Ready For A Full Body Detox? How To Choose The Right Detox For You.

Written by Donna Patterson

how to choose the right detox

Stress The Silent  Destroyer

 Stress alone can  disrupt your body creating  inflammation and oxidative pressure on  your organs so that they don’t function properly.  This includes the lung, liver, kidney and intestines. Add poor nutrition, processed foods, missing meals, poor sleep, constant anxiety and being high strung can lead to a damaged kidney and liver along with toxins backed up in your  body.

But don’t those words describe the life of a business owner  while still working a job?

Now everyone needs to get a detox but this blog is directed at business owners since they tend to ignore the requirements  for healthy living. They believe they are just too busy to slow down until a health issue stops them totally. I am talking from experience and I want to spare you similar pains.

 Taking small steps towards better health, can  to lead to significant improvements in health and your productivity. Doing a detox has many benefits. It can give the new life and clean slate to go again.

There are so many choices out there so how to choose the right detox for you?

What do you hope to gain from the detox?

Purpose of Detox

1.0 Purpose determines the type or method  of detox

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 The purpose of the detox will determine the type of cleanse and guide most of what we talk about hereafter.

As I mentioned in the previous blog about detox, there are many symptoms that may indicate you need a detox.

For each symptom there are specific cleanses that have been suggested to address those issues. For digestion issues, you can do a cold turkey fast while for constipation you can do alkaline water or green juicing.

Cold turkey fast is where you neither eat or drink anything for a specific period of time.

1.1 Purpose of detox determines diet during the detox

The purpose of the detox will also direct  your diet during the detox. For example, if you wish to lose weight, more than likely you will have  specific food restrictions such as no carbs, or no fried foods.

1.2 Purpose of detox dictates the duration of detox cleanse

 For a thorough detox, you are looking at about 10plus days while  a detox cleanse for constipation may be just 2 to 5 days. 

 Why does this matter?

Well, depending on your  detox and preparation you may not be able to adequately commit to the detox due to time constraints.

 Juicing  for a few days may sound easy but it may require adjusting your shopping habits and budget. Many people fall off because it can  become quite expensive and they don’t always have the time to prepare their drinks. Some detoxes have special brews that just don’t make them convenient to the working business owner.

1.3 Purpose of detox dictates the frequency of the detox cleanse

 If you are following a cleanse regime due to a chronic illness like cancer or even conditions like acne, the cleanses or detox will be more frequent than a general detox. On average a full body detox should be done every  3 to 6 months. For chronic illnesses, I would strongly suggest that you consult with a herbalist or natural homoeopathic doctor to get the right type and the frequency for your specific purpose.

Experience with Cleanses

As you take more cleanses, you will become more familiar with what to expect  and exactly how your body reacts during a detox.

Detox and Dieting

2.0 Eating Habits Before, During and After Detox

 eat right

 I hinted at this  in the previous section, but I believed this needed it section to address the question of what do you eat during  a detox

 Like I stated before, the purpose  of the detox influences the type of detox which in turn determines what you eat during the detox.

 For example if you are detoxing through fasting then the type fast such as total abstinence or  water or fruit fast tells you that you either consume nothing, only water or only fruit.

If you are juicing or using infused water, then you have a list of fruits and vegetables to choose from with each combination focused on a specific outcome for instance increased metabolism to healthy  firmer skin.

 Can you detox without dieting, food restrictions or starvation?

Absolutely, you can detox without starving yourself or dieting. However, if you want to cleanse your liver or lose weight, eating  a lot of fried or processed foods would defeat the purpose. Another way to look at it is that you may decrease the effectiveness of the detox by  not reducing or at least eliminating the intake of these foods known to damage the liver and stress the body.

 What about your eating habits  before and after the detox.

2.1 Eating Habits Before the Detox

 Let’s first start with fasting since intermittent fasting is so popular these days.   You may want to consider carb loading if you decide to do a fasting where you are not consuming anything. Mental preparation is also important so that you can deal with the initial hunger pangs until the body realizes that food is not coming and gets with the programme thus going into ketosis, where the body uses fat for energy.

Make a commitment to see it through.

 Also it is best to start reducing those fatty, sugary or fried favourites so that you don’t feel too grieved without them for a few days. 

2.2 Eating Habits After the Detox

It would be best to slowly add back solid food  into your daily diet particularly after a fast. Simply returning to an old way of eating will soon land you back exactly where you started.The better way is to  change your eating habits so that you support a healthy liver and hence the body’s natural detoxification system. 

Eating  a fried chicken or one donut is not going to wreak  total havoc, your body can handle the occasional assault. It is the constant attack from  bad food, coupled with poor sleep and stress that interferes with the body and we feel it through constant fatigue, weakness and feeling generally unwell. 

By making  lifestyle changes and strategic changes to  your eating habits after the detox can reduce the need for long or frequent detox or cleanse. 

What is your daily routine and how active do you need to be?

3.0 Activity Level During A Detox Cleanse

sleepy woman

 During a detox particularly fasting or juicing your body goes through a readjustment and a number of biochemical processes occur to rejuvenate  your biological systems. As a side effect you may feel a bit weaker or tired for the first few days. Some persons even get headaches and rashes as the toxins   are eliminated .

Remember the body eliminates toxins through the lungs,skin, urine and faeces. 

 If your detox  has extreme food restrictions such as  no carbs or proteins, your daily energy needs may not be met.

 Hence if you are very active, then  abstinence fasting may not be suitable for you. Juicing or herbal supplements or tea may be a better option for you.

Similarly if you are under a lot of stress like building a business and working, you need an option that will maintain your energy needs  but be easy and convenient to manage without losing the effectiveness of the detox or cleanse.

Alternatively, you may decide to change your  routine to fit in your detox.

Do you have any lifestyle or chronic diseases?

4.0 Current Health Issues That Can  Limit Your Choice of Detox

Ready For A Full Body Detox? How To Choose The Right Detox For You. 2

 If you have health issues, they must be factored when choosing  a detox. They influence your detox choice in two main ways.

Firstly, the health issue can  determine purpose and hence type of detox such as liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, colon cleanse, detox for constipation  and so on.

Secondly,  the health issue can limit  the type of detox you can use. For example if you suffer with heartburn, acid reflux or stomach ulcers, you may not be able to  fast. At least not for long periods until those health issues have been dealt with.

 Another example is if you suffer from chronic arthritis, then you may not be able to do a fruit fast using  citrus fruits as the acid content may induce joint pain.

 If you have kidney problems or prone to kidney stones, you may want to avoid vegetables with high Calcium Oxalate such as beet and spinach.

Before going on a detox or diet change it would be wise to consult with your doctor preferably a homeopathic doctor.

Are you allergic or sensitive to any specific foods or herbs?

5.0 Ingredients of  Detox Cleanse

Possible Impact of Detox Ingredients On Health Issues

 In the previous blog concerning detox, I went through some of the popular ingredients found in detox or cleanse. However, I want to emphasize here that you must be mindful that some ingredients like aloes or even senna may have a laxative effect and have you living near the toilet. Some ingredients may even give you stomach cramps while ingredients like garlic can drop your pressure.

If you decide to juice, be mindful of vegetables that may cause you to bloat.

detox water
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 Thankfully, if you are using  herbal detox cleanses and herbal detox support or herbal supplement or pills  certified by the NSF or similar body then there are usually no serious side effects  to worry about. Neither has there been a lot of data on possible interference with medicinal drugs. On the other hand if you use commercial, synthetic   chemicals then you need to be aware of the ingredients and their possible side effects.

As I said previously that your current health issue can  restrict the type of detox that you can use. I suggest going to a herbalist  to ensure you use the right herbs for your specific condition and purpose.


 I know that you may not have considered these things when choosing a detox but I want you to  make a more informed decision. Instead of being carried away with the latest fad, you can choose one that is best for your lifestyle and can get the maximum benefit from.

There are many different types of detox cleanse and when you decide on the purpose of the detox, then it can guide you on the best one for you.

One of the best things about  a detox is that you can adjust it to cater specifically to your needs and tastes. The options available are  endless.

I hope I didn’t scare you. Now that you have  the information,on how to choose the right detox, get started with your cleanse.

 My #1 Recommendation For Detox Supplement or Detox Support

 There are many detox cleanses focused  on specific issues like bloating and constipation. Yet,  the kidney and liver are the main organs in biological detoxification. This  is why I recommend a natural full body detox focusing on the kidney and liver.

 I am a very busy person and I am not a lover of tea so detox supplement pills or detox support is more convenient for me . Plus some of the ingredients would just take me  too long to prepare like the extracts of fruit skins.

What to learn more about my method of detox? Then click here.

Ready For A Full Body Detox?   How To Choose The Right  Detox For You.

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