4 Reasons Why Network Marketers Should Start Using Email marketing Right Now To Boost Sales and Signups

Written by Donna Patterson

email marketing for network marketers

This blog conversation is about Email Marketing for Network Marketers. You will learn the following:

  • Why email marketing is still necessary in your network marketing/MLM business?
  • How can you use it to rapidly increase your income while saving you lots of time?

If you are a Network Marketer, you can benefit from email marketing even if you have a small list or fear tech.

Before I get into that, just a quick question.

When was the last time you checked your email?

Most business people check their emails everyday if not multiple times a day.

What about the average Joe?

4 Reasons Why Network Marketers Should Start Using Email marketing Right Now To Boost Sales and Signups 1
Courtesy Campaign Monitor

Have you ever subscribed to an online store such as Macy’s for a discount coupon or bought something from them online. Suppose it is not Macy’s,  what about Amazon?

You then get regular emails about:

  • New promotions
  • Products you might like,
  • Asking your feedback about the products you purchased.

All designed to increase customer experience and keep them on the top of your radar.

4 Reasons Why Network Marketers Should Start Using Email marketing Right Now To Boost Sales and Signups 2

Email builds familiarity, relationship and trust.

Clearly, in this case, these companies do not follow the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Why Email Marketing Is Necessary For Network Marketers?

Email marketing has increased the rate of investment by over 30 % for many businesses.

So why not adopt it in your business to quickly increase your own sales and scale your business?

According to Campaign Monitor,  email marketing gives marketers the broadest reach of all the channels available to them. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates on average $32 to $44 in return on investment. There are 3x email accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Many marketers suggest, that 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox. However, up to 45% of email can end up in the spam folder.

Although engagement can increase organic reach, usually only 2% of your Facebook friends or fans see your posts in their News Feed.

This is because Facebook limits the number of times your posts appear in the News Feed in an attempt to drive business owners towards paid advertising. In fact, it is against Facebook’s policies to conduct business using your personal profile.

Check out these stats about email marketing:

Using less time too.

How exactly?

In this short video, I  share 4 main ways in which you can use email marketing effectively in their home business to save time and increase your income.

So  in case you are more of a reader like I am, I will briefly go over the main points

Build  and Protect Your Asset : Your  list

As Network Marketer you know we must be continually building our list daily. Email Marketing allows us to easily add to prospects to our list. This can be either through active or passive prospecting.

If you are looking for a way to passively build your list on autopilot then access this free introductory video training. It is designed specifically by network marketers for network marketers.  This training focuses on building your business using online strategies. You nor your team   has to chase friends or family

Even if you use social media, remember you don’t own or control the platform.

Remember you are a guest.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have locked out of Facebook or have trouble sending a message on LinkedIn. Email use though lower today than in the past is still a viable way to connect with your audience.

Although many gurus push social media only tactics. Many will not tell you that they make their most money with their email list.

email marketing and ROI for marketers

Focus On Higher Quality People

Think about it. Someone on social media is just absorbing your content but  a subscriber has to take an action and give permission to be added to a email list.

When someone is added to your email list, they are not referred to as a subscriber,

They also have the power to remove themselves from your list if they no longer wish to receive your emails. So your list can update itself in one way.

The Money is the List and The Fortune is the Follow Up. The real return is on the back end where you have a customer base you can promote to easily.

4 Reasons Why Network Marketers Should Start Using Email marketing Right Now To Boost Sales and Signups 3
Courtesy Campaign Monitor

# 1  Follow Up and Close Prospects Faster Through Emails

How many times  a potential prospect  slipped through our fingers because we failed to follow up?  Take note that  it is when your prospects are ready to join or buy and not on your time clock.

How many of us have heard of the guy who joined a yr later after initial contact?  Then he becomes a top producer. It happened because the business owner followed up. The Automation tools within an Email autoresponder can send a series of pre-written emails to the person automatically as soon as the person joins your email list.

You can now take the one to one concept and adapt it to email. Instead of sending messages to each individual, you can now speak to many without losing the intimacy and personalization of one to one conversation.

Hence you can continue to build the know like and trust factor with your prospect or potential customer.

Remember to be patient, people have been burnt and scared and sceptical

#2     Email Marketing Can Provide A structured Getting Started Right System For New Team  Members

When starting someone new, there are some repetitive tasks that must be done with each new person. Simply create a series of getting started emails for the new business partner. You can break down items into bite-size chunks and specific daily actions.

This structured approach can focus them on income producing activities.  It also helps to have training on managing expectations along with the different phases in the process.   The new teammate can schedule a strategy session with you after completing the required tasks.  It can be as easy as sending a link to book their strategy session with you on your calendar.

# 3 Automate Team Building and Communication

You can also   broadcast emails to the entire team  on new promotions or reminders for team training and  up coming events.

#4 Email Marketing Can Increase Customer Sales In Your Network Marketing/MLM Business

Follow up with potential customers while promoting to existing customers. These persons have already shown some level of interest and know, like and trust factor.

What do you send in the emails?

  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Blog posts or articles
  • Product information
  • New Product launches
  • Coupons and deals
  • Customer/team testimonials
4 Reasons Why Network Marketers Should Start Using Email marketing Right Now To Boost Sales and Signups 4
Courtesy Campaign Monitor

Furthermore, you can promote related products. Additionally,  you can maximize your list by promoting affiliate products if they are not interested in purchasing your core products.

So let’s deal with the objections that most Network marketers have against Email Marketing.

Price $$$$

There are paid and free options.  So you can get started for free. However, some email providers like MailChimp do not like our space that much. But there literally hundreds of email providers or autoresponders you can start without a penny such as Constant Contact.

For beginners, I recommend Aweber due to  their:

  • 30 free trial along
  • Free extensive training,
  • Free professional email templates
  • Free done for your email campaign templates
  • Awesome customer service.

I Don’t Know Anything About Email Marketing

4 Reasons Why Network Marketers Should Start Using Email marketing Right Now To Boost Sales and Signups 5
Business people in a video call meeting

AS I mentioned with Aweber,  their training is geared directly for the beginner. Their customer rep will even get on a conference call with you. And most of all the Aweber system is very easy to use for your needs.  Most email providers do provide some level of training.

It is simple.

1. Create a list.

2. Write email

3 Press send

Yes as in everything, email marketing has its own best practices. These include having a curiosity based or click-worthy headline and avoiding certain trigger words that can land your email in the spam folder. Yet simplicity is always key.

Don’t over think it.

Be aware that people will unsubscribe. I remember in the beginning this used to cause me heartache and worry. So much so that I became so afraid to email my list. It was like as soon as I send an email broadcast, I go unsubscribes.

Since then, I have come to realize that I should be thankful when someone opts out. They were never going to buy from me or join me in my business.

So rather than it being a statement about me, they actually disqualified themselves. You can also invest in a book called  Open Click Buy  by well-known copywriter and marketer Jon Benson

Email Marketing Will Take Too Much Time

When you create your email welcome series you can set it and forget it. Just continue to nurture your list with valuable information and how to take the next step. I can assure you that sending an email takes less time than you think. Compare that to searching through your notebook or inbox to see the last message. Then you have to think about what you need to send them next. You can set all that up in your email autoresponder.

4 Reasons Why Network Marketers Should Start Using Email marketing Right Now To Boost Sales and Signups 6

An email follow up sequence is one of the best ways to turn your audience in to a sales force that works 24/7/365


Email marketing can be a great addition to the Network marketer’s tool kit. It can be used with online and offline network marketing strategies.

You can build your list on autopilot by incorporating passive prospecting online strategies.

As a Network Marketer, you can use email marketing to:

  • Prospect more persons in a short time.
  • Follow up with prospects more efficiently.
  • Get a new person started without you wasting time on repetitive tasks.
  • Send Team announcements and reminders.
  • Increase sales and hence the value of each customer.
  • Continue to build a relationship with each person while saving time.

Email marketing can be set up once and operated 24/7 without your involvement. Hence it allows you to automate a good portion of your prospecting and team building activities.

You can choose between free and paid options. There is free step by step training available so that you can easily and quickly be up and running.

Many top earners in the Network Marketing space have used email marketing to improve their network marketing success.

So the question is what will hold you back from using email marketing in your home business?

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