5 Ways To Use Facebook Groups To Super Surge Your Home Business To Profitably Increase Teammates and Customers

Written by Donna Patterson

5 ways to use FB Groups Profitably

In a previous blog discussion, I outlined 8 proven Facebook marketing strategies for acquiring prospects. I also mentioned that you can use Facebook Groups to get high quality prospects and customers for your network marketing business.

 It is one of the best MLM facebook marketing strategies for business owners. To connect with potential prospects, you can either:

  • Use active social media prospecting processes.

  • Automate the process using passive prospecting methods.

Whichever process you choose, the Facebook Group is free at the time of writing this article.

In fact, at this moment, Facebook is putting a huge emphasis on  Facebook Group. Facebook is pushing relationship, community and development.

 Facebook wants people to create deeper connection.

Facebook wants people to create deeper connections.

In this blog conversation,  I will share how to profitably use Facebook Groups for your home business in 5 main ways.

#1 Challenge or PopUp Facebook Group

The  Challenge Facebook Group is a short term group that allows you to quickly do the following :

  1. Rapidly build rapport and trust
  1. Educate clients or prospects
  1. Give them simple actionable steps
  1. Help them get a result

Easily guide or funnel them to the next step. This can include transitioning them into paying customers (if a free group)

Please note a challenge can also be a paid option. In this case, the next step may be a higher coaching package or a more expensive product.

The Facebook Challenge is usually centred around one central idea or goal for a specific time. Most popular challenges are 5-7 days. There is no firm rule on the duration.

It can be for as long as you decide. Totally up to you and your time frame.

Examples of Group Challenges

1. A  5 Day Water Facebook Challenge

Participants  get daily actions on how to increase water consumption

2. A   7 Day Social Posting  For Profit Challenge

Group members get guidance on how to design effective social media posts and posting plans to expand their audience, increase engagement along with sales and teammates.

3. A 30 Day Weightloss Challenge

You can create this challenge for persons as a bonus for buying your weight loss products or bundle.

For the examples given above, you usually continue to add persons to the group. Then you have new group members go through the process over and over.

 character of people representing facebook group members.

Close the Challenge group during the period of the challenge.

How to sell your products or get clients with a Free   FB Challenge Group?

You provide valuable content that educates your members with a simple action step daily. At the end of the challenge period, you make an offer to persons based on your products or services.

 Promote on the last day of FB Challenge with a clear calll to action

Communicate the next step (s) clearly.

Emphasize the benefits for them.

Put a time limit.

Use additional incentives.

This allows them to take the next step with you so they can continue the transformation.  Many coaches use this method to generate clients for their coaching programmes.

#2 Facebook Product Group

5 Ways To Use Facebook Groups To Super Surge Your Home Business To Profitably Increase Teammates and Customers 1

This is simply a group where you invite persons to look at your products. Instead of sending persons off the social media platform,  to your generic company website, you send them to the Facebook Group instead.

  • It is very convenient.
  • It keeps people on Facebook, which keeps Facebook happy.
  • It gives you another option for exposure other than the MLM product website before persons are ready to buy. Let’s be honest most of our company supplied websites can be confusing and not really designed to sell.
  • It provides you with an easy way to track and follow up with potential customers.
  • You can allow persons to add their friends where other persons can promot for you.
  • You can easily tag persons in specific product posts relevant to their interests.

One of the great things with this group is that you can simply use your company’s product videos.   You should also add customer testimonials as social proof that your products work. This can be from external sources or even better from previous buyers within the group.

This Facebook Product Group can be an essentially free facebook marketing strategy to quickly increase sales in your business. You can also use this method if you are a small business owner.

#3 Facebook Prospecting Group

5 Ways To Use Facebook Groups To Super Surge Your Home Business To Profitably Increase Teammates and Customers 2

The prospecting group is similar to the product group.

You add potential prospects to look at your business opportunity.  The video explaining your business opportunity is placed as a pinned post or announcement.( Facebook is always changing) .

After you get permission,  tag the person to the video. Then you follow up with the person via messenger or video chat at a mutually agreed time.

There is another  FaceBook Challenge Group you can create with a twist. Some social media network marketers call it a Pop-Up group.

Here you get top leaders to do daily Facebook lives sharing their stories within the group. At the end of the Fb live is a call to action to get more info with the person who invited them. It is recommended that you also post other testimonials in the group showing various success stories with the business.

This has been really effective for recruiting a lot of people in mass in a short period of time as a team.  

It is usually done once to twice per month. It is really great for creating a recruiting momentum within your team.

So what the difference between the POP Up group and a regular prospecting group?

The pop up group is shut down and a completely new group is created whenever you want a  recruiting surge in your business. The other prospecting group is always open and new prospects are continually added.

#4 Paid  Support or VIP  Facebook Group

This type of Facebook group provides a service or support to paid members. Many coaches deliver their programmes through Facebook groups.

 You as a small or home business owner can provide options such as subscription box member group or after sales customer service. It is very easy to set up and also a very cost effective method with little overhead costs.

If you choose to use the group for paid members, you build loyalty and also increase the likelihood of repeat sales.

Even if you used paid Facebook advertising to initially gain customers and clients, the group would enable you to increase the average value per customer over the lifetime of that customer.

It is cheaper to  keep a customer than to acquire new customers

#5 Team Facebook Group

5 Ways To Use Facebook Groups To Super Surge Your Home Business To Profitably Increase Teammates and Customers 3

This can be an awesome support group for your team members. You can use this group for :

  1. Team announcements
  1. Contests
  1. Appreciation
  1. Group motivation
  1. Live and recorded training
  1. A space for member practice sessions

Facebook gives you the option to create learning modules or units. This is awesome for new members to get step by step training. You can track their progress through the modules.

This allows your team to do the following:

  • Create convenient place for gathering online.
  • Have a structured training and start process for new teammates.
  • Quickly expose new members to the team culture.
  • Keep members motivated with supportive atmosphere.
  • Allows questions to be quickly asked and answered.

Best Practices for Facebook Groups

  • Do separate groups for products and prospecting.
  • Be clear on the goal of the group.
  • Remember to keep it  simple and information in bite size chunks.
  • Remember to keep participants moving forward and engaged.
  • Do contests and give prizes to incentive people to take action.
  • Encourage persons to get an accountability partners within the group.
  • Put group as a secret group so that it is not easily discoverable. It also allows you to track the persons added by teammates.
  • When using a prospecting or product group, always follow up with the potential prospect or customer within 24 to 48 hours after viewing the business presentation or product information.

One thing that most persons don’t talk about is that Facebook groups can take a lot of energy. Remember you have to keep persons engaged and involved.

A challenge group or pop up group can be managed by yourself. However, with an ongoing group, you will quickly need teammates to get involved in various ways. From content creation to group moderating.

I can tell you as an introvert when I first started a Facebook group to sell products I was not prepared for the amount of time and energy it took. Of course, I didn’t know then what I know now. Yet it is something to mindful about.

Make sure to use the tools and resources at your disposal to effectively use your time and provide the best experience to your prospects and customers.


Groups can be a simple yet powerful Facebook network marketing strategy.

It can be used for short and long term recruiting. The group can be used to sell products or provide support for paid customers.

You can automate a lot of the process using messenger bots. Just note that you will need to useFacebook business page and messenger

The Facebook group is already equipped for providing the tools to support your team.

The list is endless when it comes to what you can do with Facebook Groups.

Yes, when executed correctly.

Here are some important steps you must do to ensure the success of the Facebook group.

Step 1: Identify the objective of your group. Is it sell products, gain clients or enrol teammates?

Step 2: You and your teammates should spend some time identifying who would best benefit from your product or service. Who do you target for the group?

Step 3: Decide on the duration of the group if a challenge or pop up group. Also, have a target number of persons to added to the group in a given period.

Step 4: Create and schedule all your content. This is why knowing the WHO is so essential. This always to focus on persons who are more likely interested in your products or business opportunity.

Knowing your target market allows you to effectively craft a piece of content or content plan that speaks directly to your potential customer or prospect.

Download my cheat sheet to get clear on the WHO.

Step 4: Promote strategically

Step 5: Execute the process. This would be different for each type of group.

These are simple and highly duplicatable strategies for when using Facebook to build your home business. You can quickly be up and running in a short amount of time even without a budget.

These tactics have been made popular by John and Nadia Melton, Tanya Aliza, Michael Angel Martin, Lisa Torres and many others. Each one of these home business owners has their own particular type of group and version.

The Facebook Group strategy and all its various versions are all based on the principle of Attraction marketing.

If you want the same top notch training like these top earners and many others.

If you want training specifically designed to help small business owners, network marketers and affiliate marketers build their businesses online with a clear blueprint to follow.

5  Ways To Use Facebook Groups To  Super Surge Your  Home Business To  Profitably Increase  Teammates and  Customers
5  Ways To Use Facebook Groups To  Super Surge Your  Home Business To  Profitably Increase  Teammates and  Customers
5  Ways To Use Facebook Groups To  Super Surge Your  Home Business To  Profitably Increase  Teammates and  Customers

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