What No One Tells You About Building Your Business Online

Written by Donna Patterson

Where Are Your Customers Today?


More and more of your customers seem to be on social media. Today even grandmas and grandpas spend a lot of time on social media meeting new people and staying connected with family and friends.

Along with  an increasing trend towards online shopping… Correct?

So what does that mean for you as a business owner?

If you do not have an online presence, you really do not have a business. Here is great place to start your journey into marketing on Facebook.

So you have decided to come online but with so many tactics, trainers and apps , you can quickly become overwhelmed, stressed  out and frustrated.

 You may even lose money and believe it is a waste of time.

But with over 78% of persons using social media to make a buying decision, can  you afford to ignore this increasing trend?

What No One Tells You About Building Your Business Online 1

So What Is The Easiest Way To Get Started….


# 1 Get Educated

For every profession in the world, you had to go to school for a period and still go through on the job training to become efficient, marketing or rather internet marketing also requires some training.

Choose 1 person or 2 persons to follow, who have the same principles and ideologies ..

Listening too many gurus will pull you in too many different directions causing serious confusion. I was there…

That feeling of utter disappear and like everything is about to implode is not a nice place to be in.

 I decided to focus  on one strategy until I got results and  improve steadily. ( Getting a ping that I got a new lead was phenomenal.. Sales just behind right)

Doing this one thing will really save you a lot of hair pulling, money and time.

 This is where I got started and you can cut to the chase and get the goods on how to build your business online without the endless time wasters .

Have a budget for both training courses and business expenses regarding social media.

One of the great things about the Home Business arena  is  the  almost obsessive demand for personal development and investing in yourself.

But this applies to every type of business or profession.

Commit yourself to continuous learning and self improvement.

What No One Tells You About Building Your Business Online 2

#2 Start On  One Social Platform  And  Be Clear On  Your  Objective

Spreading  yourself too fast… too soon  is simply  a thin line that will break at any second.

By far Facebook dominates the social media space having upwards of 1billion users …..but  LinkedIn  is also gaining popularity as the platform for business.   Just start with one.

 Knowing what your ultimate end goal will guide your posts and call to action.

Is it to increase the visits and sales in an online store or maybe increase awareness and drive foot traffic to a physical store?

Or it is to  increase the number of persons connecting directly with you for coaching or speaking engagements.

This  will guide you in setting up your profile or business page and content. If you are a network marketer, you may want to build up a following on your personal  profile first.  Then transfer to a fan page.

Please remember that it is against Facebook’s rules to do business on a personal profile.

 There is a very simple strategy using personal profile and Facebook groups created by Nadya and John Melton which will be reviewed in another article. Keep a look out for that.

However, if you are in business of any type including a brick and mortar, you may want set up a Business/Fanpage where you can build quickly and have the ability to scale your business.

 A business page allows you to take advantage of the ability to advertise to your best potential customers.

Which brings me to the next point.….


#3 Who Is Your Ideal Customer Or  Prospect?

Grab  your reference guide to who is your ideal customer or prospect

Marketing is no longer about the features of your product or service…

It is all about how the benefits solve a problem and the stories you tell around it..

 Put another way , what is in it for  the buyer?

When you know who you are talking to, it is way easier to communicate or connect with them

Understanding who they are…

What their goals and dreams are…

What frustrations, struggles, fears, and pains they have…

What it takes to build a relationship with them….

Remember people buy from persons who they know, like and trust.

Essentially, why should they buy your product or service and why buy from you?

 What makes you unique? ( This may take some time to discover and evolve over time.)

What No One Tells You About Building Your Business Online 3

However, It is much easier to market to a particular group or type of person and send a consistent message.

If you speak to everyone, then you speak to no one.

# 4 Be Willing  To Test Things

In the beginning , it can seem like a lot of work for a sale or to  get prospects…

The objective is to  mimic and model what works and then….

Tweak it  to your personality and make it  truly your own.

But if you are looking for long term success where you can leverage your time to earn more in less time almost on auto pilot.… work smart. Who does not want that?

Then you can never go wrong with this investment!



#5 Never Underestimate The Power Of Association

If you are in the home based business space.… I know I am preaching to the choir about this one. 

Find a group or community to challenge you, support your efforts and cheer you on. 

It is so easy to feel isolated and alone when you decide to break away from the pack and do something so unlike the masses. 

It can seem like a lot of work initially just for a lead or sale… but if we are to look at so many 6 plus figure earners in the space, online marketing can be quite lucrative in the long run when done right.

So having the right community gives the sense of belong to a mission bigger than yourself  and  your belief is built by seeing the success of other persons using the strategies that you are learning.

What No One Tells You About Building Your Business Online 4

These types of communities have a vast amount of knowledge that you can easily tap into.…. Priceless in its self.

You can also find an accountability partner in the group to keep you on track regarding tasks and goals to keep you moving forward.

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  1. Jaresha

    Great Content! I absolutely love #5. People need people. Having a great support system makes a huge difference in your business. You can’t grow and be successful without a team. Moreover, people need people that will celebrate them and vice versa.


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