5 Personal Branding Tips For Home Business Owners That Will Save You Time And Money

Written by Donna Patterson

personal branding for network marketers

Is Personal Branding Necessary For Home Business Owners?

 The  new talk in town is ” Brand Yourself and Not Your Company or  Your Product”

But why?

In the video below, I share 3  solid reasons to brand you and not your company especially if you are in Network Marketing or any other Home-Based Business opportunity.

Watch the video to find out the details.

Pillar #1: Your Vision/Mission

If you want to be technical, there is a bit of a difference  between the vision and mission.

The vision is the overall goal and the mission is the action statement that gets you there.

 This can be so difficult for business owners to get a definite handle on.

For network and affiliate marketers, for instance, the vision can be your WHY and the mission statement relates to the mission of our your company. ( Psss… without saying the company name or products)

 In fact, many business owners are stomped when asked about their personal brand. However, you build your brand while helping others.

Julie Burke a multiple 6 figure earner in network marketing, said after a while she no longer wanted to be known as The Shake Girl’.

She wanted to  grow beyond that in to the full role of entrepreneurship and that is when her business really took off. It has also opened many other business opportunities outside of network marketing. 

5 Personal Branding Tips For Home Business Owners That Will Save You Time And Money 1

So now, it is Julie’s mission to help Network Marketers, particularly moms, build a profitable business using Facebook so they stay home with their children.

Get instant access to Julie Burke’s free guide to rapidly enrol teammates in your opportunity just from Facebook in less than 1 hr a day

So what is your WHY? 

 Keep reading to find out how your why and as such your brand is in constant evolution…

 It has to be more than money…. because that will not keep you going when the tide gets rough.

Plus there are many other options for earning money without the heartache that comes from sowing into people.

And make no mistake, to be successful in network marketing, you have to sow into people…  in them and for them before they believe in themselves.

Yet  you can’t give what you don’t have.

This is the reason why personal development is a cornerstone of this profession.

 The real question is who can you help/serve?  Are you willing to make an impact? Those answers will stem from who you are as a person and your core beliefs.

 Which leads to the next pillar… 

Pillar #2: Your Values

Take the time to do this…

5 simple questions but it can have a profound impact on your business by giving you the clarity you need.

  1. 5 words that  represent your bests straits for eg  troubleshooter, driven or coachable.
  2. What do you stand for ……….
  3. What do you stand against……..
  4. What would want to be best known for…………
  5. What  is the advantage  of working or buying from you…….

These answers formulate your unique selling point or  what makes you stand out.

Remember people join people not companies….  and  people must like and trust you to join you or purchase from you.  Makes sense ?

 There is actually a 6th question ……. keep reading. 

Pillar #3: Your Ideal Prospect or Customer

Who do you want to work with…. not who is willing to  join my opportunity.

Always start from a place  of abundance and posture. Your people are out there and you do not need everybody.

The worst  thing in the world is to waste time on the wrong people. Ent!

 You have the gift…. you choose who to share it with and  who to invest your time with.

Value your time…..  value your time. Need I say more.

Get clear on who you do not want to work with.

Then focus on who is worth your time. What are their character traits….demographics

…age, gender,  location,  relationship status, pains, desires….. and the list goes on.

For effective marketing,  you craft your message as if you were talking to one person and not many.

Ironic yes…but effective.

When you talk to many …you talk to no one. Always remember that if nothing else.

 You can get my example worksheets for identifying your ideal customer or prospect.

5 Personal Branding Tips For Home Business Owners That Will Save You Time And Money 2

Of course when in doubt, target someone like yourself.

You attract you.  So if you want the best, you must first be  your best. Hence the importance of continuous personal development.

You also need to speak their language. The reason for  this will become very evident in the next section.

Pillar #4: Your Story

So now you have you, ideal business partners, how would you communicate with them?

One of the most powerful tools you have and the main thing that makes you stand out above the noise is your story…

..or rather your ability to convey relevant parts of your story in a way that resonates with your ideal prospects or clients.

Be real … be authentic … be you.

Today people are fed up of the hype and false claims.

They want no DEMAND authenticity and honesty.

 Being able to find your voice and relate your story in a compelling manner is essential. It even means getting a bit vulnerable,

Superman/superwoman must show their other side? I know, I know, I know…

Who wants that right?  Your target audience.

Pillar #5: Brand Evolution

You don’t know what you don’t know…

How many times have we heard it…. but I can tell you it is proven everyday as I learn new things.

It was Tony Robbins who said, ” If you are not growing, your  are dying.”

 I certainly did not get up one morning and said  that I wanted to get into Network Marketing. Truth be told, I was new very little before being introduced.

 Today I am so thankful to be in network marketing, not only for building my self image and getting me out of debt but for giving me my health back. Almost dying does then to put things in perspective doesn’t it.

  When I first started with self branding, it was to help Network Marketing and Direct Sales Professionals   with strategies on building their business….blending  offline and online strategies but …

What I asked my audience what information they wanted.. the responses were;

  • Marketing
  • Getting Customers/Clients
  • Financial Education
  • Mindset

 SO those are the areas I focus on with regard to my content.

“My mission is to help  Entrepreneurs and Home-based Business Owners to design a successful and healthy business lifestyle so that live  a life of freedom, purpose and peace.”


Money is only good as what you  do with it. If you are ill or bed ridden  or just do not have time…guess what….you cannot enjoy it.

What good is it then?

 Yes, there must be temporary sacrifice for success but to have a true rich life, health and  time-money freedom are equally important….

… with the right choices and aids you can  protect your health, look great and your way to having a rich life.

There are 4 components of a rich life.

Be sure to look out for that blog post.

But my point is  that as you grow… your why will change and new opportunities will appear and  as you learn more…

Your brand will EVOLVE as well and I am sure you do not want to be re-branding yourself every time you  change company or product?

Build a brand around  you and your interests so that it  will simply expand to fit your new venture.

So take the time to ponder this as it will make your life a lot easier in terms of content, marketing tactics and more.

Being  able to  zero in on these things will allow you build an audience that  will like and trust you faster. When you know your audience, you can speak directly to them and serve them.

Saving you time and  money.. as you will attract more persons interesting in your opportunity, product or service faster and with greater return on investment.

   This is where it all started. Cut through the fluff and find out what it takes to build a huge business online​​​.

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