An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients

Written by Donna Patterson

Last updated May 26th, 2020.

How To  Use LinkedIn For Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Or  Any Home Business?

That’s exactly what is going to be discussed in this blog conversation so let’s dive right in.

What is LinkedIn and its Purpose?

According to Wikipedia, LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. LinkedIn was founded on December 28, 2002, and officially launched on May 5, 2003.

I know you might have thought that LinkedIn is just about people looking for jobs particularly after reading that definition. However, LinkedIn is a social platform for more than just job seekers and company recruiters.

LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking.

So why should you join LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social business network specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect.

If you have ever wondered how to recruit more professionals to partner with you in your business opportunity or have as clients then  LinkedIn should definitely be part of your social media recruiting and marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is ideal for building connections for freelance work, a customer base and potential business partners.

Imagine a place where academics, students, working professionals, contractors, consultants, business execs, CEOs, managers and owners ‘hang out online’, LinkedIn would be that place.

LinkedIn is the online ‘social’ platform where you go to talk ‘shop’.

Why is LinkedIn so important for online recruiting?

LinkedIn is highly credible as a business networking site. So much so that:

  • It has over 675 million members including Fortune 500 companies. (Houtsuite)
  • 1 out of 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn.
  •   Two professionals join LinkedIn every single second.

 LinkedIn  a place for business decision makers
Source: LinkedIn

According to their own research, LinkedIn reports…

  • 51% of companies acquired a B2C (business to consumer) customer through LinkedIn
  • 93% of B2B (business to business) marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective site for lead generation.
  • 50% of LinkedIn members say they are more likely to buy from someone they’ve engaged with on LinkedIn.
  • 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies to enhance their decision making.
  • 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, check this out…

Inside View reports that LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter or Blogging individually.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 1
Courtesy Oberlo

Econsultancy reports that LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits to corporate websites from social media channels.

I can personally attest to that since LinkedIn is a top traffic source at the time of writing this blog.

Ok, that’s all well and good but I am sure you are wondering…

How can you, a small business owner use LinkedIn to attract the kind of high-quality prospects and serious business builders that will help you build a high performing network marketing team fast?

Coming right up… Keep reading

How to get started on LinkedIn

Google LinkedIn Sign up

Signing up for LinkedIn is easy and free. There are paid options but for the most part particularly when starting out, the free account will suffice.

Just google LinkedIn and once on the  LinkedIn login page, go through the steps, entering your information to create your account.

You also have the option of creating your LinkedIn account using your gmail email address.

 LinkedIn Home Page

Then set up your LinkedIn profile.

 Linkedin Sign up Page

One Key Ingredient: Unlock the Power of LinkedIn  Using Your Personal Profile

Here are a few top tips for business owners when creating your profile on LinkedIn.

Think of your profile as your branding agent,  online business card and resume.

It is important to set a good impression from the first glance. Even more than that, create a clear impression of

  • Who are you?
  • What problem do  you solve?
  • What is  your offer or solution?
  • Milestones or interesting facts?

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 2

What sets you apart?

Some LinkedIn marketing trainers believe that profiles containing titles such as  CEO, Founder and Owner are better and establishes authority. Then there is posture and positioning.

But it is more important that you are clear on your ideal Prospect/client/customer and your solution to the market. You must be able to communicate that to your network.

Your LinkedIn Profile must be able to  answer the initial question, “Is this person credible?”

…then   your profile has to be able to answer the next question, “Can I see myself working with this person?”

Be sure to complete your profile as much as possible so that you get a star rating.

LinkedIn Profile Boost Bonus Tip # 1

Make sure to use keywords in your headline so that your profile shows up in the search results. Consider for which search terms you want to be found.

For example opportunity seekers. Helping people earn additional income without leaving their jobs and losing any more time with their family.

If you are in health and wellness: Helping working moms lose weight without counting calories and giving up their favourite foods.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 3

One more thing, use a profile picture. It is recommended that you use a professional head shot or at least one that shows your face clearly.

LinkedIn’s own research indicates that profiles with professional portraits drive profile views up to 14 times better than those with non-professional portraits.

I can tell you that profiles without photos showing the face usually don’t suggest credibility or trustworthiness.

In fact many influential people on the LinkedIn,  state that they don’t even accept connection requests from LinkedIn members without a proper profile picture showing their face.

Remember  you are the face of your brand so represent proudly.

LinkedIn Profile Boost Bonus Tip # 2

Use lead magnets in your profile.  It really helps you get leads on autopilot. If you are using email marketing, you can find out more about that here.

A lead magnet is simply something of value like a checklist, pdf, demo that is offered in exchange for the prospect’s contact information so you can follow up later on via email or phone.

If you are not using email marketing yet, it is ok. You can still get tons of prospects through simply using the message component of the LinkedIn platform.

How  Business Owners Can Get Quality Prospects  Using LinkedIn

You can establish your expertise through the LinkedIn content platform, interact with your community via brand pages and groups, and reach out to others via LinkedIn messaging.

Also, LinkedIn offers opportunities to the network every day.   Although LinkedIn is quite small in comparison to giants like Facebook and Instagram, it is a very underutilized resource for hot quality prospects for your business. Let’s dive into a bit more detail here.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 4
Write out your business goal and strategy

#1 : Be clear about what are your goals on LinkedIn.

  • Do you want to generate leads and sell products?
  • Build your brand awareness and use that as a way to build your audience on your main platform?
  • Prospect and recruit team members?

Once you know exactly what is objective, it’s easier to define and narrowly target your specific audience.

#2 : Join LinkedIn related groups.

Like on Facebook, you can use groups to quick target and expand your network. There are network marketing, online marketing and even health and wellness groups. Tactics here are the same  as you would use for Facebook groups

LinkedIn has over 10,000 groups specifically for network marketing professionals.

 LinkedIn  Network Marketing Groups

Plus other professionals and business groups

There are more than 1500 groups on LinkedIn dealing specifically with health and wellness, and 38 groups focused only on health and wellness marketing.

#3: Have a daily goal to invite customers, clients,  group members and other persons of your target profile to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Like Facebook, you should aim for a certain # of connections and conversations per day. That is the fastest way to grow your network on LinkedIn.

Connect, Start Conversations and Build Relationships.

When someone accepts your invitation to connect, or reaches out to connect with you, send them a message, thanking them for connecting with you.

In your message, offer a brief statement about yourself and your purpose, and give them something of value as a gift. This can be a link to a website, offer or lead magnet as we define later.

One example of a message  from Ferny Ceballos is

“Thanks for connecting. I’m passionate about the home-based business industry and how it can help generate substantial incomes for people. Here’s something that I think might help you move forward toward accomplishing your own business goals.”

Mine is pretty simple.

I thank them for connecting. I offer a  compliment, well wishes for their business and offer my lead magnet. I try to add a personal element  like uniqueness of their name. I have connected with persons with my name or from the Caribbean living  abroad so that becomes a point of dicussion to break the ice.

My advice would be to add a personal note where possible.

#4:  Post rich, informative and engaging content daily.

This can be in the form of articles, blogs, videos and images. Not a lot of inspirational quotes. Definitely no cat memes.

Note that research shows that posts with images attract 6 times more engagement.

Perhaps the most exciting opportunity of publishing rich, engaging content on LinkedIn is this: out of 560 million users worldwide, only about 1 million users have ever publish any content!

That means less than 1 tenth of 1% (.001%) of LinkedIn users are providing content!

Combine that with the fact that 91% of marketing executives say that LinkedIn is their top source for quality content

There is huge opportunity to stand out and establish yourself as a leader in your space.

Right now Facebook is pushing live video. You can upload recorded videos to LinkedIn,  but live video is not available on LinkedIn at the time of this blog post.

There is not much organic click to website from Facebook since Facebook does not want and makes it difficult for persons to leave their platform. Yet LinkedIn is a top traffic source for my blog posts.

I have found that persons on LinkedIn are more open to leaving the platform and checking out your link, website, blog and so on. You can also share other people’s content like hot industry news trends, YouTube Videos, and SlideShare presentations. In this case, I would keep videos under 7 mins. Remember you are dealing with busy people.

While LinkedIn is a place for business, you must still avoid aggressively salesy content. That is why you offer value first.

Remember people like to buy but no one likes to be sold

You do have the option to create a company page and use that as opposed to your personal profile. Be mindful that your personal LinkedIn profile and company page can both turn up in the search results.

That is why it is so important to add words or key phrases that ideal customer or prospect will search for in your profile sections. Those words or phrases that will be recognised by your ideal person are called keywords.

LinkedIn Profile Boost Bonus Tip # 3

When you get LinkedIn notifications of birthdays, job anniversaries, or job changes, send a brief message to stay connected and always include something of value in your message – a link to an offer or article you’ve written or an invitation to subscribe to your mailing list.

Posting with Intention On The Right Platform

LinkedIn vs Facebook

Unlike Facebook where there is a long period of rapport, you can get straight to the point on LinkedIn. Asking for interest in the product of opportunity.

As   Gloria MacDonald, creator of the awesome LinkedIn Training calls it being ‘False Social’ on Facebook.

How many hours have you spent on Facebook just searching for people to connect with to share your business or products?

You can be on FaceBook for hours if you don’t know what you are doing and where to find the best prospects.  I remember the torture looking to connect with my 5 to 10 people.

Then start conversations that last for months before it seems like it is a good time to bring up the sacred topic of the product or business opportunity. ( more feels like a taboo topic)

…only to find out they were either not interested or the wrong type of people to do business with as a partner or customer.

If you are just starting out with social media, then check this social media recruiting guide.

 A quick comparison

On Facebook, you have very little organic reach on your personal profile without tons of engagement. On a Facebook Busines Page,  the reach is even less unless you are doing paid Ads.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 5

As you can see this post did not do well.

  Engagement onf Facebook post on Business page

This post did a bit better.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 6

This was spot on with an organic reach beyond the # of page likes.

On LinkedIn, you have a lot more organic reach. However, the  same rule applies, meaning:

 more engagment = more organic reach.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 7

Less quotes on LinkedIn

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 8

Post with intention

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 9

One of my more LinkedIn successful posts

On Facebook, if you are using your personal profile, it is best not to share the details of your company, business opportunity or product in your newsfeed.

The best practice is that you reveal that information in messenger during a private chat. Preferably after your prospect or customer has seen the presentation. Avoid being a commercial. Instead, think cable network.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 10

Think Cable TV

On the first contact with your potential prospect on Facebook, you should not send opportunity/ product details or links unsolicited. It best to build some rapport or connection before asking the question.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 11

On LinkedIn, it is quite acceptable to  be direct about why you reached out, what  you have to offer even with a link.

I have gotten many leads using LinkedIn ( Without Ads). It has even led to my first big commission and other profitable business opportunities.

I have also met some really great people who have helped me immensely along my entrepreneurial journey.

However, on or offline, you must determine the need if any and service that need. I remember first hearing that from Ray Higdon, a top trainer in the network marketing space.

However one stark difference between LinkedIn and Facebook is that you are restricted in who you can contact on LinkedIn on the freemium account.

 If that person is not connected to you directly or through another close connection, you will not be able to message or Inmail them as LinkedIn calls it.

Facebook friends = LinkedIn connection

Facebook Inbox = LinkedIn Inmail

On Facebook, you are limited to  5000 friends on your personal profile while LinkedIn allows you to have up to 30,000 connections.

One thing I like about LinkedIn is that they give you insightful analytics about the people viewing your posts. Yes even with a free account. Although it may not be as granular as compared to Facebook, it is still helpful in evaluating your social media strategy.

As you can see in the image below, business owners and marketing specialists are the top persons following my posts.

This will now influence the main type of content I post on my news feed.

In contrast, to obtain similar information on Facebook, you would have to be using a Business Page.

Make no mistake about it, Facebook is a pay to play platform. I think many people forget that Facebook is a business, a large one at that with shareholders.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 12

LinkedIn post analytics give you insight about your audience.

 LinkedIn vs Facebook Ads

Although you can build a 6 figure business using a  Facebook personal profile, please note that Facebook’s policy actually prohibits using your personal profile for business. But you can avoid being blocked and seeming spammy using a few social media best practices.

Your Personal  Facebook Profile is technically not meant to promote your business, so be careful.

Kate Mc Shea

If you doubt it, a few people have had their accounts shut down or their  Facebook lives and other content deleted by the Facebook squad.

As I stated earlier, on a Facebook page you have to pay to play. Hence organic reach is pretty low without super targeting, post engagement and Facebook Ads.

The great thing is that with LinkedIn your post can organically have way more reach compared to Facebook. Also, the life of your posts on LinkedIn tends to last longer compared to Facebook.

Also LinkedIn allows  use of hashtags to allow better search and tagging.

Personally, I have not yet met another social media platform with detailed targeting like Facebook.

The Facebook’s system records every action and behavioural pattern on its platform. Thus making it one of the largest databases in existence with over 2 billion users.

Total Register users on various social media platforms

Once you are using FB ads, you don’t need a huge following to be successful since FB ads is a skillset in its self. I must mention that high engagement does lower your Ad costs on Facebook.

On the other hand, some LinkedIn experts suggest that you must have a following of 10,000 + for LinkedIn Ads to be effective.

I have not done any advertising on LinkedIn since the free account with a simple daily method as taught in this course has been quite profitable yet it does take about 2 hours a day.

Obviously advertising can definitely speed this up.

According to   Home businesses Ads experts at Elite Marketing Pro;

There are three main ways to leverage LinkedIn to grow your followers through advertising:

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is LinkedIn’s version of native advertising. It allows you to promote your most engaging content directly to the feeds of the people in your target audience (no matter what device they’re using), test variations of your message, and track how many leads you’re getting and where they’re coming from.

 Sponsored posts on LinkedIn

Self Service Ads

LinkedIn has a very cool Campaign Manager dashboard that you can use to set up text ads and sponsored InMail campaigns in minutes.

Then you can target your audience, set your budget, bid on your advertising rates, and track your results using LinkedIn’s analytics.

Managed Campaigns

LinkedIn also offers Managed Campaigns for people with bigger budgets, which includes dynamic ads and account-based marketing services.

 I have done Facebook Ads and the principles of advertising remain the same no matter the platform. If you’re just getting started, you can go a long way by just using Sponsored Content and Self-Serve ads.

Make sure to pay special attention to targeting the correct audience, bidding on your rates, tracking and optimization.

Remember as a business owner your main objective is to attract high-quality prospects who are serious about network marketing or interested in your products.

Hence whether you use ads or freemium methods you have to be clear on who you are targeting. This will guide your posting and networking strategies.

LinkedIn Summary For Home Business Owners

LinkedIn is where serious business professionals hang out. They’re comfortable talking about business there.

LinkedIn members are actively looking for ways to grow their incomes and advance personally and professionally. They understand that your network affects your net worth.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 13

It’s what LinkedIn is for.

Therefore LinkedIn is the perfect place for business owners to rapidly build a targeted audience and prospect list of high-quality prospects.

Prospects that are actually looking for business opportunities and additional income streams

So if you are looking for network marketers and want to attract high quality prospects, the kinds of people open to your network marketing business then LinkedIn Marketing should be part of your social media strategy.

That also means polishing your image and posture online.

Pay attention to your profile. It can be to used to :

  • Establish authority
  • Appear in search
  • Clearly communicate your solution to your ideal prospect or customer
  • Generate leads passively even without paid advertising.

It means being clear about how you can serve your target audience by providing something that has a tangible business or customer value.

It means positioning yourself a thought leader who attracts serious business professionals who want to do business with you. No chasing required!

It also means remembering that you are dealing with human beings so don’t hard pitch or pounce.

Offer value through your content and message…don’t hunt unless you are recruiting for a job.

Even there, honey works better than vinegar.

As you are seen as a go to person, your content will get more views while  will lead to more connection requests.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for Small Business Owners and Home Business Owners who want to find, connect, and engage with prospects to increase quality business partners and customers.

Although the tactics are slightly different for LinkedIn and Facebook, the overall method to grow your audience, build your team and expand your income is the same.

If you want to know how to leverage LinkedIn specifically increase your business partners and boost your sales click HERE or the image below.

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients 14

An Introduction To LinkedIn Network Marketing: A Business Owner’s Dream  Place For High Quality Prospects and High Level Clients

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