The Simple 5 Steps To Finding High Quality Prospects On Facebook Without Sending Those Awkward Private Hey Messages In Facebook Messenger

Written by Donna Patterson

how to prospect on Facebook

 So how to find your perfect prospects and recruit on Facebook?

 If you are now coming online, then you should start with active prospecting and there is the right way to do it without repelling people by constantly posting about your company, opportunity or products.   You will soon recognize that you have to expand your social network to connect with high quality prospects for your home business. That is where attraction marketing shines. The Attraction Marketing Formula provides a strategy that will continuously build your list of prospects.

The 5 steps discussed in this blog are based on the concept of Attraction Marketing. It certainly makes network marketing and affiliate marketing on Facebook much easier than traditional cold marketing prospecting. Although the focus is on Facebook prospecting, the 5 steps can be applied to any social media platform.

  Imagine, having people join your team or buy your product without being pushy, salesy or facing countless rejection.

 Plus, the daily activities don’t have to take up your entire day whether out of your home or glued to the phone.

 Step 1:  Provide relevant  quality content around your solution/problem to your targeted prospect

Get the Attention and  Stop the Scroll

 Grab the attention of your prospect with your content. Let that person feel like you are speaking directly to them and reading their minds.

Craft your message as if you know their deepest thoughts and secret desires.

Some points to consider as create your content are:

  •  Who is your perfect prospect?
  • What is the problem you solve?
  • What is the solution?
  • What is the purpose of the post?
  • Address what is in it for them
  • Answer the question, so what.
  • What do you want the prospect to feel?
  • What action do you want the prospect to take?
  •  What are you leading them to?

 Use stories to build relatability that quickly builds rapport and trust. 

 As they say, “Content is King!” 

Your content builds credibility and authority to lead the person to the next step. Be the tour guide to the solution. This is not simply stating information but adding your personality and perspectives to make the content uniquely yours.

 The key piece that makes this work is knowing your ideal avatar or ideal prospect. This is a profile of the person that you want to join your team or buy your product. It goes much deeper than just age and gender.

Hidden Content

 Step 2: Establish the Desire/Want/Need

  Shotgun vs Sniper  Approach

 Too many home business owners are spreading themselves too thin, and knocking their heads against a brick wall trying to target everyone. 

This leads to embarrassment, continuous rejection, frustration, loss in confidence and increased doubts about your ability to succeed in your business.


Everyone is not interested in your business opportunity and products.

target market

Everyone is not your perfect prospect.

Right now the typical network or affiliate marketer is using the shotgun approach to target broadly.   Thus you connect with people who have no desire for your offer.

Imagine, you are selling a product to remove acne marks. Would you try to sell that product to someone with flawless skin?

Probably not, right?

However, by using the sniper approach, you can zone in on persons who are having trouble with acne, then it takes the pressure off of you to talk to them about your product.

 Even though the person has acne, you still need to build up the desire for your specific product and why should they act now.

Step 3: Focus on the Relationship

 focus on building relationships


Build the know like and trust factor. Let them get to know you through your content. This includes creating posts that entertain and portray lifestyle. This is something that is a bit difficult for me to do since I am a homebody and an introvert.

 This is how you build that know, like and trust factor. At the end of the day, people buy from people they know like and trust.

For similar reasons, videos are a big thing right now on social media including live video on Facebook and YouTube, where people can interact with you in real time.

Click here to discover how you can use short simple videos to drive more sales and signups without fancy equipment or even being on camera. 

Step 4: Promote Smartly

Sell without selling.

 No need to be the obnoxious pushy salesman. 

 When Steps 1 to 3 are done correctly, people will be happy you made an offer.   The main idea is to educate your audience/network through your content so that joining your team or purchasing your product will seem like the most logical step.

 During the promotion phase, you have to build up the value so that it seems 10x  worth the price. The objections or resistance should be addressed upfront to eliminate any lingering concerns.

The persons who take action on your offer genuinely looking to solve their problems and want to know the next steps to take in their transformation journey. Obviously, not everyone will buy but they will not be turned off when you make an offer.

Step 5: Have A System for Presentation and Followup

 you need a system


When using attraction marketing on Facebook, the intent is to have a more passive approach to prospecting. Instead of cold market prospecting or cold messaging on Facebook,  persons come to you. Essentially these people have raised their hands and indicated their interest, thus initiating the first contact.

This is very different from the traditional cold market prospecting where you approach strangers randomly not knowing whether they would be open to your opportunity or product. This gunshot approach usually ended in total rejection.

 Now that you the person’s attention what do you do next?

You should have a simple clear process for qualification, presentation and follow up.

 This can be as simple as a messenger chat, then the prospect is added to a Facebook group then followup in messenger or on a zoom call.

 There are possible several flows and systems that can be created that are hands on, automated or a hybrid.  There are pros and cons to each type and should be chosen based on what works for you and personal preference.

For instance, high touch may be more time intensive while automation may add friction or seem less human so I personally prefer a mix of both.

 High touch and high tech


 Prospecting on Facebook certainly beats pounding the pavement. However, if done incorrectly, it can end up being a total time suck with little to no results.

When now coming online, I recommend that you start with active prospecting and then elements of attraction marketing. Why? Because attraction marketing takes time to gain momentum but it does, the results are rapid and continuous.

When active prospecting is combined with the attraction marketing formula, you can grow your network, build your team and increase sales much faster than using traditional methods that don’t work.

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