The 5 Little Known Things The Top Marketers Know About AFFILIATE MARKETING That is Keeping You From Making Any Real Money Online Right Now!

Written by Donna Patterson

In our last blog conversation,  I shared the fundamentals about Affiliate Marketing as a potential income stream for business owners.

We looked at

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing work?
  • How do you get paid in Affiliate Marketing?
 how  affiliate marketing  work

If you missed it or want just want to revisit that post you can do so here. But is that really enough to start making money with affiliate marketing?

It took me 12 months of struggling and losing money before I made my first commission online. It happened while I was sleeping…literally. I would never forget the thrill of waking up to an email saying “You made a commission!”

Without going into a long story, everything changed when I  discovered the following 5 things from successful affiliate marketers making 6, 7 and 8 figures online.

Do you want to know what these top marketers shared with me that can totally change your approach to affiliate marketing and finally start getting commissions online? Then keep reading.

# 1  The Riches Are In The Niches

I am not sure who first said it but it is certainly true in affiliate marketing. The three  main characteristics of hot niches are:

  1. They have a large number of people
  2. These people a super passionate about that topic (are willing to spend money on their passion)
  3. These people must be easily  and repeatedly reachable

The best niches fall under one or more of the following categories:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

What makes these the best, you might be asking?

If you have chronic back pain, how much will you pay for permanent relief?

How many people are stuck in jobs barely covering their monthly expenses and actively looking to increase their income or better manage what they have?

How people need assistance getting over a divorce?

I believe that you get the point. These issues are painful enough for people to take action in order to solve them. Yes, take out their credit card to get it sort of pain. They need it right now.

Now there are other niches that can do well like knitting, sports and personalized gist items. You might want to combine two hot niches to make your own. Just know although these niches might be smaller, you still need to be able to connect with super raving fans or almost fanatics about what you are offering. Which brings me to the next important money making tidbit.

#2 A Highly Converting Offer

People must WANT what you’re selling.

Product vs Offer

Just to be clear, a product if simply to the main thing you are selling to solve a particular problem in the market place. For example, someone wants to start affiliate marketing online to increase their monthly income and actually stop living paycheck to paycheck or just to learn online skills and get some cash flow into their primary business.

The 5 Little Known Things The Top Marketers Know About AFFILIATE MARKETING That is Keeping You From Making Any Real Money Online Right Now! 1

The offer consist of the added trimmings to increase the value and attractiveness of product while overcoming common objections to purchasing. It  provides most of the things that will allow the customer to

  • Take fast action
  • Get  a quick result
  • Remove any friction in  the process
  • Remove or reduce  risk from the customers’ shoulders

In other words,  when presenting your offer which is wrapped around your core product or service, it should be a no brainer to buy it.  In fact, your potential customer must feel a sense of missing out if they don’t purchase.

For that, you must have 1 or more of the 9 psychological triggers that cause people to buy. I mentioned a few in the above paragraph.

Can you guess which ones?

More about that in another blog conversation. We will go into details about how to craft your perfect cash cow offer. ( Even if you don’t create your  products!)

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to create your products or deal with customer support.

Yet you still need to be wise about what you choose to promote.  

You also need to look at the quality of the offer and easily can you make sales. Is it something the market place wants or needs?

If you ticked yes then let ’s go to the next important money dependent aspect. What’s that? Keep reading.

#3 Highly Targeted Traffic

Yep, there is no way around it, you need eyeballs on your offer. If people don’t see your offer, how can they purchase? How will you earn any money?

…and you just don’t want any type of traffic. You want high quality, targeted buyers traffic. People who are looking for what you have to offer and have the intent to purchase.

Some marketers call this Buyer’s Traffic.

However you put it,

No traffic ( eyeballs) = No Money

Now traffic which are the persons visiting your site, viewing your offer or link can come from many sources online such as social media platforms, website, or offline conversations.

The 5 Little Known Things The Top Marketers Know About AFFILIATE MARKETING That is Keeping You From Making Any Real Money Online Right Now! 2
Courtesy Fancycrave

Traffic can also be classed as organic or paid.

I  do not say free traffic strategies, although most people love the word FREE because true entrepreneurs understand that they must invest in their business. True business owners also value their time because they understand that time cannot be replenished. Top world entrepreneurs put a price on their time.

That was one of the biggest mindset shift that I had to get over in becoming a consultant.  I had to be ok in valuing my time and charging for it.

Now organic methods can take some time to get momentum and can be extremely time-consuming. Spending hours scourging groups to connect with people. Then more hours in fruitless conversations.

As a business owner, you may not have time for that because that in itself is a skill to be able to locate, identify and connect effectively with your potential ideal customer.

You might consider paid traffic or the use of ads. Now there are many pitfalls to  paid traffic:

  1. Scammy traffic providers
  2. Bot or fake traffic
  3. Wasted money with no sales
  4. Traffic source requires a lot of skill like  Facebook Ads
  5. It is expensive and the cost keeps rising.

 Yes, I know the above might have scared the pants off you but the Affiliate  Bootcamp or Profit Booting Bootcamp teaches you all the traffic strategies including the fastest way to build your list of customers leveraging other people’s efforts.

You can also get this free tracking guide to help you maximize your efforts without worrying about stuff like bots. This guide will also show you where you need to focus your efforts more maximum return on investment.  

Most marketers stop there but the creme of the crop add the next two ingredients for any success online in affiliate marketing. What are they?  Stick with me here.

# 4 You  Need A Mentor

I am not sure whether or not you are familiar with the word mentor. A mentor is someone who trains and guides a person to achieve their goals. A trusted and experienced adviser.

Wouldn’t you prefer to go through a minefield following the footsteps of someone who got through it to the other side ALIVE?

Yes, a  mentor fulfils a variety of roles which include but not limited to :

  • A trainer and coach
  • An adviser and guide
  • Cheerleader when you don’t believe in yourself
  • Storm chaser when your vision is cloudy and need clarity to move forward or need help in making important decisions
  • Dream advocate.  Keeping you accountable for fulfilling your dreams and becoming your best you.
  • Best version gatekeeper always pushing you to be more.

When you start the Profit Boosting Bootcamp, you get your personal coach and business advisor to hold your hand through the process so you get the most out of the entire training.  

And then…

#5 You Need A System

All top internet marketers will tell you the importance of tapping into a proven system.

Especially when first coming online.

Many people come online get lost in the hype and misinformation. Then get frustrated spinning their wheels with no way out of it. In fact, 97 % of affiliate marketers and even other home business owners make NO MONEY in their business.

Most because they never got started and did anything with it. Yet there are others who are grinding away without success.

The 5 Little Known Things The Top Marketers Know About AFFILIATE MARKETING That is Keeping You From Making Any Real Money Online Right Now! 3
Donna Patterson

What are the benefits of having a system?

  1. You don’t have to figure everything out yourself. You can leverage the  knowledge of others
  2. You simply have to plug in and replicate a process already proven to work. You see others making sales.
  3. You can start immediately with done for you solutions. Most people get stuck with tech. What if that was done for you so you can focus on Traffic.
  4. Entrepreneurship including Online marketing can be a lonely journey. The system can provide a supportive community to keep you focused and positive.

When you get started in the Profit Boosting Bootcamp, the Bootcamp for Affiliate Marketing you will get the following:

  1. A step by step training on affiliate marketing provided by an 8 figure earner that used to pop pills you can hear how got over having suicidal thoughts to creating the 8 figure business he has now.
  2. The real truth about what it really takes to make it online that no one is telling you. ( I hope you can handle the truth)
  3. A list of offers you can start promoting immediately.
  4. Your personal business advisor and coach to reduce overwhelm.
  5. The skills to build and grow any business online.
  6. The easiest non-techy way to quickly build your list of customers.

… and much more!


Affiliate marketing can be a business on its own or a great vehicle for cash flow for business owners as they learn the skills of internet marketing.

To have any hope of success, you need a hot niche, a highly converting offer and highly targeted buyers traffic.

Although the affiliate marketing or internet marketing business model is simple, it does not get a rich scheme and like anything else requires effort and investment yet it be simpler than you think to start making moolah.

Yep make sure that you plug into a system and a mentor or coach.

Now let me say this, there are people who are online for years without making any real money online. Jumping from opportunity to opportunity or system to system and I want to spare you from that online abyss.

If you want to get started in affiliate marketing and get into profit mode quickly without the overwhelm and frustration, take advantage of this amazing offer on the Affiliate Bootcamp.  Even if you have been online for years, many successful marketers like Paul Barroso, Ruth Noel, Gregg Davison have gone through it. They rate it highly and say that they have learnt a ton!

So what do you have to lose?   Nothing!

Click here to check out how this stay at home Mom was able to go from being laid off TWICE to 1K days and 30K month.

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