can you imagine building a list of high quality people without pounding  the pavement?

Now I started this online journey about two years back when I became too ill to leave my house to go prospecting. I was also facing the threat of losing my job and that was when I started searching how to build my network marketing business online.

ferny ceballos

 I saw a YouTube video and later met my mentor Ferny Ceballos who talked about how he built a 6 figure network marketing business using the Attraction Marketing without actively prospecting anyone.  He did not go out bombarding uninterested strangers in the street, grocery or mall about his business opportunity and products.

 Instead, Ferny Ceballos used social media  and online marketing skills to have people qualify themselves and come  to him saying they were interested in joining his team or buying his products.

Ferny is not the only one. In fact, he learnt it from Mike Dillard, the author of the revolutionary book called Magnetic Sponsoring and his partner Tim Erway.

To get a basic understanding of what is Attraction Marketing and How it can benefit you and your home business by leveraging the internet, then check out this short video training.

# 7 The Need For a Duplicatable System For Your  Team Members

10 Huge Trends Every Business Owner Needs To Prepare For During and After The Lockdown If You Want To Survive 2

 There has been an online debate whether online marketing skills have a place in network marketing and whether they are  duplicatable.

Well, due to the lock down, every business owner by force became a digital network marketer overnight since  you have to use social media and other other online means of communication. Not only for your customers but  for your team as well.

 Then there is the issue of creating a system for your team to follow that is simple, clear and  trackable. No matter what system you choose, there will be a teething period to find out what exactly works for you and your team and then the learning curve to get everyone on board.

 This article  gives a really good breakdown as to what is  and is not duplicatable regarding online and offline network marketing skills.

#8 Increased Opportunity For  Increased Income Streams

 One of the major shifts you have to make as you come online is that  you are your business. You represent you and not your company or their products. The  company and their products are simply tools to serve your customers. 

This also means that you must realize that everyone is NOT your ideal prospect and must get really specific about your solution and who you will serve. Otherwise, you will simply get lost in the online noise. 

 As you get clear on the WHO,  and build your online network, you can find additional ways to serve  them. This will open more ways to earn income.

You will now have  a true independent home based business and multiple streams of income.

#9 The Increased Need For Sales Skills

social online selling
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 Coming online also  means more competition.

 Here is where your marketing can set you apart from the rest.

 Being unique and different can do a lot  to grab attention and stop the scroll.

Serving through posting valuable content then builds the know, like and trust factor and can lay a great foundation to the sales process.

I know you might be saying that you are not a salesperson or hate selling but the sales transaction is where you actually get paid. Plus, with Attraction Marketing, you won’t feel icky and like you are selling your soul.

 Instead of talking to uninterested people and fearing rejection , you now connect with a person actually wanting more information on what you have to offer. People actually  come to you asking about joining your team or asking you about your product or service.

Yet having sales skills such as closing, blocking and overcoming objections, creating urgency, value stacking and positioning will be even more crucial in the future as customers have numerous options to choose from.

So why would someone choose you over someone else?

When you have the skills, you need fewer numbers.

# 10 People are looking for Leadership, Relationship and Community

10 Huge Trends Every Business Owner Needs To Prepare For During and After The Lockdown If You Want To Survive 3

You have two choices.

You can  stay frozen in panic mode or choose to   lead from a position of faith, hope and strength.

 …and prepare to lead people through this crisis and into the next phase.

 Still, you have to lead yourself first.

  Now is the time to invest in yourself  so that you can position yourself as a leader with the knowledge and skills to take your prospects and team through this new online paradigm.


 The Coronavirus has  initiated an entirely new  social and economic reality. Social distancing protocols, business shutdowns and   worldwide lockdowns have forced companies and us business owners to rethink the way we do business.

The situation shows trends that can provide a unique opportunity for us  home business owners to invest in knowledge and skills.


To prepare to become leaders of the new digital age of network marketing and affiliate marketing.

 …where using social media  and online marketing strategies to  build your list, grow your team and close more sales  will become the standard method for building your home business. 

And you will be able to do it all from   the comfort of your home.

social media recruiting for beginners

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