The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team and Getting Customers On Social Media

Written by Donna Patterson

How is your home business going? 

If your business is going great, awesome but if you are like most struggling networkers, you just cringed.

Believe me, I totally understand because not too long ago, that was me as well on the struggle bus. You can stop beating yourself up because it is not your fault.

Talk about a worldwide life and business crisis.

Who would have thought an infection could cause such disruption on a massive scale.

A  total global lockdown with churches, bars, restaurants, schools, airports and more, closed.

Yet more than this, it means that prospecting in groceries, malls, universities, the street corners and wherever else is no longer possible.

The 3ft rule has now turned in to the 6 ft rule and social distancing is the new normal. That also means that having home meetings, home parties, hotel meetings and beauty breaks can’t be done like they used to be.

So I know this has left many Home  Business Owners in a quandary as to how to move on in their businesses, trying to figure things out.

How to find prospects online that are already interested in your business opportunity?

How to you grow your network marketing team using social media from home?

How to get customers for your MLM products?

 This has caused many to turn to online space, hoping that Social Media be the be-all and end-all.

Believing it would be so much easier and it could be if done correctly. But many Business Owners are not taking the most strategic actions on Social media to connect with the best prospects and customers.

More about that in a bit.

For many Business Owners, this is a new situation but for me…

It’s not new.

My Story – How Did I get  Here?

 was about 2018, I was in the exact same boat when I experienced a very severe personal health crisis.

Where I was restricted in terms of my ability to move. My stomach was swollen.

My legs were swollen and every movement was extremely painful. I also had an infection that was affecting my heart and kidneys.

On top of that, I was facing losing my job and that was besides all the work politics.

 My stress levels along with my blood pressure were off the charts and 

I was helplessly watching body swelling.

Those two things together sent me into panic mode.

Because, quite frankly, I couldn’t do that type of prospecting anymore.

The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team and Getting Customers On Social Media 1

I could barely walk to the bathroom much less go pound the pavement.

This business could well be the only way to earn an income and it was in place to replace my job income.

What was I going to do? That question was just constantly drumming through my mind.

 That was when I quickly, frantically began searching for a way to get prospects and customers without leaving my house. 

That’s how I found my mentor that showed me how to build my home business online starting with Facebook.

A simple system that has really made a huge difference for me, and gave me hope.

That even if I lost my job, at least there’s another avenue for me to be able to make an income from home.

Even if this illness became so debilitating that I could not, perform my normal functions and move normally.  I could still grow my networking business.

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The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team and Getting Customers On Social Media 2

The Huge  Problem with Social Media

If you are now transitioning to the online space or using social media without not getting momentum, I know that you will appreciate what I’m about to share.

 I don’t need to tell you that Social media is getting crowded and is very noisy. Then you hear so many gurus telling you to do this, do that or do the other. Sometimes even contradicting themselves.

Showing you tactics, but not really showing you a clear strategy, a clear system that could work for you to actually get prospects that would be suitable for your network marketing or affiliate business opportunity, product or service.

These experts leave you even more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.

But that is just part of the problem. Here’s the other…

In typical offline prospecting, you know, we had to go for No to get the Yes. Unfortunately,  like many business owners, when I first came on social media, I took that same approach.

Does this sound familiar?

I continuously posting pictures of my MLM company and my products on my newsfeed, hoping someone will see it and click on my link.

I know you can see and you recognize that none of that is working.

Then you are spending all your waking moments online, being buried in those fruitless, dead conversations that are simply draining you, you know.

 I remember being so be fake social. Scrambling to come up with interesting tidbits to compliment this person to initiate the conversation.

Let me tell you that person can smell that desperation and fakeness through their screens.

Of course, that’s only if the person even bothers to respond to your message. Usually, they simply ignore you altogether or even block you.

The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team and Getting Customers On Social Media 3

How To Grow Your MLM Team Fast Online  or  Using  Social Media Without The Stress

Since I began this online journey,  I learnt many things but there were really three main things  I really wish someone had told me. it would have saved me so much time and frustration.

The three things that I want to share with you can really help you grow a team and income without losing any more personal and family time.

Plus connect with new prospects without being spammy or just hitting up random strangers.

Keep reading to the last point since that’s gonna make the biggest difference in your business.

#1 You Need Your Perfect Prospect and Not  Just  Anybody Will Do

 Know Who is your ideal Prospect and Customer

 You will soon realize that friends and family are not the best persons to target for your business.

Please understand that rather than looking for every person alive and can fog a mirror, you have the power to choose who you want to work with. Unlike your job. 

You can choose the type of customer you would like to serve.

 Another thing is that instead of trying to, promote all your company products and drive yourself crazy trying to sell everything, but nothing is being sold. You can really narrow down your focus and simplify your life.

The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team and Getting Customers On Social Media 4

For example, skincare, skin treatments,  women’s health, sports, energy, make up are all separate product groups and can you decide which one you are most passionate about. 

This will also make it easier to create content that attracts potential customers to you and increase meaningful conversations that convert into sales and sign-ups.

Simplicity increases profitability.

Imagine having the ability to connect with a specific type of person that actually wants to hear from you and learn more about what you’re offering because they are looking to solve their problem. In that light,  your opportunity or product may just be the answer they are searching for.

Wouldn’t that make conversations a lot more authentic and fun?

 It prevents you from having to be in an awkward space or the “I hate selling” mindset. Since you’re basically just sharing the information that the person is looking for without the hard selling tactics. 

 The content also creates a filtering system repelling the wrong persons who usually just end up giving you more headache and problems because they don’t stick around and/or they don’t do anything while draining your energy. You know, just how that chips away at your confidence and belief in your business.

 I can tell you from personal experience, that you’re going to feel better about your business just from this one concept. You will fall in love with your business all over again.

 You can have confidence and joy back in your business because you’re doing what you enjoy to do, which is share your products, share the information, but it’s going to be done in a particular way. I will talk about that a bit later. 

So  here is the  starting point: Knowing your ideal target person

Remember, you have the power to choose, rather than being desperate and accepting any and everybody.

 # 2 Have a Clear  Working  Process, Strategy  and System

automated mlm system

When we were offline,  using traditional business methods, we were doing things attempting to…

  • Get a certain number of prospects per day.
  • Have a certain number of presentations per week.
  • Have a   specific number of people invited to the hotel meeting per week.
  • Have a certain number of signups and follow-ups per month. 

 It took so much time. 

You needed at least  20 presentations a month but that meant you had to get about five to ten times that many people expected to in fact get to that number of presentations per month.

Let’s be honest. The business took over our lives. 

It took a lot of time away from our families. It took away from personal time. We got into a business that promises time and money freedom. But yet what we’re seeing is just more grind and hustle.

The next thing is that we are pretending that this business is working. We then seek to sell this dream to someone else when we ourselves are not seeing that possibility. Some of us are even going into debt through autoship and tools.

Well, one helpful thing I learned when coming online is that many of the repetitive actions, from prospecting, invitation presentation, of course, some of the follow up can be done through systems and even automation. 

You could actually create a customized system that can do a lot of the presentations and all of these things for you.

And even do it in a way that you don’t have to feel that like a salesperson.

you made a commission

You can sell without selling. And trust me, this system works for you, even when you’re not actively involved.

For example, I work a full time job and sometimes I simply do not have that time to work on my business because things happen. All right?

Life happens or my illness is acting up. A family member needs help, things happen. 

I can tell you that it really is comforting to know that I can step away from my business and my business can still be built.

Business activities such as list building are happening behind the scenes, even if I’m not physically there, physically pushing buttons or doing anything directly involved in the business. 

I can continue to generate income from those activities whether or not the person joins my team.

That’s how powerful systems are, while processes help you know exactly what needs to occur when.

As we know in the traditional business processes, when you stop physically doing those things, your business either remains flat or more likely went down.

That is certainly not the case when you have a clear strategy, simple process and a customized system that will be working for you even on the days when you cannot work on your business.

 So you could take your life back and have peace of mind that you will never run out of people to talk to about your business opportunity or products.

That leads me to the third thing, which is related, but it’s so powerful that it needed to have its own heading.

#3 Have Your  Prospects Ask  You For More Information – Passive Prospecting

The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team and Getting Customers On Social Media 5

Now, traditionally, we do a lot of active prospecting, meaning we did the reach outs, we are the ones that actually initiate the connection and conversation.

Then asking that person if they’re open to our business opportunity or are open to whatever product that we are promoting. 

Initially, when you come online, me too, we bring that sort of system online. In the beginning, nothing is wrong with that to get some traction,  to do active prospecting on social media.

Yet you can do it without annoying or spamming anyone.

However, when you combine the active and passive prospecting methods, it is going to simplify and supercharge your online recruiting efforts, because you know exactly who you’re targeting, and you have a clear process in place that allows you to differentiate yourself from every other distributor online. 

And you’re certainly going to have better results including less rejections from targeting people who are most likely interested in your offer, your product service or business opportunity.

But let’s come back to passive prospecting which is where you’re actually able to recruit or rather enrol without prospecting.

Meaning, without you being the one initiating the process, instead, you become the hunted instead of the hunter. In this case, you are the one being asked to share your information.

You are the one being asked to join your team. They want to buy your products.

 It is a  total game changer.

attraction marketing

Imagine not having to chase anybody, nobody, family or friend or co-worker or church member ever again.

Imagine not having to have those awkward conversations when you’re trying to transition from normal conversation to having someone ask you what you do.

…or not always having  that  hidden FORM agenda , mentally ready to go.

Imagine not having to scramble at the end of the month calling or messaging  everyone trying to build your business volume .

Imagine having interested prospects eagerly to wanting to hear from you.

On the other hand  with  passive prospecting, persons actually are the ones coming to you. Reaching out to you, inquiring about what  you have to offer. I had to emphasize that.

How would that feel? What would that do for your business?

How would you feel about your business?

How would it feel to  have  messages from people saying, I’m looking for an opportunity and what are you doing?

Or” I just saw your post and I’m very interested in that. Can you send me some more information?”

 Honestly, tell me that you would not enjoy your business more  with quality prospects coming to you. 

Besides that, you will not have to be on social media for hours or sending those annoying, ‘Hey girl’, ‘Hey bro’ messages to 50 to 100 random strangers online every day.

This is also how to truly automate your mlm business and starting enrolling business partners and customers on autopilot.

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Are You Ready To Give Your  Home Business  A Jumpstart?

It is totally different from the typical traditional methods we are usually taught. In this passive prospecting   process,  we attract our perfect prospects to us   with the following:

  1.  Knowing the  ideal person you want as a customer or business partner.
  1. Creating a   clear marketing process.
  1. Setting up an online passive prospecting system.

This means actually using marketing concepts, the other part networking that is never taught. Most  Business Owners tend to just promote, promote, promote, but promoting is only a part of marketing. 

Now I can share with you many testimonials of top earners and top producers who are using this exact strategy.

 Some networkers even have people signing up with them, they have never spoken to.

Hey  I know this sounds totally unreal. I would have not believed it myself had I not been part of this team. I have had persons reach out to me asking what I do, asking about my opportunity and products.  I will never forget the first time  I got a sale from someone I never spoke to.

Can you envision not following up 10 times or following up till they die? You can end the suffering of talking to so many uninterested people, save your time from tire kickers.

You no longer have to desperately hold on to each prospect trying to convince them to sign up because you don’t really want to go and prospect again, to face that rejection again. 

 When you put these three things, your target,  strategy and enrollment marketing process together you can have a system that is customized and works for you and your business that allows you to grow your team online without leaving your house. Increase your customer sales from persons who actually want to buy your products.

More than that, building your business using social media in a strategic way  is going to take way less time away from your family, and the things you love to do. Create a business lifestyle that you can love and lead to the time and money freedom that you crave.

A business that gives you, true wealth, health and balance.


Live A Life By Design

P.S. Get your hand on the online strategy that provides endless prospects that come to you without the rejection or social spamming.

The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team  and  Getting Customers  On Social Media
The 3 Simple Truths To Building Your Network Marketing Team  and  Getting Customers  On Social Media

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