The 7 Questions  To Choose The Best  Social Media   Platform for Your Home Business

Written by Donna Patterson

choosing the right social media platform

Which social media is the best for business?

Having a  business today automatically requires the use of social media.

 I mean, it’s going to be almost impossible really, to build a business in today’s landscape especially online without using social media marketing.

Benefits of social media marketing include growing your brand, building trust, generating leads and sales. Hootsuite has a comprehensive list of benefits of social media for your business.

 And so there are so many options available and I know for people now coming online or they’ve been using certain platforms and haven’t had significant results.  You have these  burning questions:

  •  Which platform should I be on? 
  • How many should I be on? 
  • What do I do on these various platforms?
  • Which social media platform is effective and why?

 One bit of caution here.

 You should recognize that if not managed properly, you could find yourself in a situation where all your time is sucked into trying to become visible on social media. And you definitely don’t want that because there are other aspects to your business and not just the social media portion. 

So how do you choose our social media channel?

In this blog,  we’re going to talk about some of the main things you should consider when choosing your social media platform, especially if you’re brand new and not getting the results that you want.

 You know, simplicity is golden. 

Who are Your Hottest Prospects

 The ideal buyer guide

 I know I say this a lot but it is a core foundation of your business and a core part of your marketing, which is to know what your message is and who it is for.

  •  Who is your ideal prospect?
  • Who is your perfect customer?
  • Who is the perfect client you want to work with? 

You’re really to be clear about who that person is until this person has almost become so real to you. That you know that person inside out you know, a person’s pain and pleasures. wants and wishes, fears and beliefs. You know what that person wants before they even think it, you’re always one step ahead, because a lot of times you were that person at one time 

For example, if you’re in affiliate marketing or network marketing it’s usually because you were in a particular situation and this product or business opportunity have helped you and so you normally will look at the person you used to be as your ideal prospect. 

However, you could be in a  brand new market,  you need to figure out who that perfect person is. And in my How to find Your Hottest Prospect  WorkBook.

We go through how do you do the research, and what things you need to know in order to find all these things. How easily you could find all these things about your perfect prospect and where to find them, how to find them, what are the things they’re interested in?

And this information guides your marketing and the rest of the choices that you make. Alright, so just to reiterate, knowing who is your perfect prospect, knowing your audience, knowing who it is that you want to serve. That leads us to question number two.

Where to Find Your Hottest Prospects

 where to find your prospects on social media

Where are they?

 So what happens after you find out the who they are?

Where would you most likely find them? Are you going to find them only on one platform? No, really, and truly most people have a number of social media profiles. What you want to do is pick where you would most likely find that type of person in large numbers. 

You must be aware that every social platform offers something different and therefore attracts a particular type of individual or at least a person, at different stages in the customer journey. They are not actively looking for services or products.

The approach that you’re going to have there is a bit more conversational compared to LinkedIn, which is more for professionals. It’s more of a business minded network.  The social platform is for business people and professionals, where it’s about talking business, and not necessarily sharing recipes, or sharing family anecdotes. So based on your product or  based on what you’re offering, you might find that it’s better to be on LinkedIn than on Facebook.  

Based on the type of thing that you’re offering, you might require a  content format that’s more visual. So therefore something like Pinterest or Instagram might be a better fit. If you’re into videos, long form videos and somebody who’s really at the buying stage, then you might want to be on YouTube.

The next piece is usually never considered by most Business Owners.

How You Present Your Message Matters

The 7 Questions  To Choose The Best  Social Media   Platform for Your Home Business 1

By now you should recognize that when you’re choosing a platform sometimes you also choose the format you present your content in. For example, I know that as an introvert and as a writer that blogging has been a lot more beneficial to me than videos. And so Pinterest has been my number one traffic source for a long time now. And so I understand the need to focus on that. I know once I get people to my website, they convert to leads and then enter into my nurture series. So I understand that works for me.

 If you’re into video,  you might find yourself gravitating to YouTube. In my case, I recognize that I don’t mind talking. I just don’t want to be in front of the camera. So maybe podcasting could be an avenue I might consider later on.

But of course, there’s a very easy way to repurpose content to fit across multiple channels that you know, adding a podcast is not going to be very difficult. But what I’m saying is that the format that is most comfortable to you could also play a really big part in which content format to use and which channel not to use. 

Because one of the things I’ve found is when people are completely out of their element and are doing things that are way against their nature. It is like pulling teeth and is usually not successful. So if you’re doing things, not in your own voice and not aligned with your natural ability is an uphill battle. 

You’re gonna be finding success a lot faster doing things using your strengths rather than weaknesses.

Am I saying that you’re not going to be uncomfortable? That’s not what I’m saying. But it would be better if you know that you would like to do images rather than force yourself to do videos especially if you have not yet amassed that influence over your target audience that loves you and trusts you.

You’re going to be frustrating yourself and wasting a lot of time because if I had continued with my flopping videos, I would not have been able to get commissions and stuff like that because I would have been putting energy and resources into something that was not working for me.

 I want to help you avoid this major mistake, so you don’t waste time doing stuff that is not beneficial to you.

 I mean I spent so much time being so uncomfortable, having to psych myself up just to do one video. And then after all of that … nothing.  When I could spend a long time creating written content and creating other pieces of content from that pillar post. And you know what? I got better results.

 How Much Time Do You Have To Spend Online and What is Your Social Personality

 social media marketing

 So far, we’ve talked about knowing your audience. We know where they are and have chosen a social platform where they’re most probable to be found. Also, be guided by the content format that you’re most likely going to use. Of course, be aware of the power of repurposing content. 

The other thing is you should be aware of how much time you have to devote to social media. Be really honest with yourself. Are you a  social butterfly or are you an introvert like me? You really just want to be 30 minutes max then off of it. Why am I saying this? Because certain platforms like say Facebook requires a bit more of your time and that’s just me personally. 

Now obviously, if you’re posting content you need to put some effort into connecting with other people, interacting with other people’s content, and so forth.

Generally, you want to warm up the algorithm but Facebook especially requires a lot more effort and a lot more time. Especially if you’re a one-person team. I mean, I know a lot of you look at Tanya Aliza and so many others but don’t recognize that they actually have a social media manager who is really responsible for all the things that you really see. She has a team to help her. So she doesn’t have to be doing a lot of those things.

 You might have the time. And so you need to be very careful about the way and how you use your time on social media. That’s why I love platforms like LinkedIn, but at the same time, LinkedIn may not be the best place for a dietitian unless you really position your business in a way that’s promoted directly to professionals. That’s really knowing your audience.

And so, I love Pinterest because it’s a real set and forget sort of a platform. You know, I’m there because you just want to be inspired by looking at what people are doing. But you know, it’s an introvert’s dream.

Whereas you recognize on so many other platforms, they’re pushing for community, you’re pushing for engagement because that will increase the pull factor for people on the platform.

 So should you consider how many people are on that social media platform? 

Pinterest is among the smallest, and yet it gives me most of my traffic. So wouldn’t you prefer having 80% of your Ideal persons see your content rather than having 1% of persons in a bigger pond? We have to be fighting a lot more for attention with more influential people. 

You definitely gotta have the entertainment factor on Facebook, because that’s what they’re looking for. Even with the educational part of it, they’re still looking for that entertainment factor, because they’re on Facebook versus somebody who’s on LinkedIn. As they are to either get information or connect or network. So the mindset is different. They don’t need to see our family photos. They don’t need to see pictures of your cat and your dog.

 So, how many people are on the platform is a lesser factor than how many of your ideal persons are on the platform.

Should You be on One or More Social Media Channels

 I am going to say yes or no. Yes, you want to be visible across the web, across multiple channels but if you’re not, at least mastering one, then you will just be simply spreading yourself too thin.

So it’s best for people to at least know you on one platform before you go to another because it does take a little time to build up an audience on a platform. 

 Even when reposting content across multiple channels, sometimes you need to make adjustments to the image or to the message to make it more suitable or appropriate for those different social media platforms.

  Personally, I have found that a post that worked on LinkedIn, you know you need to know to add emojis and all of that to the same exact post in if you post it on  Facebook and things I found that worked on Facebook don’t necessarily work across on LinkedIn.

And that’s why most people who primarily use Facebook find that LinkedIn is pretty hard to penetrate sometimes because they come in with the same mindset that you know people want to see cute pictures of dogs and be entertained. People on LinkedIn want to hear about your business and how it will help them.

You can get more tips on how to use LinkedIn in this article

Do You Need to Post More Than Once a Day

Now each social media platform has its own algorithm with its own hacks that you would use specifically for that platform. So I’m always going to be talking in general.

You’ll find that consistent quality content will always beat inconsistent meaning that if you’re committed to once a day that’s okay.  There are people who post on IG three times a week and that works for them. And, you know, once your people know what’s coming on what days and you stick to that? Then you shouldn’t have a problem. 

The thing to note.

Now because there’s so many posts being published on a daily basis and then of course, there must be a guideline deciding which post gets shown to whom. You don’t want your posts to be competing with one another for attention in the news feed.

So I would not suggest posting more than once a day. If you have a huge audience and they are engaged, then you might want to post more often because you have the audience to support that and you want to keep them highly engaged.

Other than a special promotion you have going on, then there’s really no need for you to be posting more than once a day. Even if you’ll have a promotion you might want to post twice for the day. And then but definitely not five and 10 times a day. Doesn’t make sense. More than likely most people are not going to see half your social posts.

Then there is the risk of annoying the few people that do consume your content.

Do You Actually  Need to Create Content from Scratch Every Day

That’s simply not true. Most of the time people are not seeing all your posts anyway. And so, therefore, you can simply repost it at a different time. That’s one way to repurpose it. You can put it in a new format. Make it look new, use a fresh image, phrase it differently. In addition to this,  you can put the message in a different format, post it on another social media platform. 

Those are just some of the options that you can use and also easily plan out your social media content. 

Now in my course Content Marketing Made Simple for Business Owners, I share my simple 3 C Content Framework where you know how to easily generate content ideas. You will never run out of ideas for content. I would invite you to take a look at that as well. Because I then show you how to easily craft your content in a way with the intention to actually get better results. 

The other thing that I think is very much underutilized is you know scheduling. I am not a lover of the Facebook scheduler. I love Missinglettr. You should also consider  Recurpost, Lately, Tailwind or Canva Pro. There are so many just take your pick. They all have pros and cons.

missinlettr  social media uatomation


If you’re a blogger, you definitely need to check out Missinglettr. Imagine being able to have artificial intelligence, giving you prompts and snippets of your blog to massively increase curiosity.  It automatically creates a campaign with 12 pieces of unique content. You could actually make adjustments  or  easily create a social post from scratch to promote your blog, or video or whatever piece of content you have. 

Missinglettr is able to pull content from other creators to keep your social feed fed. But also you can actually utilize that community to actually promote your content. I mean, it’s a win-win.  

Click here to read my review on Missinglettr.

The 7 Questions  To Choose The Best  Social Media   Platform for Your Home Business 2


 Rcurpost allows you to create and schedule social media posts across multiple profiles at the same time. You can create specific topics for specific days that you set and forget. It will post continuously until you stop it. Even better than this, you can allow Recurpost to post for you so you can get maximum engagement. It is able to determine the best times for your audience.

Check out  Recurpost.

tailwind social media automation scheduling


Initially, Tailwind was well known for scheduling Pins on Pinterest but has recently added many helpful features. You can create and schedule eye-catching social media images for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram all at once.  Another benefit is the hashtag generator assisting you in identifying the best ones for your posts.

 Check out Tailwind here.

Features - Canva

Canva Pro

 Canva is a popular platform with tons of templates for posts, videos, presentations and much more. The free version offers a lot of value but the Pro version allows you to schedule your content right on  Canva. No more downloading to upload somewhere else. A time saver for sure. The only drawback is that you have to copy the image to schedule it on another social profile.

Check out Canva Pro.


 How do you go about choosing a social media channel to prompt your business? 

We talked about the most important part of it, your business foundation and your marketing foundation. Who is your audience? Who do you serve? Who is your perfect prospect? Then we talked about your message and in what format your content should be and how that could also guide what channel you should choose. We also talked about the time that you have available to spend on social media platforms.

 Maximize your content through redesign, repurposing and scheduling. This allows you to keep your social media feed active without pulling your hair out. There are social media tools like Missinglettr that allow you to create and schedule social media posts but also curate content from other sources to maintain an engaging social feed for your audience. 

Social media is unavoidable but doesn’t have to keep you stuck on your phone. You definitely don’t have to be glued to your phone all day to get results. I break down how to create a simple yet effective content strategy in Content Marketing Made Simple for Business Owners. If you haven’t yet, check it out here.

how to create unique content
The 7 Questions  To Choose  The Best  Social Media   Platform for Your  Home BusinessThe 7 Questions  To Choose  The Best  Social Media   Platform for Your  Home BusinessThe 7 Questions  To Choose  The Best  Social Media   Platform for Your  Home Business

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