The 35 Timeless Business Lessons You Can Learn From Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels

Written by Donna Patterson

35 Top Biz Tips. Russell Brunson

By now you would have heard the big announcement by Russell Brunson, the co-founder of Clickfunnels.

Even if you haven’t, the coming changes will keep Clickfunnels in the limelight for some time to come.

Just in case, you have no clue what I am talking about.

Russell Brunson is the co-founder of Clickfunnels. This is a very popular software for creating squeeze pages/capture pages and funnels.  It went beyond that to include autoresponders, tracking and more.

In addition to that, there are tons of templates and training on how to use these funnels to promote any anything including MLM recruiting and product sales funnels. Clickfunnels also has an affiliate programme that has made millions for marketers.   Check out the comma club. 

Recently, Russell Brunson took some specific actions that I believe are infinitely valuable business lessons for long term success.

In this blog, I will be sharing the 35 main nuggets I got from viewing the live stream. I am sure there are more lessons, especially at the high level but I believe these lessons will be beneficial to business owners whether at the beginning, intermediate or advanced in their entrepreneurial journey.

 Let’s get started

1.  How  To Use A Pre-announcement to build Anticipation.

 A week before the actual live stream, he started promoting the live stream. He also mentioned that Clickfunnels was about to turn 5yrs old. Although significant changes were coming, it was wrapped in a celebratory atmosphere. Isn’t that what we call cushioning the blow?

2.   Curiosity in Marketing is Essential

In the pre-announcement, Russell also alluded to addressing the rumours. He would have created many hooks and open loops to entice a lot of people to get on the live stream. In essence, He started an itch that you would have to find out the big reveal for that itch to be scratched.

3. Video marketing/Live Video Stream

As you know, most platforms are pushing video right now. Video is set to be the main content format of the future. Hands down, video is the fastest way to building the know, like and trust factor as well as building your personal brand. Video does have high barrier where introverts like myself may not like being in front of the camera. Also, it can take a while to master and get tractions.

I want to say this, yes video can be a powerful tool in your business, it is not going to make or break it. Everybody is different. Persons who like video usually hate writing/blogging. Podcasting is great for people who love to talk but may not necessarily want to be on camera.

The 35 Timeless Business Lessons You Can Learn From Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels 1

4.  Timing is Everything

It was really strategic to have a big announcement about the future of the company on its birthday or anniversary. Thereby signifying a new age.

5. Be Prepared To Take Risks

  As business owners, we must get comfortable with taking calculated risks. Even the best business blueprint has to be adjusted for your specific business. Yet how can you know what will work for you if you don’t test things?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Russell Brunson announced some major decisions that could have been disastrous to the common onlooker but due to taking next action, making it very strategic.

6. Tracking and Knowing Your Numbers

 Too many times, business owners make decisions based on emotions instead of making choices based on data. Our emotions can easily change by the second and thus not a good yardstick for major decisions.

Data or information when interpreted correctly can be powerful. Now, there is a time for using your intuition or ‘gut’ but knowing when requires discernment.

7. Evaluating Your Business

 This means looking at every area of your business: 

  • Profit and loss
  • Investment and return
  • Resources
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threats/risks

8. Identify Your Main Category

  This is knowing your target market and your specific solution to that solution. Russell calls this ‘fishing in a blue ocean’ where you are unique instead of fighting the other competitors in the red ocean.


9. Become  a Category King

 Get better at what you are great at.

Russell Brunson

Double down on what your good at and become a Master in that arena. Too many business owners focus on their weaknesses instead of their strengths which could give them some traction even while improving weaknesses. Sometimes you may not even have to deal with your weaknesses yourself when you use the next strategy.

10. Collaborate with Other Category Kings

“ Success is a team sport. You may be good at certain things but not great.”

Russell Brunson

  You can’t be great at everything. Identify other persons/ companies/systems that are best at what they do and integrate with them. Thus, you can still offer your clients, related services without the hassle of having to provide it inhouse.

More specifically, Russell Brunson mentioned also acquiring those companies. ClicksFunnels is not known for partnerships and so this is not surprising but capital would be a huge consideration for acquiring companies.

11. Technology- The Way for Better  leverage

 Looking at all the activities and evaluating in terms of value, regularly, resources and complexity.    Low level activities or repeated activities that can be automated should be automated. This lowers cost and allows better use for resources.

For example, Russell Brunson mentioned that most of the questions asked have been asked before. So  Clickfunnels will have a FAQ section with all the common questions asked by its users. This will free up the time of their customer support staff to deal with more pressing cases.

  12.      Using the Knowledge Base Available

 During the live stream, it was revealed that persons within the community regularly answered questions. Russell, therefore, gave an opportunity to those persons to get paid to answer questions.

This saves valuable time required to source and train additional to customer service staff. A win/win situation. Who better to answer those questions than users of the software?

13.   Focus on  Implementation 

The difference between those who succeed and those who are struggling is investing, learning and understanding the strategy. The real way to benefit from these things is to continually take action.

 Too many business owners become stuck in the learning phase because it makes them feel like they are doing something. They feel like they are gaining safely without losing anything.

However, without action to bring fruit, all that learning will be for nought.

14.   Importance of Coaching or Mentorship

 Rusell Brunson offered personal support from staff to help customers complete their funnels as part of the upgraded package. More and more, it is becoming clear that people require a bit more direction and handholding especially when coming to tech stuff.

You need support.

 you need  a mentor

You also need someone to fight for Your BEST Self and push you outside your comfort zone.

 In one of my mentorship programmes, my coach pushed me to do my first 2 Facebook Lives. I didn’t like it all. But in the end, it was the best direction to build that know like trust factor with my audience after not being able to sell 3 FREE books.

So while I was building an audience and an email list, clearly they did not trust me enough to take action.

15. Work on your Mindset Daily

 The biggest problem is not Tech. It is Action. The problem is what is going on between your ears, in your head.

Russell Brunson

If you think you can or can’t, you are right. That statement is attributed to Henry Ford, yet so true on so many levels.

How many times when you want to strive towards some goal, your ego, mental roommate, lower self or negative self, persuade you that it would be ‘safer’ not to even try?

Save yourself the time, money, effort and embarrassment. Right?

It is even worse when external voices like family and friends ‘confirm’ or reinforce what we already believe. It can put us in a deadly trap.

That is why personal development is such a big deal to help you as a business owner reprogramme your mind with success stories and positive affirmations.

16.  Resolve Money Mindset

 “Mindset around money when fixed, it is easier for money to come to you.”

Russell Brunson.

You need to come to terms with your beliefs and relationship with money. Do you believe it is bad? The rich are all wicked people? Being in poverty is being righteous? ( The good book clears this up by the way. Poverty is nothing to strive for.)

Money gives you more options but reveals more of your true self. Money is a tool that you can use for good or evil depending on its user.

But if you believe money is bad or the rich guy is the bad guy then you will never become what you hate.

17.  Don’t Be  Afraid To Delegate

 Focus your time and energy on the activities that would better use your time and move your business forward.

18.  Keeping Learning

 You have to keep learning if you want to keep growing.

19.  Address Customer Concerns Head On

The worst thing a business owner can do is try to dodge the concerns or problems of customers. It creates a terrible customer experience, affects your brand negatively and cost you money long term.

Always remember that serving your customer should be the central focus of your business.

20.   Don’t Be Too Big To Say Sorry 

 Russell Brunson apologises to business partners for making decisions that took them on a wrong path that cost them money.

He apologised to this team for not using resources efficiently and putting them under intense strain.

He also apologised to his customers for decisions that didn’t truly serve them at the highest level.

21.  Always Be Selling

 During the live stream , he treated it like a typical webinar and launched a new product – Clicksfunnel Platinum.

22. Creating an Irresistible Offer

I have always admired Russell Brunson’s ability to create irresistible hooks and offers almost effortlessly. Using problem, then solution then ask the  following questions:

  • What would make it easier or give them success faster?
  • What else do they need?
  • What are the objections?
  • What would remove the risks( sweeten the deal)?

You will see exactly how it works a bit later on.

23. Focus on Buyers and Reward Customers

As much as your following on social media provides social proof, paying customers are what drives your business. Rewarding your existing customers creates loyalty as well as increase the lifetime value of that customer

Lifetime value (LTV)  The total amount of money spent by the customer in your business).

It is cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new customer.

24. Use Money  Wisely

Money gives options. It can allow you to empower others.

25. Create community and Exclusivity

People online are craving relationship and the feeling of belonging such as community. Having a community for clients and users of Clicksfunnel provides an added layer of support. Priceless.

26.  Leadership and Transparency

Preparing persons for the next steps. Letting people know what to expect.

It reduces fear and uncertainty. It creates more buy-in as you involve customers in the process. There is way less fall out as more persons buy into the new direction the company is taking.

27.  Manage Change

 Russell Brunson did not reveal or implement all the changes at once. He is gradually getting persons acclimatised to the changing environment. This announcement even allows him and his team to assess responses to the first phase of change. If needed, I am sure they will make the necessary adjustments.

28.  Creating Open Loops 

 Think of this as a Cliffhanger or a movie trailer. This maintained curiosity throughout the entire presentation

29.  Use Stories

Stories Sell and Facts Tell.

At key points in the presentation, Russell Brunson used emotional triggers by telling personal stories that made persons connect with him at the place of their struggles. And how his solution leads to success. Russell also used stories to sell the benefits of his products. and overcome objections.

The 35 Timeless Business Lessons You Can Learn From Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels 2

30.  Blockbuster Movie Script  Techniques

During the live presentation, Russell Brunson continuously broad his audience to a climax point and then when you thought it was the end…nah. There was more. Talk about drama.  It grabbed your attention to specific areas of his presentation.

31. Stack the value and  Repeat the Benefits

In fact, if you  watch that video, you will see him do a value stack and repeat the benefits several times with call to action. In this case to upgrade to Platinum.

32.   Plugging the Gaps/ The Revenue Leaks.

 One this that is generating a  lot of money right is information. More and more persons are investing in online self study courses. By creating a library of his past courses and other valuable courses, Russell is creating a powerful ecosystem with is software and education platform.

Effectively making it unnecessary for his customers to go outside the system. Then he can easily ascend members on his higher ticket mentorship programmes.

 AT first bars in Trinidad didn’t serve food. However they recognised when persons drank, they needed something to munch on and the persons would have to leave the bar. That decreased the potential earnings from those customers.  So, to solve this issue, bars started serving food.

Like a bar serving food. You don’t need to go anyway if you are hungry.

33. Fix The Bugs

 Always to seek to upgrade your skills and technology.

34. Become Better at Sales

You need to know how to sell.

I know that many business owners have negative feelings about selling yet the highest paid persons are the best salespersons. Now let us clear, if you don’t receive money in exchange for money, you won’t be in business for long. Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business.

Yes, there are systems that you can use to make the process much easier and reduce objections. Yet you still need to be able to have a sales conversation and ask for the sale.

Another thing to note, is that even this was presented as a simple announcement, Russell Brunson used the opportunity to sell his new membership programme.

35. Survive the Setbacks

Learn from the failures.

When you become a better Entrepreneur, funnels becomes easy. Funnels alone will not skyrocket your business. You need to work on becoming a better business owner in all areas from skills to mindset. You need to have a strong belief in what you are trying to achieve.

Keep pressing forward until you achieve your dream.

I hope that you found this helpful and let me know if you have any more lessons that should be added to the list.

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