How TO Effectively Talk To Your Prospects For More Signs Ups And Sales

Written by Donna Patterson

how to speak to my perfect prospect

Your prospect is simply not hearing you.

And they certainly are not eagerly buying your products or joining your organization.

If you are offline, have you ever spoken to someone and they have either a bored or glazed overlook?

That means you have lost their attention and they are not resonating with you are saying.

Online, your potential prospect will just ignore your post and keep scrolling.

So how can you speak to them in a way that motivates them to keep taking the next step in your process and sign up as a business builder or a customer?

However, before I answer that, you first need to know who you are speaking to and what problem can you solve for them.

In other words, who is target market- the group of people that will be most likely to buy your product or who you want to work with within your team. Then get more detailed as to who is your ideal prospect or buyer.

This will you allow to focus, thereby maximizing your efforts and your time.

For example, you will know which platform to choose as your main social channel to connect with your potential prospect or buyer. You will also know the lingo and words that will grab the attention of your perfect prospect.

Click here to download your guide to identifying your ideal prospect or buyer so that you can start attracting your tribe.

To attract your prospect’s attention, you need to speak directly to them. They need to feel like you understand them, their problems and their needs. More importantly, the message must be carefully crafted so that your audience/network/prospect can clearly and easily comprehend what you are communicating.

If your message is lost in translation, that can immediately cost you time and money. Wasted opportunity.

In this video, I talk about the importance of the message to market match. It is best to start by talking to the right people.

Just by talking to people that are actually interested in your business or products in the first place can remove virtually any rejection.

Now that you have gotten your prospect’s attention, now what?

What do you say?

What words to use?

How to handle the sales conversation?

One important thing I have found when having those conversations is to determine the type of prospect. Another essential piece is knowing what is most important for them to make a decision.

In the video below I talk about the 4 main buyer/prospect types and the best way to approach each.


If you have been posting, talking, presenting or prospecting without any results, then maybe it is time to ask yourself if you are talking to the right people and if you are speaking their language.

When you are connecting with the right people, rejection is really the last thing on your mind. Then as the trust, know factor builds, the sales and sign-ups will not be far behind.

PS. Make sure to pick up your Ideal buyer/prospect guide to help you identify your perfect prospect and attract your tribe, team members and increase your sales.

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