If You Truly Want To Be Profitable, Throw Away The Long To Do Lists For These 5 Things (Part 1)

Written by Donna Patterson

From one hustler to another, building any type of business takes  WORK! Yes?

But building your business while working full time has additional challenges…. much more if you work shift or work in a hostile environment.

Getting home at the end of the day can leave you tired and simply put….drained. Right?

I say, use your job situation as motivation….. especially when you get into one of your slumps. But that is not what I want to chat with you about today.

Rather, after you allocate how much time and the number of days to work on your business….. what do you do with the time?

I know you might have heard about writing down the top 6 to 10 things  and rate their level of priority and execute said list but I am saying scratch that.


 If you are like me, how many times have you made a to-do list with the best of intentions to follow through…..  but at the end of the day, nothing or very little gets done.   Be honest now….

What’s more, you get behind and start feeling frustrated and angry with yourself for not doing more. And to top it off, you are not making money in your business.

Talk about constant anxiety.   The struggle is real! Am I correct?

 Let us turn that around shall we?

Focus On 1 Result Producing Activity Every Day

A lot of us get busy  doing “stuff” but are not really productive or effective when it comes to our business.

As entrepreneurs, we know what we need to do but  it just seems  easier  to either put it off or not do it all.   Ent ?

 If everyday we focus on  one specific activity that  will  produce an actual result or make money…. wouldn’t it move our business forward?

Just to give some examples.

If you are in network marketing, you know you have to be  connecting with new prospects and customers.  The next day you may want to focus on follow up and closing these potentials.

Say you are an affiliate marketer, day 1 may be all about setting up the  Facebook Ad to drive traffic and increase your leads. The next day might be  following  up with leads or creating new content to engage your followers.

If you are a real estate agent, day 1 might be networking with other realtors, researching  the market  while the next day may involve  calling your investors and letting them know what is available  and so on.

 I believe you get  where  I am going with this….

Taking those consistent daily actions can  lead to actual growth and profit in your business … instead of making  the plan to make the decision about the plan.

  1. Write down all the result producing activities in your business.  It should be 60% of your time .
  2. Block out time for result producing   tasks  first. If you are building  your business full time,  you can schedule 1 to 2  tasks per day.  But if your are building part time, I found that  focusing on 1  money making activity  every day is most progressive.

I hope you got value and leave your comment on  what is your top result producing activity that you are going to put more focus on. Look out for Part 2 soon.

PS. If you do not have a lot of time, do not want to spend money on Facebook Ads   want highly qualified clients then….

Read here the 5 Top reasons why using LinkedIn can increase your sales, and attract High Quality clients and business builders.

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