How To Continuously Build A List Of Prospects That Invite Themselves to Look at Your Business Without Leaving Home – The 5 Step Reverse Invite Method

Written by Donna Patterson

No more cold calling or stalking strangers

Sigh… another one bites the dust.

The prospect said no or worse…

I will think about it.”

I began wondering how many of these, do I have to go through to get the time money freedom that was presented to me?

Can you relate?

Of course that was my thought until I became too ill to prospect and faced the real possibility of losing my job and my main source of income.

I really became desperate to find another way to build this home business without having to leave my house to cold prospect absolute strangers to invite them to a home meeting or hotel meeting.

The traditional offline prospecting methods were not going to cut it.

Haven’t you ever thought to yourself, couldn’t I stop having to chase people?

Couldn’t I have people reaching out to me and asking me about my business opportunity or product for a change?

Then I found something.

Imagine this for a moment.

How To Continuously Build A List Of Prospects That Invite Themselves to Look at Your Business Without Leaving Home - The 5 Step Reverse Invite Method 1

You have a new Notification. Someone actually wants to learn more about your business opportunity or products.

Wouldn’t that be great!

…rather than running away from you or avoiding you altogether.

Even better, imagine that person actually filled out an application to join you in your home business opportunity.

This prospect has seen the opportunity video and is ready to go to the next stage where you set up a  meeting to vet them and assess if you want to work with them.

Almost like having an automated MLM recruiting system. Isn’t that a cool change from the norm?

Where most network marketers are in the desperation mode to recruit someone …anyone and people avoid us like the plague.

But not in this case.

When you implement the reverse invite method in your home business, people are actually raising their hand, showing interest and taking the steps towards joining your team or buying your product.

Do you think passively attracting prospects is too good to be true?

Check this out.

Example #1

Using Attraction Marketing principles, I was to able to generate 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and onboard 70–100 new serious business builders each month.

Ferny Ceballos

Example #2

Every day, somewhere between 15 and 20 people reach out to us to ask exactly what it is that we’re doing.

Whit and Cari Higham

Example #3

7 Rank Advancements in 1 month.

Diane Duvnjak

Example #4

I passively recruit 20 to 25 people into my business every month.

Julie Burke

Wouldn’t you like to know how they did it?

Now I have not had these massive results yet. Even so, by consistently showing up, more and more people are reaching out and asking me about my business opportunity and products on a weekly basis. So I can attest that the principle works.

However, before I can truly explain The Reverse Invite Method, I need to mention a few foundation pieces that must be in place so that you can truly build your list, grow your team and rank advance without spending hours away from home or on your phone.

What are they?

The 5 Foundation Pieces of The Reverse Invite Method

#1 Attraction Marketing For Network Marketers

Here you put out relevant value in the form of written, video or audio content to solve problems of your prospect.

It draws people to you as you increasingly become the go person on a specific issue. Then people reach out to you rather than you chasing people. That is the principle of Attraction Marketing.

Watch this short video explaining what is Attraction Marketing.

What is Attraction Marketing- lifebydesignwithDonna

You can also get more information by clicking here. In this blog, I also explain why Network Marketers and Affiliate Marketers need Attraction Marketing if they want a successful business online.

#2 Target Market and Ideal Prospect/Customer

As they say, the riches are in the niches.

Now I know that this is a foreign concept for most Network Marketers.

And it is not our fault.

Weren’t we taught to prospect everyone within 3ft or who can fog a mirror?

Haven’t we all heard that everyone needs our opportunity or products?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am sure that by now you have figured out that:

  • Not everyone wants to lose weight.
  • Not everyone with skin wants our skin care products.
  • Not everyone cares about their health.

Wouldn’t it just feel better talking to people actually interested in what we have to offer?

Not to mention save a lot of time, avoid constant rejection and make more money in the process.

For Attraction Marketing to truly be effective, you must know the following :

  • What problems you are solving.
  • Who you are trying to serve and hence attract.
  • How can you solve their problems.

This means identifying your ideal prospect or customer persona.

Click here to get a worksheet with examples on how to identify your target market and ideal prospect or customer for your business.

So many business owners overlook this bit of work. It may even seem like boring homework.

Yet, it certainly can save you a lot of wasted time, effort and even money to get your ideal prospect and customer right.

Yes, it includes demographics like gender, age and location but that is just the surface. You need to consider their intent.

Some questions to help you find that out.

  • Who do they follow? Thought leaders? Big Brands?
  • What information do they consume? Books? Magazines? Websites?

You need to dig deeper. Do you know the following:

  • What is specifically unique about this group?
  • What are their pains/ struggles and desires?

What information does your prospect need to know about your opportunity or product for them to move to the next step?

  • What is the transformation they are seeking?
  • What’s keeping them from moving forward?
  • What critical information are they missing to solve their issue?
  • What do they need to acknowledge in order to move forward?

unique selling proposition when using the reverse invite method

Then the next question is why YOU?

What makes you or your product unique?

Why is all this important? The answer is coming right up.

#3 Your Audience/ Network That Grows Daily Without Taking Over Your Entire Day

Offline, you are constantly told to build your list and expand your network. You have to do the same thing online.

This can be done in a variety of ways using online marketing strategies.

You can even build your list using email marketing while building your audience using social media.

For persons to do business with you, there must be the Know, Like and Trust factor. There must also be authority and influence.

However, that can’t happen if your perfect prospects and potential customers don’t know that you exist.

So to build that Know, Like and Trust Factor, you must to first get their attention.

Hence, by being really clear on the WHO, then the content and other marketing strategies fall easily into place.

You can post and get the engagement, messages or other response you desire. This allows you to take action from a place of knowledge rather than just putting things up and hoping something sticks.

If you struggle with content creation or hear crickets when you post, then this short video will explain why in a nutshell.

When you know your ideal prospect or customer, you can easily create content that converts into signups and sales..

Create highly informative, easy-to-consume content sharing your own ideas, perspectives and story regarding a particular subject.

It can be informative, educational, inspirational or entertaining.

Once you create and share your content, people will feel comfortable because they are getting to know you.

They will feel they can trust you as you create relatability and credibility

As a by-product, you begin to build your personal brand.

 You are not your company life by design mlm

You are Your Brand.

You brand yourself through sharing knowledge, helping persons and through your content. As  Bill Pescosolido calls it he 3 C’s of branding:

  • Clarity – know  who you are, what you stand for and what  you are against
  • Consistent- having the same message in all your communications. Don’t be continuously switching your position on issues like a politician.
  • Constancy -Constantly show up and remind your audience of who you are and what you do, and make them feel good about doing business with you.

As you build that authority factor people will:

  • Opt into your lead magnets or free give aways
  • Return your calls when you leave them a voicemail
  • Get on the phone with you
  • Want to join you in business
  • Become your customer

The following questions may come into your mind, but don’t allow them to prevent you from sharing your message and helping people :

I am not an expert – you don’t need to be. ( think news anchor)

Is what I have to say important?- Yes.

Who will listen to me?- The persons who resonate with your story.

Now that we got that out of the way, we come to that last piece.

#4 A Suitable Funnel That Turns Prospects/Strangers Into Teammates and Customers

There are many online gurus who for various reasons choose the make this really complicated, usually to steer you in a particular way.

You need a funnel is a familiar statement today. It is a ‘buzz’ word and it can seem really daunting to create your own.

I completely understand.

In simple terms a funnel is a process that focuses a person through a precise series of steps towards a specific objective.

Essentially, the idea is that many persons enter the top of the funnel and as they go through the different stages in the process, the highly qualified prospect or even customer is acquired at the end of the funnel.

marketing funnel showing the phases from Awareness to purchase

In our case, for network marketing, a funnel is a process designed to take a person from a stranger to a customer or team builder.

It can take many forms.

In traditional website-based funnels, people transform from visitor to lead where they share their contact information with you.

On Social media, a funnel can be a simple post, connect and close funnel on a social media platform or totally automated, hands-off system. The best strategy to build your network marketing business online is to combine both high touch and high tech or an automated MLM recruiting system.

Here s a short clip where my mentor Ferny Ceballos shares how YOU can turn absolute strangers into passionate business-builders using online funnels.

How To Turn Absolute Strangers In To Passionate Business Builders-Ferny Ceballos

The following is an excerpt from a blog written by Ferny Ceballos, The Godfather of Attraction Marketing’:

Masa and Miguel have created a large multiple seven-figure network marketing team.

They spend only a couple hours a month overseeing their team because they’ve created that complete funnel that turns team members into builders and then into leaders, so that they can step away and do other stuff they’re passionate about.

Their system is sophisticated.

But your funnel doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Social media, if you’re using it properly, also behaves like a funnel

marketing on the internet with social media behaves like a funnel

Think about this…

You publish valuable content.

Someone likes or starts following you.

Thus, they’ve qualified themselves as leads ( someone who has shown interest).

As you publish more valuable information, your followers will engage with your content.

They feel they know you.

They begin to trust you.

They probably even genuinely like you at this point.

And at some point, you will make an offer by providing a link to something to purchase.

Your followers will take action because you’ve built so much trust and rapport.

You have a relationship, a rapport now.

And you’ll obviously deliver on what you offered.

In traditional website-based funnels, people transform from visitor to lead where they share their contact information with you.

How To Continuously Build A List Of Prospects That Invite Themselves to Look at Your Business Without Leaving Home - The 5 Step Reverse Invite Method 2

On social media, as you post valuable content, persons are transformed into leads simply by following you.

Please note that you should not be plastering your social media feed with your products and company. There is a time to promote but you can’t promote all the time.

So even though you don’t own the social media channel, treat it like a funnel.

Because that social media funnel might be what leads people into your network marketing funnel.

You can also use your Facebook groups as a funnel.

Move people from stranger to prospect, and then add them into your group to share more information with them.

That might turn those prospects into customers…team members…or even builders and leaders regardless of the technology you’re using.

End of excerpt

#5 Promotion/Advertising Without Being Salesy

On Social Media, you can promote organically using groups and forums.

Now you can use any social media platform for building your business. I personally prefer Linkedin and here is why.

However, I do acknowledge that Facebook has a large market share with over 2 Billion active users. Most people have a Facebook Account. Facebook also owns  Instagram and What’s app.

How To Continuously Build A List Of Prospects That Invite Themselves to Look at Your Business Without Leaving Home - The 5 Step Reverse Invite Method 3

However, to make this truly automated, you can use advertising to grow rapidly. It allows you to have global exposure to your offer in a short time.

Paid advertising is optional.

If you want to learn more about how Facebook advertising with Attraction Marketing can help you build your business faster on autopilot, then click here.

The Reverse Invite Method

The 5 Steps Reverse Invite Megtod For Building Your List of Prospects Without Leaving Home

Step 1- Do Product and Target Market Research

Know who is your ideal prospect or customer-avatar

You would have  done the homework of identifying the type of person you want to work with. You know what are their struggles and desires. You also know what is holding them back from taking the action they need to take in order to get their desired result.

Step 2 – Create Content That Connects and Converts

 You use this information to create content with targeted messages that speak directly to your prospect and compels them to take action. Because you are providing exactly what they are looking for.

You’ll talk about the problems they’re having, you’ll show you understand and can relate to those problems, and then you’ll tell them there’s a solution—WITHOUT giving it away.

You’ll ask them to DO SOMETHING to get the information they want.

The bond YOU create with people is going to take you much further with them than your product ever will.

Step 3 – Post for Profit

Post content with intent

You can create a power post or even an advertising campaign where people can connect with your application form through a click of a button.  This can happen even while you are sleeping.

You can also use  your personal profile

Maybe you ask them to comment on your post for more information.

Maybe you ask them to follow a link so they can get more detailed information.

Or maybe you instruct them to message you via Messenger for more information.

That’s how you “reverse” the invite.

You lead people to the point at which they think…

“This sounds like it will eliminate my pain and solve my problem!”

And they will initiate the first contact and invite themselves.

If you choose to use  a Facebook Group then that the call to action is to request access to your Facebook Group where  you host the information

Step 4  – Prequalify Your Prospects

Persons are asked prequalifying questions. Those that pass through this test will then be allowed to book a meeting on your calendar.

Step 5 – Follow up and Close

When you meet with them online through Facebook Video, Messenger, Zoom chat or even offline, you will take them through your vetting process, to see if they are indeed suitable for your team. If so, then close them and sign them up.

Launch them and through another funnel or process to turn them into leaders.

That is where duplication happens and…

You truly have passive income.

That is what we all want, isn’t it?


Using Attraction Marketing principles and armed with your ideal prospect avatar, you can create a content strategy where you create authority by providing relevant solutions.

Through your content, you also build your audience. In addition to that, you build the know like and trust factor with that audience.

A relationship develops between you and your audience or network such that when you make an offer, interested persons willingly takes the next step to take a closer look at what you are offering.

This next step can be commenting for more info, connecting through messenger or submitting an application form to join your team.

…or someone purchasing your product.

Now that you have the main concepts and steps to use the reverse invite method, I hope you can see how using online marketing strategies focused on your perfect prospect or customer can virtually end rejection while allowing you to grow your team, commissions and rank advance faster than just using traditional methods.

PS. Learn how to implement the reverse invite method for your home business.

Post last updated on April 30th, 2020

How To  Continuously Build A List Of Prospects That  Invite Themselves to Look at Your Business  Without Leaving Home - The  5 Step Reverse Invite Method

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