How To Enroll New Teammates and Increase Customers Using Social Media Without Prospecting

Written by Donna Patterson

enroll without prospecting

Are you getting results with those ‘Hey girl’ and ‘ Hey bro’ messages on social media?

Prospecting is tough and online, it is not always easier especially when using the wrong methods.

Are you beginning to feel spammy and a bit fake when sending those messages?

How about pretending to be a friend than do the bait and switch act to simply pounce on your unsuspecting prospect?

Isn’t that what most persons see as social network marketing?

Then what about those join my team posts?

…or those before and after pics.

Any traction with those things?

Probably not if you are reading this post.

No new customers

No new teammates

I feel your pain.

I was posting on social media but when I tried to sell products… crickets.
I mean…

Spending hours on social media with little to show for it is frustrating and tempts you to throw in the towel and just give up.

But we have too much riding on this…

Early retirement, pension, time-money freedom, debt repayment, legacy creation and so much more.

Attract and Grow Your Dream Team Online- Social Media Recruiting and Social Selling

Things started to improve when I discovered that when it comes to building a business through Social Media, there are 3 critical keys that need to work in together in order to explode your business

…and increase your commissions and bonuses.

Watch the video below to find these 3 essential keys to building your home business using social media.

Click here to discover how to implement this system in your home business so you never have to chase after uninterested persons and no shows.


Social media network marketing is about being able to attract, connect and convert your ideal prospect into sales and signups.

As you saw from the video, to truly succeed on social media, you need

  • Engagement
  • Effective promotion with a friction free system.

My mentors Whit and Cari Higham always say that if you master and consistently work on these 3 keys .you could virtually write your own paycheck in this industry.

You can continuously attract new motivated prospects and create a surge of new high quality teammates and customers.

You can build a global network of targeted people that want what you have to offer- actually interested in what you do.

Rapidly develop that know-like-trust factor with your audience so that persons will readily buy your products and join your team…

When you learn how to effectively promote using a carefully crafted social ecosystem customized to you.

If you are ready to stop being spammy and use a proven strategy to attract ready to buy customers and motivated business partners with real results then check it out here.

How To  Enroll  New Teammates and Increase Customers Using Social Media Without Prospecting

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  1. Marti

    Your article is well done.

    • Donna Patterson

      Thanks Marti!


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