Water Is Just Not Enough….

Written by Donna Patterson

Water Is Just Not Enough…. 1

So here I am , excited as a  child with a new toy to  be   attending the Rise to Freedom Summit… in sunny Arizona.

At least that is what my Mentor Kate McShea said.

Talk about perception..

 Sunny to me  means hot,  sunny Trinidad and Tobago, you know… the tropics right?

The long and short of the story was  Arizona was sunny for them coming from areas with snow… but not for this island girl.

Thankfully, it was not like England but  it was not quite sunny as I expected.  

I had layers of clothing including jackets and sweaters but Brrrr….

Boy did my new friends laugh at me….hmm but my skin was  protesting this cold onslaught.

Even my  normal oily flows retreated… in other words

My skin was just badly drying out despite drinking a lot of water

and  the water -based lotions I had with me  were no good.

So here I am, excited but cold, drying  out and my lips were looking  like burnt paper. really…. no exaggeration.

Not to mention  that my nose was in great discomfort.

  So here  are my two painful  lessons from the trip that  you can use to avoid my pitfalls

 Tip#1 :Oil Based Lotions Rock

Now do not get me wrong, drinking water is crucial to good health and skin but…

There is a big difference between drinking and absorbing water. Without the right amounts of  minerals and ions, you are just flushing your system… no hydration

 However, in dry cold weather,  your skin will be losing  a lot of  moisture naturally …

Dermatologists  call it a reduction in your skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF)

Use more intense richer moisturizers… and use more often ..

This adds more  hydration and  locks in moisture by protecting from the elements.

There  is an excellent line of hydrating products designed specifically for dry or oily skin in dry cold weathers but under the circumstances…

Vaseline  worked just as well.

It is also recommended  that you  use creamy cleansers rather that foamy ones….but

Remember to change back to normal skincare routine once in your warmer climate  to prevent  clogged pores and the dreaded breakouts.

Tip # 2 Soft Candle  Is My New Best Friend

As  I said earlier, my lips hmmm…. looked black and  burnt. They were burning and  peeling.

Guess what gave me  peace and restored my moist lips and stopped the peeling within hours?

Yep, you guessed right, soft candle followed by   an equal mixture of olive and  coconut oil.

  Thankfully, my lips returned to their normal colour in about  2 days.

 So as you leave  your sunny paradise to go those cooler/colder regions..

Do not  forget to pack the lubricating  oils and Vaseline ( if you do not have a  hydrating  lotion specialized to your skin   type)

Also, soft candle is a must for your lips aside from your lip balm.

Last but not least vapor rub (vix) to ease that congestion pressure on your nostrils. Ent!

 There are more but with these basics you will be  set. Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

Cheers to safe travels and great looking  skin!

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reduction in your skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF)

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