The 4 Critical Parts of An Online MLM Recruiting Machine That Gets You Sales and Signups

Written by Donna Patterson

The 4 parts of an effective online MLM recruiting machine

The new ‘normal’ has changed the home business industry forever creating an urgent need to have an effective online MLM recruiting machine for your home business.

How you might ask?

The new social distancing protocols have ended the popular use of hotel meetings and home meetings to build your network marketing teams or selling your products.

Essentially all business owners have to turn online in order to build their businesses or face extinction. However, coming online and using social media has its own learning curve.

In fact although you still need the fundamental network marketing skills, you have to unlearn a few things to successfully adapt to the current digital reality.

One example is the approach to prospecting.

Traditionally, everyone with a pulse was a potential prospect and we manually followed up forever. In this blog about offline prospecting, I explain why traditional active prospecting only resulted in rejection with very little to show for it.

If you are just coming online, I suggest that you also read this blog post about the 5 things no one tells you about coming online.

To successfully build your team and continuously enrol more customers, you need 4 essential ingredients in your online MLM recruiting process. These 4 parts are necessary regardless of the social media platform, specific tactics or MLM funnels that you may be using.

Watch the video below for an overview of the 4 main things you need to create an online recruiting or enrollment system for your MLM or Network marketing system . The video also show why these 4 things are super important to your efforts to build a successful home business online.

4 Essential parts of an Effective Online MLM Recruiting Machine-Video Summary Notes

This video is not about the technical aspect of creating a sales or enrollment funnel but rather the groundwork and concepts behind designing an online or social media process that gives you your desired outcomes.

You can read this blog post to learn more about the different types of MLM funnels and the benefits of using them for your network marketing business.

Online MLM Recruiting Machine Part #1: Identify your perfect prospects and ideal customers.

  • Who would you love to serve and work with?
  • What are their specific pain and desires?
  • How can your solution help them?
  • Where can you easily find and connect with them online?
  • Demographics?
  • What’s their story?
  • What is keeping them back from achieving their goals?

These are just a few questions to help get you started. However, if you want access to detailed worked examples, you can download my ideal buyer cheat sheet here.

Online MLM Recruiting Machine Part #2: Creating An Online System That Continually Attracts and Grows A Targeted Audience Of Your Perfect Prospects

This can done using organic ( non-paid) methods or paid methods. There are several factors to consider when deciding which would be best for you. In addition to this, you must remember that each social media platform would require some specific tactics specific for that particular platform.

Yet, generally, the three main issues are knowledge, time and money. Organic methods can be learned and implemented quickly but require time and patience. Paid methods can produce faster results but require higher skill and knowledge level.

Click HERE or the image below to discover the shortcut to creating an online recruiting system that continuously builds you a list of your perfect prospects without spending all day on social media.

The 4 Critical Parts of An Online MLM Recruiting Machine That Gets You Sales and Signups 1

Online MLM Recruiting Machine Part #3: Create Content That Connects with Your Ideal Audience

You want to post content that your ideal audience cares abouts. This content provides valuable information solving a problem. Content that converts to sales and signups builds rapport, educates and entertains.

People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.

Check out the following blog posts for more details on how to create content that converts instead of hearing crickets.

The Simple 6 Step Process To Creating The Perfect Message That Cuts Through The Noise

The Little Mistake Most Business Owners make That is Costing You Money

The 11 Reasons Your Customers Are Not Buying From You

Online MLM Recruiting Machine Part #4: A Strategic Promotion Plan That Makes People Want To Buy From You Rather Than Being Sold To.

People love to buy but hate to be sold to.

People must believe that the sale is their own choice and not that yours. Hence consider yourself as a consultant giving them the information to make the best decision for themselves. This means serving your audience and helping them to solve their issues upfront before asking for anything.

Yet at the same time, don’t fall into the trap like so many network marketers using social media. Giving away so much but too afraid to promote their business opportunities and products. Now I am not saying that you should throw all caution to wind to constantly post about your opportunity and products. However there are best practices how to create an audience that will certainly buy from you and do it over and over again.

You need to remember that you can’t serve or please everyone and not matter what, some persons will never buy from you such as the eternal freebie seekers. You just have to give value and focus on the persons that are ready to take the next step with you to achieve their desired transformation.

Click HERE or the image below to learn how to build an online MLM recruiting machine that builds your list of prospects on autopilot, engage with your audience and promote your offers without feeling like you are selling your soul or annoying your followers.

Building your home business online is a journey and all it takes is the right strategy to grow a huge team and customer base. I hope that this post would give you some encouragement and point you in the right direction in your online journey.

The 4 Critical Parts of An Online MLM Recruiting Machine That Gets You Sales and Signups 2

The 4 Critical Parts of An Online MLM Recruiting Machine That Gets You Sales and Signups 3
The  4 Critical Parts of An Online MLM Recruiting Machine That Gets You Sales and Signups
The  4 Critical Parts of An Online MLM Recruiting Machine That Gets You Sales and Signups
The  4 Critical Parts of An Online MLM Recruiting Machine That Gets You Sales and Signups

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