How To Consistently Attract High Quality Prospects And Recruit On Social Media Like A True Pro

Written by Donna Patterson

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Social media done the right way can be super powerful for your home business. Giving you a rapid surge of teammates and customers without leaving home and your loved ones for hours.

Yet most network marketers are doing social media all wrong. Yep, they are repelling rather than attracting people. It is not their fault. Many just don’t know better or that is what is being taught by their uplines.

 By the way, my hand is raised as well because when I first came online, I simply tried stuff. I had no clue what I was doing. Somethings worked for a while and other methods totally bombed until I found out about attraction marketing. More on that later.

Does any of the following sound familiar? Social media fit test:

  •  Sending random friend requests just to pounce on  persons about your business
  • Always posting about your company and products.
  • Sending those cookie cutter copy and paste messages.
  • Spamming your links everywhere.
  • Spending hours in messenger chats that lead nowhere.
  • Being blocked by friends and family online.
  •  Feeling sleazy about what you have been doing to try to build your business online.

 I have great news for you, in this post, I will be sharing the 3 ingredients secret sauce to building a global team online while being authentically you and not being glued to your phone the entire day.

This works even if you are a recovering spammer, just beginning to use social media, or even a total newbie to network marketing.

This also works if you are an affiliate marketer or in any type of home business.

As you read I want you to keep one word in mind –INFLUENCE. I will share how this is key to making everything work so keep reading.

This following is simply an overview of the strategies based on attraction marketing with a blueprint developed by Whit and Cari Higham. Top producers with the fastest growing team in their company. 

They have a multiple six figure business, cashing in over $750.000.00 in commissions. More importantly, these concepts have been successfully duplicated in their team with new people ranking up in weeks instead of months or years.

Click here to access the complete step by step training by Whit and Carri to start sponsoring a stampede of new recruits.

#1 Grow Your Network/ Audience

 Grow  your audience

 You need to be increasing the number of persons that are aware of you or know you each and every day.

It is based on the same concept as expanding your network in offline traditional strategies, however with a twist.  You don’t have stalk people at the mall. Grocery or street corner.

Also, you definitely do not have to chase after people that are not interested in what you have to offer.

When you start implementing the strategies contained in the Social Media Enroller you will learn how to make meaningful connections daily using your personal profile in under 1 hour.

 Firstly you need to get specific on the type of prospect you want to work with. I know this goes against traditional network marketing training where you are told that every one that is in within 3 ft and can fog a mirror is a  prospect.

That is definitely not true and only results in massive rejection. Similarly online, if you try to speak to everyone, you will actually be speaking to no one.

Case in point.

Have you ever posted something and got absolutely no response? Just a loud resounding silence?

 By knowing your ideal prospect you can then craft a message that immediately grabs the attention of your potential prospect and have them wanting more information. They will feel like you read their mind.

You will also know where to find your hottest prospects such as groups, forums, websites and even fan pages.

You will attract your tribe.

 Armed with this information and your daily mode of operation to make connections, you can then focus on the next ingredient.

#2 Engage  With Your Network/Audience

 engage with your audience

 As you expand your audience, you need to build that know, like and trust factor. In other words, you need to build influence or become an influencer.

Is this really important?

 Well, have you ever heard of a person who had a home meeting and almost everyone signed up? Or someone just got started and quickly shot through the ranks to the top rank?

 They had a network that trusted them and they had influence over that network so that when an opportunity was offered, the network responded favourably.

 So how do you build influence and engage with your network?

Through your content such as posts including lifestyle posts and behind the scenes as well as video.

As one top earner calls it, “You have to live out loud.”

It means getting vulnerable and being the real you.

 For me, this is a challenge as an introvert and a private person. However, as I do more FB lives and recorded videos, it does get easier but it is something I have mentally prime up to do.

 I can tell you video is the fastest way to build that know, like and trust factor without it, the next piece will not be successful.

#3 Promote To Your  Network/Audience

How To Consistently Attract High Quality Prospects And Recruit On Social Media Like A True Pro 1

 People buy from people who they know, like and trust. That is the foundation of the network marketing industry.

Furthermore, people don’t join companies, people join people. That is how critical relationship is to our industry.

  I still remember when I posted about products or offers and got no traction. Only crickets even if it was a free or no cost offer.

No takers. That was frustrating. I felt that social media was just a total waste of time until applying the principles of attraction marketing.

Click here to discover how  Whit and Cari Higham break down attraction marketing concepts in a clear roadmap that shows even the newest person how to use Social Media the right way to sponsor high quality motivated business builders.

Using the methods developed by Whit and Cari, I increased connection and conversations.

Imagine offering people to join your team and people voluntarily come to you to find out more or even apply to work with you.

So that when you are recruiting, it is never a question of if someone will join…

Instead, it is when and how many will join your team or buy your products.

That is how important having influence is so that when you make an offer, people willingly take the next step because it is right for them and not…

Because you are chasing, pleading and begging for a sign up or purchase.

The hunter becoming the hunted has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

The best news it is not impossible for you to reach that state in your business.

When I first heard that people would be coming to me asking me about my company and asking for business opportunities, I was sceptical.

I flat out didn’t believe it even though I saw tons of testimonials from other people. Yet I didn’t believe it could happen for me.

Then, it started happening to me.

And it can happen to you too.

One of the challenges I had, was how to transfer that knowledge to my team members.

#4 Teach The Process To Your Team

How To Consistently Attract High Quality Prospects And Recruit On Social Media Like A True Pro 2

How to create a simple duplicatable system for the newest person to easily follow?

 Whit and Cari have cracked that code and you can see more details about their successes and team members who have followed their system, here.

 As more and more people get online, the noise becomes louder and the challenge to stand out becomes greater.

Wouldn’t you prefer to cut the learning curve and learn exactly what you need to every day to grow a team on social media without bugging people?

Whether offline or on social media, doing actions daily without seeing positive results, cause Business Owners massive frustration and disillusionment as dreams die before they are ever fulfilled.

I know that you will do better when you know better and finally build a global team using social media that feels authentic to you.

You can build a business that you can love and have the ultimate lifestyle. All without posting 100s of copy and paste messages and being stuck to your phone.

PS Access Whit and Cari’s  Social Media Enroller Training and start sponsoring like a pro

How To Consistently Attract High Quality Prospects And Recruit On Social Media Like A True Pro

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