Avoid These 5 Major Mistakes Most Home Business Owners Make With Facebook Groups

Written by Donna Patterson

Some people are successful with Facebook Groups and some aren’t. Which one are you?

Facebook groups can be an incredible tool to consistently sell products and enroll business builders it but can be a massive failure and time waster without having the right strategy from the get go.

I can tell you that because when Facebook groups were first introduced I started one… and it totally bombed since I didn’t know then what I do now.

And I can see many network and affiliate marketers making major mistakes and some I did myself. If you want to know the best Facebook group method for prospecting and selling products, definitely follow John and Nadya Melton.

So what exactly am I talking about? Here is one example…

I don’t know about you but it is incredibly annoying for to accept someone’s friend request or LinkedIn invitation.

Then I get a notification about a group update or group chat that I don’t know anything about, neither did I choose to join.

I try to leave but the person keep adding me back. Has this ever happened to you?

If on the other hand you have done this , I encourage you to immediately desist. These actions are repelling your prospects and costing your sales and signups.

Instead watch this video where I talk about the 5 Don’ts of Using Facebook Groups and Group Chats and what to do instead.

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Video Summary

1. Have a clear purpose for your group.

It is usually best to have a prospecting group separate from a customer focused group. Another suggestion would be to have 1 product as the main product being promoted in the customer group.

2. Avoid adding people to groups without their permission.

Ensure the prospect agrees and understands the reason, expectation and process before the person joins the group.

3. Don’t spam by constantly bombarding your group with links without providing value.

4. Give the treatment by providing exclusive content and opportunities to your group.

5. Create a sense of community ,

People are open to learning new things that will help their issues. They also want to feel a part of a community, Hence be intentional with your content to keep the group members engaged.

This includes showing appreciation through recognition and prizes.

This piece is really key to increase conversions from prospects to teammates and customers. The last thing you want is a dead group and massive exits without profits fro your efforts.


Online social groups and chats like Facebook groups can be a powerful tool in your business arsenal. Groups allow you to leverage, automate and supercharge your business building activities.

All while supporting easy and large scale team duplication where members can enrol teammates and customers in mass using shared resources.

And even without having those awkward prospecting conversations.

I know it all sounds nice but you still need to get high quality people into your group without using sneaky or bait and switch tactics.

The great news is that identifying, attracting and continually adding people to your group can be all automated using simple online systems and social media tools even a newbie or non-tech person can use.

Click here to find out how to build that endless list quality targeted prospects without prospecting or chasing anyone.

Avoid These 5 Major Mistakes Most  Home Business Owners Make With Facebook Groups

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