The 11 Worst Mistakes That Are Stopping Customers From Buying Your Products or Services and Costing You Money Right Now in Your Home Business

Written by Donna Patterson


You sold me on it.

That was what the store assistant at the mall told me after I spoke to her about a foot spa.

That was not my intention. I was there to buy stocking for a wedding I was attending the next day.

This is all did. I told her …

  • About my experience with it. 
  • The transformation I got  from it.
  • A bonus tip to get the best use from it.
  • Why the price was great.
  • Durability- since even after not in use for a yr, it still works like brand new
  • Practicality -Easy to use and maintain
  • The key features -Light, portable and doesn’t take up alot of space

I said all that in less than 15 mins with authentic enthusiasm. I only mentioned the product name when she asked.

 In reality, we do this all the time when making recommendations. 

I am sure you have referred friends to a restaurant, movie, spa or clothing store. In Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, we can create a business out of it and get paid for those recommendations in several ways.

 To make a thriving business out of it, we need to treat it like a real business by learning a few key skills and moving beyond friends and family.

What I am about to share with you, I only knew after investing in my training in online marketing strategies. Going through the learning process.

For months I was not getting sales or any traction in my business until I found this blueprint for network marketers building online.

The 11 Worst Mistakes That Are Stopping Customers From Buying Your Products or Services and Costing You Money Right Now in Your Home Business 1

If you are struggling to get consistent sales and hit your business volume at the end of the month…

Then consider the following and decide which one applies to you.

 Having No Target Market or Ideal Person

target market

 Contrary to what you have been told, everyone with a pulse is not your prospect or customer.

Offline, you were meeting people and seeing who was interested.

Online there is a bigger playground and the last thing you want to do is to waste your valuable time with people who are not interested in your product.

You can better use your time and shorten the learning curve by choosing a flagship product or product themes such as weight loss, nutrition, or makeup or skincare.

Then target persons through your social media posts and group contributions that would most likely be interested and already buy your type of product or service.

Although some so-called gurus call denounce having a customer avatar, most business experts agree that many businesses lose lots of money and even fail because of not having a clear customer profile.

I can tell you having a buyer persona or ideal target person has really helped me get better in my messaging and crafting my posts.

It is something you revisit and refine based on your numbers.

Not Testing Different Media Types. Consider Video Marketing

Presentation matters

 You will have to test which media type works best with your audience. Some may prefer a quick bit of text info while others may prefer video.  I suggest a mixture of both.

This has more to do with how you present the information. Remember people want to know the benefits rather than just the features.

What is the one main transformation you customer can expect to experience from your product or service?

Live Product demos or videos in a private setting like a Facebook Group can give the potential customer the info required to make a buying decision.

Data suggests that over 70% of persons make a buying decision after viewing the video.

I am an introvert, so I am still working on my in front camera presence.

Thankfully there are many ways and free software that allows you to make professional videos without being on screen.

The 11 Worst Mistakes That Are Stopping Customers From Buying Your Products or Services and Costing You Money Right Now in Your Home Business 2

Click here to you can use videos to promote your business without expensive equipment or being in front of the camera

It is not the Right Time

  You presented your information yet they haven’t purchased.

It could be that you have left some questions unanswered yet more likely it is the right time for them. 

This could be for several reasons:

  •  Still doing research
  •  Not  sure they can trust  you 
  •  It is not a priority for them at the moment ( we will touch on this a bit more )

Remember, the customer is not on your time clock. They don’t care that you have a deadline, business volume quota to make.   

In the example above, the store clerk was searching and ready to buy. The best time to be in front of a prospect.

Most sales are not made on the first exposure. That is why this next piece is crucial

The Fortune is In The Follow Up

Many business owners lose sales and sign-ups simply because of not to follow up.

I am not saying follow up till they die, yet you have to give some time for persons to be settled in their minds, trust you and be ready to purchase.

Hopefully, they can make a buying decision. Some people have a problem just making a decision. That is why I appreciate a  “NO” over “I still have to think about it.”

According to the stats, most sales are made on the 5th to 12th exposure.  This is true in most cases except where there is …

Lacking Urgency

 If the customer is in pain…extreme pain, then he/she wants a pain killer right now.  This ties in targeting and timing.

By targeting the customers most in need and with buying intent, you will have the highest probability of placing the right message in front of the right person at the right time. 

People will pay more to move away from pain than to move towards pleasure

Money: The Price is not right

 At some point  you will get the money objection. Either the customer doesn’t have the money or the product is too expensive.

Let’s put this into context. 

When the customer says they don’t have the money, it is usually a case of priorities and resourcefulness.  It can also be the same for the price too high objection.

In Addition to that, it could be a polite way of telling you that they are not interested in buying your product. You will need to ask the right questions and dig for the true reason and go from there.

I remember when doing a home party and presenting a particular skincare product to a group of ladies, a gentleman complained that the price was too high. I observed his features to be a smoker.

I asked if he was and he confirmed it to be so. I then asked him, if tomorrow cigarettes went up to $100  for one, would he still buy it and said of course.

The price objection is usually never the true objection.

 Now although usually  in a lower percentage, potential customers may fear over spending and not getting the best deal. This is to avoid buyers  regret.

  Targeting persons with  the income and similar buying habits can reduce this issue.


People always respond to deadlines and the threat of losing out. I am not sure why but is a real psychological trigger in us humans. 

So even in our sales messages can be more compelling by adding bonuses with a time limit such as only available until a particular time.

It can also be in the form of sales unit limit where for example the bonus is only available to the first 10 buyers. 

 Ease of Payment

girl at her computer

 What is  your sales process?

The part that takes the browser with buying intent to a paid customer.  Your system should be clear, straight forward and without friction. The last thing you want is to lose a sale because of a complicated buying process.

Just look at Amazon with its 1 click check out process. Smooth, easy and quick

 One problem with a generic network marketing websites is that most customers find the process confusing with so many steps or clicks to take.

 Many potential buyers have abandoned carts because of the clanky buying process.

Additionally,  you may want to offer a payment plan which may make your offer more attractive. That is based on your tolerance for risk and business model.

Reduce Risk

What kind of guarantee can you offer with your product?

As much as possible, reduce the risk. You want this to be no brainer to buy from you and know there is a recourse if it doesn’t work for them. This can reduce their scepticism.

It can also be seen as you having confidence in your product so much so that you are willing to risk not only money but your reputation.

Lack of Sales Confidence

Then the problem raises its ugly head.  Didn’t you or a teammate say

  •  I can’t sell
  • I hate selling
  • Selling is sleazy
sales tip

I am sure you have heard this famous line in our industry…

It is sharing, not selling. This is done  not to scare the prospect off before they have some momentum and built up belief.

Yet you know if you have been in this industry for any time, you have to improve your selling skills. Also, your energy will be felt through your post or any action you take.

The good news you can sell without selling. Systems can take the pressure off you so you don’t need to feel sleazy or aggressive.

I need to point this out though…

We forget that at the job, we sell our time, skills, knowledge and experience daily.

Use systems and process that do the selling for you.

Content and exposures that turn an interested browser into browser with buying intent.

These systems, when dialled in, can predictably bring in prospects and sales predictably. Most important they are not dependent on your sales skill. 

Yet, selling is the #1 paid skill in the world.   Those systems can work well for low priced items but as the cost increases to $3000 and up, you definitely need to get on the phone or a one on one situation.

The great thing is that most of the skills you will need can be learned and with practice can be mastered.

Insufficient Promotion

 By now you realize that the Who, Where, How and When matters when it comes to acquiring customers.

One thing we as business owners overlook sometimes especially for organic methods is that a lot more people need to see our offer to get the sales we hope for.

The truth is no matter what some people will never buy from you and that is ok.

With social media platforms controlling visibility to force businesses to advertise, you can’t assume that even 3% of your followers see your post so you have to be frequent and attractive.

Your post has to be engaging so that they are shared and hence shown to more people.

People can’t buy from you if you never promote.

Yet you want to increase the probability of sales by increasing the number of eyeballs on your product, offer, service or opportunity.


These mistakes can be broken down even further as each area has key factors that can affect it and your business. However, they do give you a great place to start analyzing your business and making improvements.

Having a clear idea on who your targeting along with workable business systems really solves most of your problems. Wouldn’t you be more confident talking to someone who wants to hear about your product from you?

Click here if you are ready to make the change you need in order to have the successful home business you envisioned.

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