A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch.

Written by Donna Patterson

Did you schedule your next facial at the Home spa?

This blog is all about helping you choose the best natural products for a perfect facial experience all in the comfort of your own home. When you read further down, you will see some tips for a weekly skincare routine.

In this blog conversation, I also add some guidelines for choosing products for each skin type and objectives. There are few things to beware of so you can avoid some less than pretty mistakes.

So whether you have oily skin or dry skin.

Looking to treat acne or firm the skin.

Or maybe you just want to throw off the dullness and embrace your natural glow.

There is a product designed for your specific needs.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 1
Love your skin. Embrace life.

Before we start, let me ask you this…

Have you ever had skin envy?

I like so many women in the real world battled with skin issues and imperfections. It made me want to hide for years and suffered from low self-esteem.

Now after discovering what I know now, I can truly be free in my own skin. I also want the same for you.

By the way, you can free yourself from those media images. They are usually not real or only possible after many expensive surgeries.

Cindy Crawford does not look like Cindy Crawford

The great thing is that many of the treatments you get at a professional spa can be done at home without the spa price.

The result will not be the same as cosmetic surgery yet if done right using professional grade products, you can have skin that you will love.

One such spa treatment is the popular facial.

Many ask what is the best facial treatment.

There is no one right answer because it depends on so many factors including skin issue, skin type, process,  product sensitivity, price, time and even climate.

Whether you simply want to maintain great skin or dealing with acne, wrinkles, fine lines,  and uneven skin tone…

There is one facial treatment that is an absolute must for any effective skincare regime and that is a facial.

What  Are The Benefits of  Facials ?

Benefits of facials include:

  • Skin protection and extended youthfulness.
  • Stimulating skin renewal and collagen production,  
  • Delays the signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles and keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Toning of the facial skin and muscles, which supports firmness and elasticity.
  • It induces relaxation and helps reduce stress and fatigue.
  • It Improves blood circulation, strengthens the supportive tissues and improves the skin’s resilience.
  • It  helps with dullness and uneven skin tone issues
  • It helps in lymphatic drainage, which flushes out toxins from your system and purifies the skin.

If that is true, then why aren’t more women having Facials? Don’t most women love facials?

Usually, when you hear the word facial, you, of course, you think of a spa. However, the truth is that a few factors keep women from indulging in this treatment. These include:

Going to the spa can be time-consuming especially for us business owners that are still working full time a job.

The cost for a basic facial is US$150 to $250 may just not be in the budget right now as you work to improve the cash flow in your business. Imagine spending US$750 in three months on facials.

Discover 5 Simple Steps To the Perfect Facial At Home Without the Spa Price

Did that get your attention?

Well, a specialized facial like a peel or organic facial costs a lot more. It can take you into the thousands.

There are other factors that may prevent women from having facials.

Some may be as follows:

  1. Your nearest spa maybe miles away.

2. Not sure what treatment and products that will work for you especially if you have sensitive skin.

3. Some facials have not provided any real results: a total waste of your valuable time and money. I can totally relate to this.

Which category do you fall in? 1, 2 or 3?

I remember my first spa experience. A certified London trained aesthetician gave me a basic facial using low-grade store products.

Suffice it to say, that after the visit, I left the spa looking extremely shiny. I also had a permanent look of surprise on my face due to the weird eyebrow shape.

Please note that at the time, I had oily skin and suffered badly with acne.

To top it all off, I had a really bad breakout not long after the facial. I don’t think I need to tell you how I felt…

The good news is that with the expansion in knowledge of natural alternatives and systems doing a DIY Home spa facial is really easy.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 2
Natural DIY Home Facial

In this blog conversation, let’s talk about some of the things you need to consider when choosing a facial for your skin type or specific objective.

 This is from personal experience, the experience of customers and research. In this short video, I share a spa level facial that can be done at home on any skin type and has you glowing in minutes.

In a previous post, I shared some tips about how to have a complete home spa for yourself or you want a spa party for the girls. In that post I  mentioned Facials.

In essence, facials include cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extraction, facial masks, peels, serums, creams and lotions for moisturizing and massage which are all necessary for healthy and glowing skin.

These various  facial treatments work together to:

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Clear  clogged pores
  • Stimulate skin regeneration
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Reveal healthy radiant, younger looking skin

 The exact facial process or combination will be based on your skin type, condition and need as you will find out.  So keep reading.

If you have normal skin, a basic or classic facial will do the job.

Best Facial For oily skin

What is oily skin?

Oily skin can be identified by an excess of oil, a shiny or greasy complexion even hours after washing the face. It is usually acne prone with large pores and pimples. If you have oily skin like myself, you need to remember these points.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 3

Clay masks are a must for oily skin.

  • Do not use harsh cleansers or any cleansers containing alcohol which trip away the skin’s natural oils causing over dryness. This causes the sebum gland to overproduce sebum oil in order to  moisturize the skin.
  •  Also, ensure that you use deep cleansers like foam based ones with hydrating elements to ensure those pores are cleared of dead skin cells, debris and dirt.
  •  It is best not to use harsh scrubs for the exfoliation process since they can aggravate the skin,  spread infection and trigger an acne breakout.
  • A purifying mask like clay masks is excellent for oily skin. They close pores while absorbing the oil and other impurities. This can also help to decrease breakouts.
  • Don’t skip the moisturizer. I know it may be tempting to forgo the moisturizer believing that it would just be an unnecessary layer to your face, however, even oily skin needs hydration. That last thing you want is to undo your good work by causing your skin to increase oil production to replenish lost oils and moisture.  Causing an early shiny face.
  • Use a light lotion to moisturize your skin and not a cream. Lotions have a higher water content and easily absorbed without the risk of clogging your pores.
  • If you live a colder climate you may need to consider a richer moisturizer than someone in a warmer climate.
  • Avoid products including makeup that are noncomedogenic. This means that they don’t clog the pores.

In summary, the facial treatment for oily skin includes deep foam cleansing with gentle exfoliation, toning with antibacterial properties,  purifying mask, light moisturizing and sun protection. Ensure that products clear and shrink pores while reducing excess oil production.

Best Facial for Dry Skin

Interestingly, I could not find a clear definition for dry skin. MedicineNet calls dry skin abnormally dry and that it can be caused by a dry climate, cold temperatures, severe deficiency of vitamin A, systemic illness, overexposure to sunlight or medication. Dry skin can become irritable, itchy, flaky, cracked and even pale.   

 dark skin woman with dry skin facial

Here are a few tips for your home facial treatment:

  • Mild cleansers that do not cause dryness
  • Avoid commercial soaps. They usually contain products that remove the natural oils in the skin and leaves a residue that may cause itching. MedicineNet recommends Dove Cetaphil.
  • A fruit or plant-based facial is especially helpful for dry skin due to their moisturizing properties. For instance, honey or almond can be great choices for scrubs while citrus provides a gentle deep cleanse. Pineapple and papaya are believed to stimulate collagen production and hence elasticity.
  • Apple and avocado make great hydration masks. Basil and witch hazel have been suggested for natural toners. Tea tree and witch hazel can rejuvenate the skin while improving skin texture skin tone. This is just one example of several options available particularly if you are looking for a natural facial kit. There are even commercial facial kits designed specifically for dry skin so don’t lose hope.
  • Use thick, rich nourishing creams to maintain moisture and support elasticity.
  • Add anti-ageing products and eye care since dry skin tends to age faster than oily skin.
  • You may also want to consider a polisher.

One really popular facial for dry skin is the VLCC Diamond Facial Kit.

It has been described as a  facial containing herbal ingredients enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil, diamond bhasma, olive leaf extract, grape seed extracts, glycerin, Aloe Vera, orange extracts and many other beneficial ingredients which are great for dry skin types. You can check out the VLCC Diamond Facial Kit on Amazon.

In summary, a facial for dry skin focuses on deep cleansing,  extended steaming, hydrating mask, serum, heavy moisturizers, anti-ageing and sunscreen.

Best facial For  Sensitive Skin

 woman doing a facial care

Be clean.

Be gentle

  • Plant-based, natural or organic facials are best for sensitive skin
  • Patch test all products before uses
  • Consult with a specialist that does herbal or organic facials to determine the right treatment for your skin
  • Ensure that tools and equipment whether at home or spa are sanitized properly.
  • Stay away from fragrance-based ingredients which can lead to unwanted eruptions.

Best Facials for Combination  Skin

If you have normal skin yet notice more oil on your e forehead, nose, and chin called the“T-zone”, then you have combination skin.

Combination skin needs to be treated carefully since the face has both dry and oily tissues.

You will have to know your zones and apply the different products to the different problems areas. For example in a typical scenario, suppose you used one type of mask like the clay masks over the entire face.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 4

It would dry out the dryer places but the moisturizing masks can cause clogged pores and hence impurities on the oily parts.

Yes in that case, you would have apply different masks to the different zones. Just don’t  overlap or mix masks.

Personally, I am getting tired just thinking about it. Talk about being meticulous. Thankfully there are natural facials that you can use on combination skin with way less hassle.

Research has shown that for the combination skin type, you can use facials and masks made using natural humectants. They both nourish and moisturize your skin.

At the same time, humectants don’t affect the oils in your skin. Humectants are substances that retain moisture or prevent drying out by attracting or holding water molecules.

Natural Humectants include lactic acid honey and aloes. Botaneri describes humectants as a natural moisturizer, protein in structure and sites synthetic examples as lithium chloride, urea, glyceryl triacetate, propylene glycol, hexylene glycol, and butylene glycol.

Another treatment method some skin care professionals suggest, that after cleansing, the dry area of the skin should be massaged.

The face should then be toned with a cold compress, using a rose-based skin tonic.

Best Facial  For Anti Ageing

In addition to any of the other facial tips,   you incorporate herbal peels or enzymatic peels, brightening and firming masks with ingredients such as vitamin C, plant extracts and other age-defying antioxidants.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 5


They can boost collagen production, soften the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, smoothen and brighten your complexion.

Remember to add an eye treatment since the skin around the eye is thin , delicate and can age quickly due to poor sleep and dryness among other  factors.

Best Facial For  Acne

Get rid of acne.

Very soon I will be releasing my book on how I finally got rid of acne using 7 core principles.

  • Avoid harsh scrubs, cleansers and  exfoliators to reduce dryness
  • Avoid extractions especially for cyst Acne as they may spread infection
  • Use purifying masks
  • Use anti spot and brightening serums
  • Focus on controlling oil production
  • Ensure you moisturize with light lotion or cream depending on  your skin type. Yes even persons with dry skin can experience acne.
  • Use  herbal or enzymatic peels  to reduce appearance of spots, scars and discolouration

Best Facial for Brightening and glowing skin

  • Use a brightening mask ( not bleaching products)
  • Use natural peels to remove the top layer of dead skin cells reveal a new healthy skin surface that is soft, smooth and bright.
  • Use appropriate serums that support the reduction of the appearance of spots and discolouration for daily use.

Professional Facials Vs Home Facials

  profession facial versus a home diy facial

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 6

In an interview with Kerry Benjamin, an LA-based celebrity esthetician, creator of Stacked Skincare and owner of Kerry Benjamin Skincare, the question of professional facial versus a home facial or DIY facial was raised.

This is her response, “I always tell my clients that they need to do both if they want to have beautifully flawless skin. It can’t just be one or the other.  Professional treatments are a deeper exfoliation and infusion of potent active ingredients that are not available to purchase for consumers.”

You can get really close to a professional facial with the right products, routine and commitment.

Kerry Benjamin


You must take into consideration that many of the creams and the masks that are used in a salon and even over the counter, can contain many chemicals that can actually damage the skin.  

These dangerous product chemicals can make your skin rough and cause breakouts or other unwanted skin issues.

Furthermore, you can end up in developing rashes and marks on the skin.

Some products are even toxic and cause other health issues.

Many times some electronic procedures and harmful bleaching agents are used to make the skin look glowing and lighter.

This is certainly not good for us with dark skin tones.

… and I am not talking about the glowing part. I mean really…who doesn’t want that but we need to understand that bleaching is seriously harmful to our skin and overall health.

This does very little good and the result you find are only temporary and not long lasting.

That is why is crucial to educate yourself on safe skincare products and procedure because not every treatment will suit all skin types.

At Home Facials With Steamer

Steaming has always been one of my favourite parts of a spa facial. Is it your favourite part as well?

Steaming opens up your pores and makes them more receptive to treatments. It also makes your skin supple and plush. It also improves blood circulation, facilitates removal of toxins and supports the moisture framework within the skin.

Here are your three options:

  •  Boil water in a pot in the kitchen or collect hot water in a bowl in your bathroom sink. You can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Place a towel over your head and hover over the water. Let the towel that surrounds your head capture the steam.
  • Dunk a towel directly into hot water, squeeze out the excess, and let it rest on your face.
  • You can also buy a small countertop home steamer that does all the work for you, like the NanoSteamer on Amazon.
A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 7

Warning !

Please ensure that the water or steam isn’t so hot it feels like you’re burning! You can avoid this with a facial steamer that has temperature control.

You might want to skip the steam if you used a chemical exfoliate or chemical peel.  Experts suggest that this might cause increased pigmentation notably in dark skin tones.

I use enzymatic peels so I don’t have to worry about the risks associated with chemical peels. I love my skin. You should love your skin too.

The Negative Side Effects of Facials

It depends on the type,  products used and or misuse.

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Blotchy skin

These can be from the pressure of exfoliation and extractions. Livestrong recommends the following:

Avoid wearing makeup or using any products on your skin in the day or two following your facial to give your skin time to heal. Avoid scheduling facials within three days of a big event at which you want to look your best.

Breakouts from using unhygienic tools and equipment before the start of your facial, make sure that all tools are sanitized. If at a salon ensure the  equipment are sanitized or ask the technician to not use those equipments during your facial.

Possible scarring from unskilled and rough extractions or even from the use of dirty tools and fingers.  There are facial kits with masks and serums that you do not need to do physical extractions.

Dryness from harsh cleansers and exfoliation. You may also want to use sunscreen which can also dry your skin.

Chemical Peels vs Enzymatic  Peels

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 8

Professional peels literally remove the top layers of your skin to stimulate cellular turnover so fresh, healthy cells can surface.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 9

Facial peels are popular because they can help with texture, tone, anti-ageing, and acne.

Remember that professional peels done in the spa will have chemicals of higher concentrations and even toxic cancerous substances.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 10

Chemical peels can cause chemical burns and skin infections.

You can find out more about the dangers of chemical peels here.

Now you can replicate this spa treatment in the convenience of your own home!

Photo, fruit or enzymatic peels are better alternatives since you can get many of the benefits of a  light to medium facial without the side effects, risk of infection and skin damage or long recovery.

Those are some of the downsides of a chemical peels most aestheticians don’t tell you.

How To Choose The Best Mask For Your Skin Type and Skin Issue?

 Facial masks

A mask  covers the  face (not eyes and lips), allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and quickly draw out impurities, tighten, hydrate, and/or brighten. It is highly specific to your skin  treatment objective or concern.

Putting your best face forward using the right mask

Does your skin feel dry or tight?  Hydrating Mask infusing and maintaining moisture.

Has your skin lost its lustre and looks a bit dull? The brightening mask removes the dead skin cells, brighten and improving skin tone.

Oily and acne prone skin?  A dense clay mask is perfect to remove excess oil and deep cleanse your skin and mores.

Would you like a bit more firmness? It is all about stimulating collagen production, supporting moisture, elasticity and filling out the skin.

Have rough or flaky skin?   Use a Polishing mask to buff away the dull skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Now with the right products, you can use one mask at a time to firm sagging skin or exfoliate and polish your complexion.

You can also have fun experimenting with “multi-masking,” using them in combinations to bring out the best of different parts of your face.

Just make sure not to mix or overlap the masks when using them.

The one shown in the pics belongs to a high-quality exclusive product line. If you want more info about the then take our skin care quiz and let’s find out if its right for you.

Some skin specialists recommend using a serum. However,  there are serums to be used before, with and after using facial masks so do pay attention to the directions.

Facial Kits

When you purchase a facial kit, you need to take care of some important points as there are specific facial kits  which may be customized according to skin types.  You can  truly personalize your skin care routine.

A Practical Overview of Facials, Facial Masks and Facial Kits. A Must Have For Busy Women Looking To Simplify Their Home Skin Care Routine Without Losing The Benefits Of A Beautician’s Pro Touch. 11

General Daily, Weekly  and Monthly Facial Skincare Routine Tips

Yes regular facials can do wonders for the skin. Giving you a healthy glowing clear complexion. However it is only part of the skin care routine for supporting beautiful skin.

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturize daily using the products most suitable for your skin type. Using natural, plant-based and organic ingredients or products provides amazing benefits across most skin types without any side effects.
  • Patch test everything you use before you slather it all over.
  • Remember to show some love to your eyes and lips. The delicate skin around your eyes is super sensitive, so even just a little dehydration in that area can make you look exhausted.  Dry, chapped lips can be an irritant and painful in a worse case scenario.
  • Facials reap greater results when done at night so you can maximize the repair process that occurs while you sleep. Sleeping Beauty your bed awaits.
  • Change the pillow cases 2-3 times a week

Pillowcases can a breeding ground for bacteria, dead skin cells, hair oils, and others that might not be healthy for your skin. They can infect the skin, clog pores or irritate the skin.

  • Avoid sleeping only one side ( I have to remind myself constantly).
  • You can do a home facial once  or twice per week
  • You can go to a spa facial every 6 weeks .
  • If you do wear makeup , make sure to  clean it off thoroughly before you go to sleep and before you do any facial treatment. Wipes can remove makeup, yet many do not cleanse your face.
  • If you are buffy after a facial or have cysts acne you may want to use ice to soothe the skin. I was surprised to discover the existence of ice rollers.  I have added it to my list of things to try.
  • There are serums that can be used daily that provide similar benefits to masks.

Want to mix your own?


There is nothing more relaxing and pampering than a wonderful DIY facial and home spa treatment.

A professional grade facial doesn’t always mean a trip to the spa.  There are face masks and home facials and facial kits that can provide an intensive treatment boost for any skin type or skin concern.

You have a choice of plant-based, natural and organic powerful ingredients that treat specific issues while also providing relaxation and stress relief.

Whether you’re doing mini facials, using facial masks or full facial kits as part of an acne treatment program, anti-ageing or for general skin care concerns, there is absolutely a facial for you.

A facial with products suitable for your skin type, sensitives, skin issues and skin goals.

Remember you have the freedom to construct your own home facial kit so that you can mix and match products from different systems.

Isn’t that great news!

If you want to know my recommendation that has helped my acne, uneven skin tone while supporting biological anti aging processes which can be used by every skin type then you will certainly want to click here.

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