Prospecting- Avoid The Harsh Pitfalls Very Few People Talk About.

Written by Donna Patterson

prospecting online

Do traditional prospecting methods work?

 Let’s go down memory lane a bit shall we?

 Do you remember making a list of 100 people? For my team, they wanted 250 names.

 Then you or upline cold called these people asking if they were interested in a business opportunity. Then the prospects would be invited to a meeting. All without revealing the name of the company.

Soon after, we either had a coffee shop 1 on 1 meeting, home meetings or hotel meetings.

On weekends, we pushed product sales through beauty breaks and other promotional events.

Oh,  I forget the main thing…

What happens when we get through the list of names, friends, coworkers and family?

We are told to go talk to more people by our uplines.

What about prospecting anyone with a pulse or within 3 ft?

Does it sound familiar?

Then we end up going prospecting in malls, groceries, sidewalks, universities and even on the Strip looking for people to talk to about our business.

Everyone needs this. Right?

Prospecting on The Strip is a true story by the way where Cari Whigham prospected a Stripper on the Las Vegas Strip.

So you end up meeting a lot of people eventually finding a few winners.  ( or not) What you lack in skill, you make up in the numbers.

 5 myths about network marketing

After all, it is a numbers game, right?

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Then why are people looking for another way to build their business?

The problem with offline or traditional prospecting methods.

 I  can tell you as an introvert, just the thought of walking to an absolute stranger initially caused me to break out in a sweat.

 I really disliked cold calling strangers. That phone would always wear a ton.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did these activities. I even was the top recruiter in my team at one time.

However, without developing a strong positive self-image and prospecting skills, cold prospecting was very difficult for the average person.

 I saw team members get broken down and discouraged by the constant rejection and judgement on what they were involved in it.

Especially the scepticism from friends and close family.

 Of course, prospecting with little results.

Spending money on tools and products without seeing a reasonable return on investment.

All that time, having to tell people of this amazing business opportunity in which they were making little to no money.

The biggest killer…

Spending so much time away from family and missing occasions for opportunity meetings, leadership meetings, training, promotions, one on ones and no shows.

 So much Time and  Money yet be still in a pit financially. I have seen persons almost lose their family over this. Marriages nearly destroyed over this.

 Eventually, many network markets struggle on or quit on their dreams altogether. 

 Others sought a different way.

For me, due to a health issue, I could not physically leave my house and go stand for hours prospecting or promoting products. That was when I started researching for a way to build my network marketing business online. Thankfully I found it. I will share that in a bit.

 recruit without prospecting and endless rejection

Don’t continue to use prospecting methods that leave you  burnt out,rejected, dejected, frustrated, desperate while chasing friends and family.

The internet presents a huge opportunity for prospecting

 Social media has a lot of people that are accessible with the touch of a button. Facebook alone has over 2 Billion active users. If Facebook were a country. that would be the largest country on earth.

Like Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube have monthly user-bases larger than the world’s two largest countries, China and India. Facebook’s Messenger app has a monthly user-base roughly equivalent to those two countries’ populations. And chat app WeChat (or Weixin, in Chinese) pulls in the equivalent of 76% of China’s population. 


 You can actually meet new people, prospect, recruit and acquire customers online.

The best part is that you can do it from anywhere, whether at home or in a foreign country on vacation.  Building on social media allows you to have an actual home-based business.

When social media is done correctly.

Unfortunately, most network marketers fail to get results because of using incorrect strategies even possibly taught by their uplines.

This causes most network marketers to be on social media for hours and hours, repelling persons, being unfriended and still missing time with family.

Do any of this sound familiar?

  • Always posting about your products and company.
  •  You have compulsive conversations about your company or product without someone asking ( especially on Facebook).
  • Sending  25 – 50 poorly crafted copy and paste messages per day.
  • Sending friend requests to strangers and then pretending to be friends before you pop the question.
  • Spamming people with your links even placing them on other people’s social media posts or ads.
  •  Very few sales if any.
  • Few or No signups. Even if they sign up your teammate goes MIA soon after.

Just a continuous grind.

If you are guilty of doing this, it is not your fault.  You or Your upline may not have the correct information about online prospecting. As you can see, some of the bad aspects of prospecting offline can just as easily be seen online.

You just need to know the right way to connect with the right people that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Many Network Marketers have been taught methods of recruiting on social media that have turned them into spambots or human repellers.

One of the biggest issue with current methods of prospecting is that it is highly untargeted. It is more like a lottery system, hoping you pick the right person. You end up wasting your precious time with the wrong people.

Another issue is that although we profess to be serving people, are we really? Many focus entirely on the daily or monthly quota, rank and bonus check. In many cases, it is about what the person has to do so you can get ahead rather than helping the person build a business around their lifestyle and goals.

“When I Stopped Prospecting People, My Business Started Growing!”

I had heard several top earners make that statement, but I never really understood that until now.

 Here are three things you need to change you into an Attractor Factor, attracting your perfect prospects and customers to you.

 A Personal Brand

 You are not your company or your products.

On social media, you need to set yourself apart. The best way to do that is by being your unique authentic self. Letting people into your world. Showing people who you are and what you stand for and what you stand against through your content.

Thereby you establish your unique selling proposition.  Which brings to my next point.

What is Your Unique  Solution to Your Network?

 What problem are you solving?  

In your message, you position yourself as the way to a solution. The guide that can lead them from their place of stress and pain to their desire. The exact way to get that transformation is what you sell. However, your message may not be quite as clear and compelling without this last piece.

Who is Your Perfect Prospect or Customer?

You must know who is suitable for your product or Opportunity or Service.

I cannot stress this enough. I know offline it was prospecting anyone with a pulse. Everyone needs this thing, right?

I am sure by now that you have found out that this is simply not true. The same is true for prospecting online. 

Everyone is not your ideal prospect.

Social media when done correctly can be a recruiter’s palace but  done wrongly it can lead to the no friends left zone or even angry messages

… or even having your account shut down after several official complaints.

 Thankfully there is a better way as I mentioned early on. I am a recovering a spammer so it is never too late to change your business around for the better.

And stop ruining all your relationships. Offline and online.

Now you can actively prospect online and you can find out more about here but I want to focus here on passive strategies. To be more specific, internet marketing strategies designed specifically for network marketers, affiliate marketers and other home business owners.

 A  concept known as Attraction Marketing where:

  •  People actually reach out to you.
  •  People voluntarily ask for more information about your business without you having to pretend behind a hidden agenda. 
  •  People automatically join your list without you constantly leaving your home or spending hours on social media.
  • The persons coming to you are high quality, targeted and don’t need to be convinced that a home business is not a pyramid scheme.

 Social media truly levels the playing field yet Attraction Marketing raises the bar as many top earners have used this principle to skyrocket their home businesses. They have built systems that can have all this done almost on complete autopilot. Now you do not need to fear that business will crash to a halt just because you choose to take time off.

But the reason I was able to quit prospecting was that, with the help of some extraordinary mentors, I eventually discovered an online recruiting strategy, that…Enabled me to recruit more people in 1 Day, than the most skilled recruiter in the world can do in 1 month. I was able to passively generate leads, customers, and new reps even when I was out having fun with friends and family.

Ferny Ceballos

 Hence, for you  to implement  a system  that is a recruiting machine  without wasting lots of time and money,  you need the following:

  • To build your personal brand, have an authority.
  • A   solution to a specific problem.
  • A targeted network. 
  • You will definitely need a tested and proven blueprint.

Attraction marketing is based on one primary strategy yet has many different tactics.

 When you click here, you  will discover

  •  The 5 myths that may be holding you back from rank advancing and a bigger bonus check.
  •  How Ferny went from almost quitting network marketing to first 6 figures using only online passive methods.
  • How other business owners have been able to successfully use this blueprint to build their teams and acquire customers.


The old way of prospecting works but it is time consuming and breaks people before they see a glimmer of success. Not to mention the fact that most people hate the cold prospecting, cold calling and spending so much time away from home.

The constant rejection and then burning through your warm market adds further resistance. The average joe is not willing to go through that so another problem with building your network marketing business is -RETENTION.

Online and offline active prospecting have similar pitfalls, however, with the right skills you can be successful at it.

On the other hand, Passive Recruiting Methods can create significantly more leverage and security in your home business. Saving you a lot of time.

I personally believe that a hybrid of the best active and passive prospecting skills is best for longterm success in your home business.

To find out how you can start leveraging the internet to build your network and affiliate marketing business Grab your copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula below.

recruit without prospecting and rejection

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