If You Want To Be Profitable, Throw Away The Long To DO Lists For These 5 Things (Part 2)

Written by Donna Patterson

According to Kate McShea, you can  know all the best strategies, tricks and tips, but they mean absolutely nothing to the profit margin  of your business…

…if you don’t make the time to actually IMPLEMENT them into your business.

 This is why, in the previous blog post, I emphasized that  as  business owners we must:

  1.  Identify results producing tasks or RDTs.
  2. Choose  1  or 2  tasks  to focus on per day.
  3.  Ensure that we complete those tasks.
  4. Schedule RDTs for  60% of your time.
  5. Stick to it.
If You Want To Be Profitable, Throw Away The Long To DO Lists For These 5 Things (Part 2) 1

Results Driven Tasks (RDTs) directly leads  you producing a result in your business, such as generating revenue.

Results Driven Tasks  when using social media can  fall under three subcategories:

  •  Building an audience/network
  •  Engaging an audience/network
  •  Selling to an audience/network

So where do you think most people spend their time?

I will let you think on  that ….it will be answered a bit later down.

So keep  reading for that…

For now  I will delve in to  where you should spend about 25% of your time. 

Preparation Tasks

These are a bit  harder to define because they are easily mistaken  for  RDTs.

Preparation driven  tasks or PDTs are essential to your profit  making system because they support the RDTs.

Some  examples of preparation driven tasks are

  1.  Researching  content
  2. Creating an Ad image
  3. Writing down goals
  4. Creating a sales funnel
  5. Watching a webinar
  6. Learning new skills and tools
  7. Shooting  a video
  8. Scheduling meetings or zoom chats
If You Want To Be Profitable, Throw Away The Long To DO Lists For These 5 Things (Part 2) 2

You might ask but isn’t shooting a video  being productive?

The answer is yes…

These  tasks are productive but by themselves will not directly  acquire a new customer, or business partner, close a sale and build a team.

One very familiar preparation task is investing in training courses or looking at training videos.

Do not get the wrong idea…

You must grow yourself to go where you  want .

And that means continually investing  in yourself to become better… to become the person that  is capable of  achieving  and handling the sort of success you desire but…

Too many business owners get stuck in learning mode (information overload) and put every little of the knowledge acquired in the actual action.

If You Want To Be Profitable, Throw Away The Long To DO Lists For These 5 Things (Part 2) 3

Action cures fear and  bring results.

Yes it is so easy  to

  1. Get  stuck in learning
  2. Get caught up in planning
  3. being busy but not productive

But in reality, instead of growing you.. it is turning into a total time suck. 


 No sales, no sign  ups,  no cheques..nada.


 Then you have to deal with  the condescending  questions like… 


  • Have you made any money yet?
  • How is that thing going?
  • I told you those things don’t work?


If You Want To Be Profitable, Throw Away The Long To DO Lists For These 5 Things (Part 2) 4

Distraction Tasks

So has this ever happened to you?

You know that you need to connect with at least 5-10 persons a day using Facebook for example.

However, we being petrified of rejection and don’t want to talk about our business, scroll through Facebook. Just for a minute right?

Then you look at the clock and 3 hours have passed by watching videos and other people building their business while ours are at a standstill.

Can you relate?

… or maybe at the end of a work day, rather that crafting the email or social media post, you get bogged down  with

  • Cooking
  • Laundry
  • Doing the dishes
  • Cleaning
  • Watching TV to relax a little
  • Family  functions

And before you know it, a lot of time passes and  you say you will do it tomorrow but the same routine happens again and the business activities get pushed further along the some day train sections to   the Land Of Never Done.

Is it any wonder that most people spend most of their time in the zone of distractions tasks?

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