The 5 Best Affiliate Programs To Start As A Beginner and Why.

Written by Donna Patterson

the best affiliate systems for beginners

 Ok, so you have been looking into affiliate marketing as a possible method for additional income. In case you missed it, I explain what is affiliate marketing and how affiliates are paid in this blog.   If you do decide to do affiliate marketing, here are some basic tools that should be in place to improve the probability of success.   

So you might be saying, great information, but how do I get started with affiliate marketing?

 Now, one of the tools,  mentioned for success is having a SYSTEM.

That means having is a blueprint of clear steps that can be followed repeatedly in a predictable way.

Systems in this particular case, allows beginners to use someone’s proven process to gain experience and learn the necessary internet marketing skills while still able to earn income.

 There are several pieces to an affiliate marketing strategy. Each piece has to be individually tested and pulled together for high conversions. Conversions are getting the objective or required actions. This takes a high level of skill, knowledge, time, effort and money.

Thus by using these blueprint systems or done for you templates along with the relevant education can really short cut your learning time and of course, reduce your costs. 

If  you want something, find someone that has what you want and  repeat their actions to get what they have.

If you were in a  live minefield, which would you choose?

  1. Follow the footsteps of someone who has gone through it and is still alive in one piece or…
  2.  Try to do it on your own and risk being blown to bits?

Similarly, if you try to do affiliate or internet marketing on your own before learning the skills, you will just lose money and spin your wheels with little to no results.

Feeling frustration and discouraged as you see your dreams go up in smoke with each failure.

Your choice.

 If you use # 1 as all the top earners in the space, then here are 5 affiliate marketing programs to start with. I have selected these based on 

  •  Personal experience with them
  • Their education systems
  •  Their success rate 
  • Ease to get started
  • Support systems

 learn affiliate marketing

 In this blog, I will be  sharing the pros and cons of the following affiliate systems.

  1. Wealthy Affiliates
  2. Click Banks
  3. John Crest
  4. The Super Affiliate Network
  5. Elite Marketing  Pro newly rebranded Attraction

 The Wealthy Affiliates

The Wealthy Affiliates is an online business university (academy/training) launched in 2005 with more than 100,000 active members sharing experiences and helping each other succeed. It specializes in the affiliate marketing model of passive income. It has evolved since I first signed up.


  • Can get started for free  with restricted access.
  • Can get two  free websites along with some tools with free account.
  • Step by step instructions on how to build your own website.
  • Great for persons  who like blogging..
  • Has an engaged community that will answer your questions in real time.
  • Step by step education system.
  • Direct contact with programme creators.
  • Great support systems.


  •  Not for persons who want affiliate marketing without a website
  •  Blogging or written content marketing and SEO are the main techniques taught. Not everyone likes writing. 

Click Banks

One of the more popular affiliate marketing programmes.

According to Wikipedia, ClickBank is an affiliate marketing program. ClickBank was founded in 1998 and is privately-held. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

This a large site and hence highly automated. I have never had to contact support and so I can’t really say how responsive they are.


  •  Free to get started
  •  Variety . Has many products in different niches to promote.
  •  Long history and good reputation.


  •  No beginner’s guide
  • No free marketing tools.
  • You would have to purchase the marketing education  separately.

The 6 Week Super Affiliate Program

This 6 Week Super Affiliate Program was created by affiliate marketer John Crestani.

I have not gone through the entire program in totality but the webinar is packed with great information. You can go here to access the free webinar.


  •  Comparative  to programmes costing over $3000 but at a way cheaper price.
  •  Simplified approach to affiliate marketing.
  •  No where near market saturation.
  •  Give a lot of value upfront.
  •  Great for  persons who want a   bit of copy and paste.
  • Helps you take advantage of   free offer to get started with paid advertising
  •  Great for persons wanting to learn Facebook Advertising, YouTube Ads, Yelp Ads and LinkedIn Ads.


  • Does not  teach organic traffic methods.
  • Would have to agree to join the affiliate programmes he promotes

The Super Affiliate Network

A true online education system for internet and affiliate marketing. They offer a wide range of courses starting from $1 with a 30 day access. Truly gives a picture about what it really takes to be successful online…no holds barred.

The Super Affiliate Network is basically created by Misha Wilson who shows people to have a thriving online business using the path he did. Misha Wilson is a very young and successful multi-million internet marketer today and he achieved his success through affiliate marketing and email marketing.

This online training platform is promoted by top affiliates, Ace And Rich Guzman, Keysha Bass, Paul Barosso, Greg Davidson.

Click here to see the overview of The Super Affiliate Network done by Keysha Bass.


  • Online courses specifically designed for affiliate marketers for beginners and veterans
  • Teaches you  to promote a variety of affiliate programmes other than  their own.
  • Variety of prices. There is also a trial.
  •  Helpful and responsive support systems
  • Free sessions with business advisors with  every purchase even $1 access purchases.
  •  With Pro Mentorship and above you also get direct access to Mish Wilson and have him review your work, videos, blogs, marketing tools and more.
  • Can start to see results quickly with the affiliate system. ( not guaranteed)


  • Although there are courses for other traffic strategies, they need to be updated.
  • The traffic source of focus is solo ads
te super affiliate network review
Click here or image

Elite Marketing Pro/Attraction Marketing.Com

The website states that it was founded by three entrepreneurs with a passion for economic independence, Elite Marketing Pro provides targeted education, training, and mentoring programs for people who are ready to leave behind the network marketing strategies of yesterday and move into the 21st century and become a Digital Networker.

The main brand figure is Ferny Ceballos. He made his first 6 figures in his Network Marketing business online using the same strategies taught in this programme. Top earners like the Meltons, Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, Brandy Sher Shaver, Gloria MacDonald and many others started their path to online success right here.


  • Specifically designed for network marketers
  • Allows network marketers to get paid  while prospecting
  • Proven blueprint
  • Great support systems
  • Always on the cutting edge of the internet marketing  and network marketing industries
  • Variety of online courses and mentorship  for variety of prices
  • Get access to free coaching with every purchase even as low as $47


  • Focus on  Facebook and Facebook Advertising
attraction marketing formula
Click on image


There are tons of affiliate training courses and programs on the internet. Yet these have proven the test of time with many people creating successful online businesses from these program.

No program is perfect. All will have their own strengths and weaknesses. None can guarantee you success.

Find an affiliate system that resonates with you and plays to your strengths.

Ultimately, you will be the main deciding factor for success. So give it your best shot and be committed to learning the skills to be profitable

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  1. Faith T

    I’ve tried elite marketing pro in the recent times. Like you mentioned, they focus a lot on network marketing/social media. It’s also slightly expensive. I personally like programs which cover a lot more topics to help with your overall progress in online marketing.

    • Donna Patterson

      Hi Faith. What topics do you believe are missing from Elite Marketing Pro?

    • Donna Patterson

      Faith, what topics do you believe are missing from Elite Marketing Pro?


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