Marketing Books

Attraction Marketing Formula

Discover the easier way to recruit people into your business opportunity online…  Have too many leads and prospects to talk to so that rejection  is virtually  a thing of the past.

So you don’t have to waste your time and money chasing dead beat prospects and leads.

Internet Marketing Profit Formula

Discover how one young brazen internet marketer was able to go from zero to $347,284 in a single month in 4 short months. In this book, he shares his exact blueprint how he tripled his sales with just one tweak even without doing extra work. 

Health Books

How To Go from Constant Breakouts to Clear Skin

Time to find out the truth about acne and what they have hidden from you to keep you spending money on treatments that don’t work and actually cause more damage. You will also find out the simple principles to  clear skin and checklists to help you leave acne  behind and love your skin again.


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